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  1. ok so i did the stress test. it had 0 errors. any other suggestions? is it possible that its the Mobo or CPU that is causing this problem?
  2. So now I have more problems...go figure =( I started updating and putting the drivers in and what do u know? the computer freezes. I havent been able to install any drivers or updates. The computer likes to freeze. Im trying to do the Memtest but im kinda a noob at something like that.
  3. Thanks for all ur help. I got it to finish installing..... funny thing is when i put the new CD drive in. i accidentally hit the open drive button and it opened, i was like "[email protected]#$" closed it back and it was installing faster than ever >.< haha i guess i will never reformat my cpu again.
  4. well I let it sit for a while, at one point I actually went out to eat and came back and had it stuck on 37% on expanding files. I even tried installing Windows XP and it gave me problems. building a new rig is always a nightmare O.O im just really dont want to RMA. But i also have run out of ideas.
  5. so im pretty sure its not the CD drive or Harddrive. I replaced both of them and it still has the same results. Only other thing it could be is the Mobo or CPU?
  6. thx im trying my old DVD drive right now. ill update. thx for the help.
  7. Hey all I just recently bought a new rig. Specs Asus Striker II Formula Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 Corsair Dominator 4 GB XFX GTX 260 OCZ 700 WATT PSU LG Blu-Ray/DVD drive. 500 GB WD Caviar Black. Now my problem is that when i boot the Computer, It loads up and i boot the DVD of Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit. It seems like its taking a long time to load. about 5-10 mins or so the next screen pops up. after entering the product key it starts the copy files and such. sometimes it gets to the 2nd phase then around a random % it stops and freezes. I restart go through the same process then it went all the way through, I got to the phase where it has to finish the installation then it freezes. This has been going an on problem thing. It also seems that the CD drive takes a while to respond. Thanks for reading. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. so good news and bad news. thx for the tip, it worked when I installed the driver from the CD the GPU came with. But when I upgraded it with the latest driver and 163.44 Driver it does the samething again. I have tried the same process of Uninstalling from the device manager and using driver cleaner and just installed the new driver. it seems to not like the new Drivers. games like Gears of war says it requires driver 163.44, other games like WoW worked fine with the old driver on the CD. Any other suggestions?
  9. Hi, i just recently bought a new monitor "24 and along with a big new monitor a new GPU is needed. I decided to just buy the same GPU I had and go SLI mode. Now that i hooked up both GPU's 7600 GT XXX I downloaded the latest driver and selected SLI mode. Everything seems to work fine in windows but as i open up a game app. it plays but all the colors are flickering. the GPU is not OC. It seems some applications such as 3DMARK and the computer only sees 1 GPU and in PC Wizard it shows 2 same with RivaTuner. Any help will help greatly. thx
  10. actually that makes more sense to me now. yes i am using Windows XP 32bit. Thx for the help
  11. Hi, I just put 4 GB in my Asus Mobo and the system is showing 3 GB instead of 4 GB. When i run PC wizard it says 4 installed at 4 X 1GB. any help or suggestions?
  12. thanks for all the help, well i am gonna keep my 939 rig for a bit longer since i would be spending alot more to replace the mobo, cpu, ram, ect.... i just need a rig right now for multi tasking and video editing.
  13. so im just getting back to the computer building. to start off my mobo is ASUS Deluxe now its stating it works with 64 FX, X2, 64, and sempron. i was thinking of getting a Opteron 185. Opteron 185 considering my mobo is socket 939 and the cpu is 939,can this Opteron run in my mobo? thanks for any help you guys can give.
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  17. Ok so my final Decision would be either one of these Mobos... and before anyone says anything i dont know much about how to overclock so DFI i hear not for noobs but i have no intention to overclock untill im sure i know what im doing. DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Asus A8N32 SLI Delux Gigabyte GA-K8N PRO-SLi and im sure evryone is gonig to pick DFI.. i just want to know whats best for me! AMD 64 Athlon 4000+,2 GB PNY PC3200, 500W Antec PSU, 2 XFX 7600 GT SLI, SoundBlaster X-FI platinum. Thanks for everones help
  18. Ok so im looking into a new Mobo from newegg....im not much of an expert but i build my first computer with MSI mobo nothing special with socket 939, 500 W Antec true PSU, 256 MB GDDR3 7600 GT OC, SoundBlaster X-FI, AMD 64 4000+, and 2GB PC 3200, anyways i was looking into getting a DFI but i hear theres some problems with the RAM and its not for beginners so now im looking at a ASUS or Gigabyte and i want to get SLI any ideas? can anyone tell me the best board from Asus on a $150 dollar range http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....;SubCategory=22 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....mp;InnerCata=22
  19. ok thx guys for the comments... i still going to decide on 6800 GS or X800 GTO
  20. Ok i know theres already a post on this but.. i want to know strait out what GPU is better. nVidia or ATI. iwas thinking about getting an XFX 6800 GS 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E. i know ATI has better clockspeed. any comments on whats better?
  21. i have a problem. i tried to install 2 opticle drive into my new computer but it will only read 1.. if i plug in 2 then it wont read any drive. if i only attach 1 then it read it... anyone got any suggestions?
  22. all the brands you listed is very good..just see which one has better CAS
  23. XFX and eVGA is the brands id go for... using GTX is better if you can afford it..
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