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  1. hey boys and girls its good to be back among the land of the living. anyway ive been in the hospital for the past 3 months and i was just released. I was speeding on my motorcycle and ran a red light and got smeared across the pavement by a SUV. Anyway i suffered both arms being broken (my left in 3 places), lower spinal dislocation, a shattered hip and a coma that lasted 2 weeks. and if you're wondering: yes it hurt, it hurt plenty. It still hurts today and im gonna be doing physio for another six months at least. The message im trying to get across is drive safely. I decided to go nuts once and i almost died for it. Seriously, you dont want to go through what i went through. Its no fun. Anyway, its good to be alive again, and i havent used my comp in 3 months, so happy overclocking, enjoy life while u got it kids!
  2. Anyone ever hear of these "lostprophets" fellas? no? neither have I, but their music is sweet! seriously, these guys should be big! Download "shinobi vs. dragon ninja" and "kobrakai" and you'll see what i mean. I really like em!
  3. Adumbnewbie

    Doom Iii

    think i will be able to get a decent fps on a 1.7 ghz p4, 256 ddr, radeon 9700 pro and thats about it?
  4. Adumbnewbie

    Thief 3

    I was always a big fan of thief 1 and 2, but now that looking glass is dead, ion storm took over thief 3. I'm really peeved because all they're games turn out to be sick porno games. i wonder if garret will loot a whorehouse and steal from porn stars.... bah, theyre going to ruin thief!
  5. Straight from the horses mouth (aka UbiSoft) the release date is for the 18th day of february, not the 21st. I already preordered. Have YOU?
  6. i used "the finger test" and got burned at 400 core and 700 mem. i also found i got some artifacting when my mem was over 690. anyway i got it going now at 385 core and 688 memory. i wonder what a souped up heatsink could do...
  7. what do you think a good core and mem speed would be for a stock 9700 pro? im at 350 core and 670 mem right now. should i push my luck any further without some extra cooling?
  8. i tried both of them and registered on web1000. i havent coded anything yet, but i got the domain
  9. Adumbnewbie

    Crc Errors

    sometimes when i try to use a virtual cd, i get a crc check error and the install stops. is there any program to repair the image so it doesn't f--- up?
  10. what do ya think of the OZZMAN!
  11. Anyone know where i can get some free web space. i want to make a portfolio site with 3d studio movies on it, so i need a good bit of space.
  12. you gotta have competition or else the leader will just quit trying. its good that theses 2 companies are so close on the market, because they scare each other and therefore double their efforts to outdo one another.
  13. try ocsystem.com for a bigass overclocked one, its like 405 mhz memory speed!
  14. the pics shall be posted as soon as da biatch arrives.
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