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  1. I look in the bios to see what my idle temps are, but whats the best way to see what the temps are when I'm playing the games and everything else.
  2. Do this 120mm fans for a top blow hole fit in most cases between the cd-drive and power supply. I would like to put one in but I wasn't sure if I had enough room in between the two for it. Its a 400w power supply and a dvd drive that would be in between it. Or if anyone knows the size or room i need of the top of their head that would be great. thanks!!!!!!
  3. ok ya maybe i will let it set for a few days. I went to amd sites and the die temp for the chip is 90c, so i guess around 60 isn't too bad but i would like to be more in the 40's. Also i noticed on you new computer specs, because about the gigabyte board. The 7vrxp is giving people a lot of headaches, well atleast the 1.1 version. I believe the 2.0 is ok.
  4. I took of my Volcano7 and cleaned it along with the processor and put it back on. My Cpu temp was still around 55C. It probally doesn't help that my house is about 90 degrees fahrenheit inside either. Do you think its a possibilty that I am using to much Artic III? I put on enough just so I can't see the writing on the chip. Should i go with less....? If you had a choice of a heatsink for the XP2100 what would you haven chosen. Also I am going to put a side intake in my case window, should i center it or put it directly in front of the heatsink fan.... Thanks again, this site has been a lot of help
  5. sounds like a plan, I'll have to try it this week when my fan comes in. Thanks for the advice
  6. I removed the think plastic protective part, but there is also a perfect square of some sort of green gel, looks like exactly where the processor should go. I should clean that off, and then re-apply the artic compound?
  7. What is the point of the square of gel type stuff on the bottom of the heatsink.
  8. Hey everyone. Is there a way to hook up the led lights from a fan on to a switch, so you have the control wether you want the lights on or just to keep them off for awhile. Thanks
  9. Also forgot to mention. I am using a shim and artic III thermal paste. Could it cause problems if too much is on? I don't believe I overloaded it that much though with the grease. THanks
  10. Hey guys, Does anyone know what the CPU temps for a XP2100 should be around. I didn't see it on the AMD website, so if anyone can tell me a safe temperature range please let me know. Here is my system specs at the moment. Also I am using a Thermaltake Volcano7, is this good enough? Also i currently have two exhausts. One from the ps and the other on the back. 2 intakes one from the ps and one up front. Probally going to install a blow hole. I was running my cpu at the XP1500 level and my temps are 45 system and 57cpu celsius. Any help is appreciated thanks. XP2100 Gigabyte ga-7vrxp 333 mobo Corsair 512mb 2700 xms Maxtor 80g ATA133/Raid MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 64mb 400w Dual fan ps
  11. Hi, I just came back here to tell you I know the problem and it is with the switch. Looks like we found the answer at the same time! Thanks. Now hopefully my Geforce card will work with this board, because I've been reading horor stories that they aren't compatible because Nivida changed something after the boards were already out. So i might need to send my motherboard back now which really sucks since I just got the computer together. Thanks again
  12. Hi, I thought of that but honestly I didn't see anywhere in my bios to set the cpu speed. I have seen some screen shots of other bios and have seen that option but I do not seem to see it here for some reason. I will look more closely when i try again later on today. Thanks
  13. Its displaying the 1.3ghz I had it correct before displaying the 1.7ghz This all started because of my raid/ata not noticing my hard drive. I don't believe I played with the fsb, but I can check. I primarily played with the start up squence, onboard raid controller. Also chose to load optimized defaults, which could have changed something big on me. Thanks for any help you have.
  14. Hey everyone. I built my new computer the other day, and I was playing around with settings to get my hard drive to work it was acting really weird with the ATA 133/raid option. Anyways I some how managed to get my computer to read My XP2100+ chip as a XP1500. It was reading the correct XP2100 at first but I believed I did something and now its only reading as a XP1500. Any ideas as to what I should check or why this is happening? Here is my system specs: Thanks B) XP2100+ Gigabyte GA-7VRXP 333 mobo Corsair 512mb 2700 xms Maxtor 80g 7200 ATA 133 MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 Thermaltake Volcano7
  15. Hey everyone, If I am installing a side fan on my plexiglass window do I need anything extra to hold it, or can I just drill the screws right into the plexiglass. I wasn't sure if the glass would crack or what not. Any suggestions for putting a fan in a plexiglass side window would be a great help. Thanks
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