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  1. According to PC Gamer Magazine, their review was mixed. Yes it was the fastest system they had tested to date, but wasn't the most stable system either. They said that the 9700 Pro card produced artifacts and crashed after a couple hours of hardcore gaming. They gave it an O.K. review. I think the average overclocker could do the same for about $2000 less.
  2. I wouldn't, some cable modems require a certain signal to noise ratio. Applying a splitter between the modem and the source line may cause headaches down the road.
  3. Hello to all. I final got the Chaintech CT-7VJL MOBO, and it rocks. Round IDE cables, front usb, and a nice OCing program. So far I would highly recommend this board. Any questions, just yell.
  4. i used so thin that you could barely see throught the coating on the cpu die, and took some extra and rubbed it on the heat sink and wiped off the extra. the heat sink should look just slightly hazy where you apply the goo. Worked great for me. Much cooler results.
  5. got it fixxed!!! I had to go into jumper mode. Set the multipier as high as it would go and the bios picked it up. Clearing the CMOS didn't work, but jumper settings did. Thanks to all for the help!!!
  6. check video card and it is ok. I will try to reset the cmos. This is done by changing the jumper and removing the battery, correct?
  7. no try to boot and the monitor will not come on
  8. I have an asus av7266-e mobo, and an athlon xp2000 and xp2100 work great. But when I put in the 2200xp it will not start. Updated the bios, to the lastest version which supports a xp2600. I tried the 2200 in my a7v333 and it works. please help need ideas. I also tried differnet ram sticks with no luck.
  9. I will post my opinion of the board after it is set up. I will be putting a 2200xp and 512mb of pc2700 ram on the board, so we will see what happens. I wonder if it will out perform my asus a7v333 board. I am looking forward to the 4 usb ports in the front of my pc.
  10. Ya, that's the only thing that is is missing. I order one from goodlegear, so I'll find out if it's all that and a bag of chips, or a bag of horse chips.
  11. Has anyone tried the Chaintech CT-7VJL board? Looks pretty kick @#%$. <_
  12. You might want to check out rage3d for the pencil overclock. I have'nt done it, but I have read about it.
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