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  1. Hey guys i kannot figure out how to overlcock my GFX card and other systems using my "Warpspeeder" form biostar...only thing i overclocked was the CPU i would like to overclcok my GFX as well.. Thanks,
  2. Hey, i need your help on choosing a 5.1 surround system to get because i dont got the highest budget available=/ so therefore its really hard to get what i want...so yea thats where u guys come in.. Thanks.
  3. Ugh... Why there always some1 who loves the cat.... ok yea well so theres no advantages really eve with a 64-bit Processor? ok ill wait for later to get the 64-bit OS
  4. My computer has a 64 bit processor, but Im running a 32 bit operating system, what are the advantages of having the 64 bit one if any?
  5. Wow....thats amazing , I saw his his, its also amazing, psychotic is a very talented modder!
  6. Yea but i want awesome quality and make it feel liek its there so why not get a 7.1 and be happyier then sorry bout buying a 5.1
  7. i was researching the soundcards...seems like im headed for a 7.1
  8. Thanks for the Welcome guys i hope you enjoy posting with me as much as i do with you guys "The Almighty Magician"
  9. Hey guyz im new to the site u kan say but im not very new to the gaming world...just found out about the site from a friend so just wanted to introduce myself and say whats up and i hope i see you all in the forums and in gameplay sometime! Peace
  10. Lol wow im popular to people...But Thanks every1 for the recommendations ...i kan now choose which to get!
  11. nice ill prolly get the Audigy 24 bit seems likes it fav. of choice
  12. Thanks for the help man ill think bout and look of some specs on these cards... Thanks alot guys ur great -=Magician=-
  13. Hey, If any1 can help me get a nice sound card and stuff that will get my games (Battlefield2 and everquest 2) sounding awesome lemme know any comments or suggestions would be great or just send me a e-mail with some products and stuff..Thanks alot guys -=Magician=-
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