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  1. Its a koala bear thingy cuz koala's are sexy!
  2. I am owning this cupholder action ven though we havnt worked on them for a wehile...been to busy having lan parties in my room... Bye,
  3. Mine is looking pretty good but still no revealing of the sexy so y'all will just have to wait and find out the action...weill ahve pics soon Thanks, for the support
  4. Ill do paypal immediate...if that works so if any 1 wants it it is stil FS so... just lemme know in a PM or post Thanks,
  5. Hey... lol yea this is some crazy little mod we got going on mine sorta wierd looking and psychotic's is cool...woot..well GL to psychotic and ill be sure to get some pics up as soon as possible guys! Thanks, for the supprot every1....(cries)...ill laugh when mine is kooler!
  6. Selling ym EQOA account due to non playing of Ps2 anymore lol... well its a lvl 55 necromance (TwiztidReapr) he has Masterclass (Defiler)...and many more mid lvl alts... Pst if your interested. Thanks,
  7. I got 2x 128 SDR ram sticks for sale if any1 needs some old parts...lol just PM me! Thanks, (Also a 10/100 Lan Card)
  8. does any1 knowanyplace good to find this system? everyplace i find is about 150 and stuff and expensive shipping can any1 help me fiund a better site for this system for my rig? Thanks,
  9. Sorry, Im mistook on the K7 thing, its socket 939. Why isn't it a good mobo?
  10. hey guys i was juts wondering this SLI stuff...whats all the hype about really i dont understand...why have so much stuff if some games dont even use it?...me and Psychotic_God discussed it a little at school but i wanna hear some stuff from OCC
  11. lol we got HL and cS on the comps already we usually just sit there and play HL or CS....boring!
  12. Thanks for all your comments and o about that whole incident with psychotic_god...yes its very true he did it a couple times in my room...lol!!!! ncie stuff but yea i am already getting Doom3 but peopel at school talk about FEAR and i was just wondering if u get that rush from it and stuff.. thats what i like but yea all your guys opinions caused me to most likjly buy the game... Thanks,
  13. Hey i got a biostar K7 in my rig and wondering what you all think of it...its a AMD 64 3000+ processor..
  14. I checked out this site for this game...looks pretty good but im not really into these free games...usually very laggy and sometimes many bugs...i understand it is beta tho so...i guess that can fly...but i think im gonna stick to everquest and stuff man...
  15. please send links to games able to play at school Thanks,
  16. hey guys im looking at this game fear and wondering if it realy as scary as everyne is saying it is because i want a good scay game for my Pc please post comments and experiances sbout this game.... thanks,
  17. not just building i wanna just get a case for it and im gonna buy a Lan Party board for it
  18. Any1 know of a good cheap....and looks nice case for sale anywhere? thinkning in like 5 months to work on a rig with my friend...SO plz help me look and recommend some parts~ Thanks,
  19. not freezing...really just as a cooling supplement just wanted to test somethign new maybe we could create a system to shoot Co2 at it whenever it reaches a certaiunt temp causeing it to cool it very quickly and accurate...just worth a try but not techinically freezing...just a resulkt of cooling it a major drop or atlest 15C...hmmm Thanks,
  20. there is no opening at the top the fan is mounted so air inside of the case gets pushed down...and the side and rear are going out... and the front is comming in but i dont think the front fan supplies enough intake..
  21. ok my fan setup is a 120 in front of case intake and one side and rear fan with out take.... i also got a 90 mounted in the top of my case for cycling air around no intake or out take on the 90...is that a pretty good setup or what should be changed? Thanks,
  22. yea..sorta no but i was thinkning as just enuff straight shot of Co2 to enuff cool the CPU massivly or atleast long enuff to freeze it for a short emount of time... but we were experimenting on other things and we came to the conclusion that it turns to liquidy after a certaint amount...im just going to buy liquid cooling..
  23. Hey i was just wondering i have 2 Co2 tanks laying around... is there anyway possible to get these tanks to cool my computer system like a Co2 cooling system of any form or anythign liek that? Please respond this is interesting=/ Thanks,
  24. Where can i find this ATI tool thingy and how exactly do i work it? Thanks,
  25. well i have a biostar K7 motherboard and i got the Warpspeeder overclocking utility it camne with and the Graphics card i have is a "Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb AGP"...I wanna overclock this baby...please help lol
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