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  1. hi, my mobo recently gave way and i was wondering if i bought a new mobo would i be able to reinstall XP?? or do i need to but another copy?? thanks
  2. yeah i tried safe mode???? it didnt work???? hhrmm but is there anything else????
  3. hi my school just received about 10 good pentium 4 dells but there is one problem... the monitors we have at the schoool cannot disoplay the resolution that they are already set to..... is there anyway to change the resolution... i cant get to the display properties beacuse the screen blanks out when it logs in??? does anyoneknow a fix..because i really do not want to format anything thanks :DDDD any help would be appreciated!
  4. whimp

    Transfering Xp?

    okay thanks everyone wish me LUCK!!!! though at sometimes i think i am bad luck prone!! hahaha
  5. whimp

    Transfering Xp?

    i want to move the os to another harddrive because the one that is currently on is going to die soon...
  6. sorry if this is a nooby question ... but is there any way i can transfer my xp operating sytem to another hardrive.... thanks
  7. i turned off all overclocking functions in the bio just to be safe and it still jumps and i've seen it jump 200 MHz when i run to many programs.... and i do not think that is too normal
  8. but my clock speed raises?? it gets higher if i run more programs?? then why do the clock speed of my ram raise also??
  9. ohh i fixed it(*the pictures) and it's not a laptop
  10. why are my cpu speeds rising i do not understand i am not even ocing it???????" even the speed of my ram raises can this be a problem??
  11. whoa is there any way to do that with a pentium d?
  12. Ditto! From this moment on, whenever "flash based memory devices using USB connections" are discussed on this site, they shall be known as "usb monkies"!And welcome to OCC! 616927[/snapback] i want a 4 gig usb monkey!!!
  13. oohh okay lol what if i like quotes!! :thumbs-up:
  14. okay thanks, sorry if i was an a**hole but i was just wondering if i could fix the senor since im short on cash
  15. i know that it is not hot!! but i dont know how to fix it the fans on my computer are being d so loud and i think it is because of the psu do you guys know of any way to fix it??
  16. i've just realized that my psu unit is running at 114 C i know that there is probably a sensor error becuase it does not seem that hot................. is there any way that i can check. BTW i have an generic power supply that came with my case... \may explain the loud fan noise??
  17. do those cases really help...... because im getting a new chassis and i was wondering if i should get a TAC and i know the big tunnnel will ruin the clean look??
  18. i dont think i could do that 2 keyboard two mouse thing lol hahahahahah but i have watched a movie and played CS at the same time!!! but i only have one video card
  19. how would i mod my chipset................
  20. hhhmmm yeah but for some reason in my manual it says i can hook up two videocards but it dosent say why...
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