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  1. Thanks to all the replies so far! I was looking around for some good deals on cameras, and I came up with the one here: Nikon D80 Kit w/AF-S 18-55 DX and AF-S55-200 f/4.0-5.6 G VR DX IF-ED It's slightly over my budget, but I could probably swing it. What are you're thoughts about this camera? It was pretty well received on dpreview.com.
  2. Hey, I haven't been on in while, hi! I'm getting dragged along on a vacation with my family soon, so I figured this would be a good time to get a D-SLR camera that I've wanted to get for some time. I'm pretty new to the whole photography scene although I did do some in grade 10 so I have some basic knowledge of a camera (aperature, lenses, shutter speed ect.). I have a max budget of around $1,000 including a lens. I don't know if I should go for an entry level camera, and then put some money toward another lens or to get the most I can out of the 1k interms of camera specs (+ 1lens). I've heard alot about the Canon Rebel Xti and Xsi, what are you're thoughts on this? What about Nikon or Olympus? OCC, HALP!
  3. Lols yes, hopefully I can be here more. Good to see OCC is still going strong. I thought this guy's WiiRemote stuff was pretty cool. For only about 50$ (price of the Wii remote) you can actually make a pretty neat smart board that can work on almost any surface.
  4. This guy's a genius. My teacher played this video for us in class, and although he didn't do this one, he did do the and it worked pretty well. Anybody else done this or seen this before? I thought I'd share as it's pretty cool. A good little summer activity. (Oh, and it's good to see OCC is still going )
  5. The pink flower picture and the dog picture are nice. The other flower pictures are a tad overpowering (pedals take up too much of the picture), however I do like your over all concepts. Perhaps you could take a shot of the flowers at more of an angle instead of straight on? Well done overall.
  6. I agree, lets keep the SOTW contests going! I wanted to partake in the space SOTW contest, but I had too hard of a time trying to incorporate a space like theme.
  7. Fedore Core. I can't explain why, perhaps it's because I started on it, and as I've advanced, I've been able to use more advanced features. Perhaps I've just become accustomed to Fedora Core, but it's what I'm recommending. Fedora Core is pretty nub friendly, but I'd recommend teaching yourself some basic Bash commands just in case (mkdir, rmv, ls ect.).
  8. i_lag


    Welcome to Overclockersclub.com!
  9. I back up things which I would immediately miss if I so happened to lose them. Such things as my FF bookmarks, IRChat settings, schoolwork/projects, personal/corporate documentations ect. So my backups range from never being backed up to being backed up daily, so I just voted 'every 3 months' just because....
  10. i_lag

    Steam Problems

    Steam has a help section for a reason fury. Here ya go, a matter a fact I was having the exact same problem, but I just did what it said in the link that I provided, and it fixed it.
  11. Could you just use a forum to do that? Use e107. it's a CMS and it comes with a forum aswell (or you may have to download it seperatly, forget). I use it all the time, it's great.
  12. If I ever get over to jolly ol' England, you're buying me a pint. Just like they do on Coronation Street! (hardnrg can come too, he'll be Noris ) Any who, I'm probably going to just try and do something with no logo, and just text and see what I come up with.
  13. */me looks out his window* dang you can't! Nice find Hardnrg! Made my monday!
  14. Here's 3 more. All of them different variations. 1. ---- 2. ---- 3.
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