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  1. ok well Dtaylor pm me on what u wanna trade me.
  2. i got a 17 inch non flat screen for sale...vga plug... if ur interested PM me
  3. This is Psychotic_God through this, I have a new problem, my rig will turn on, but nothing will appear on the monitor, the monitor is not the problem since I tested it on another rig, I have noticed that the VGA is not turning hot if that helps. TNX.
  4. ill see u a board for a celeron for 30 and ill box and ship to u
  5. i got one that fits in a 3.5 slot and has 3 switchs for fan speed controll controlls 3 fans of your choise... also has red and blue led's for the fan speed...
  6. ill sell u a 17 inch non flat screen VGA plug for like 90
  7. i got a black CD burner nto a dvd burner just lemme knwo ur price and its yours! Thanks,
  8. bro Name how much ur willing to pay i got one i wanna sell cause i dont play it... ill box and ship to you
  9. AS much as u believe its worth... trust me i got my points
  10. thats a ;ott;e pff topic guys well yea i am willing to give u some points for all those old parts bro!!!(dtaylor) just PM me with what u wanna trade and ill give u a good amount fo points Thanks,
  11. Does anyone have anything they are willing to sell for Occ points? Post here some and all, and/ or whatever, I just have points, lots of them, and will buy buy buy for points!!!
  12. Khaso kicks butt, as anyone else had it?
  13. my everquest game keeps saying "internal Error" and closing really fast any1 know how to fix this issue?
  14. Hey guys we have bad problems... ok Psychotic_God was booting up UT2K4 and it froze atthe nvidia screen and now....The Rig will not boot up... the rig stays on with power but nothing appears ont he screen we tried 2 different monitors and it says " no input signal" could the GFX be screwed up? or worst case... Fried? Thanks!
  16. Me and psychotic_God installed a gatewatch and liquid cooling on my rig and now when we go to boot it up the computer merely starts up for 5 seconds ...beeps and then completely looses power.... we tested the power supply alone and it statys on... does any1 knwo what to do.... BTW its a Biostar Socket A KT7 M7VIT 800... thanks please try to help immediatly... Thanks,
  17. Seems like a really nice deal if i kan come up with the cash i will def buy it but thats a great offer=D
  18. Would you like sell them here or something?
  19. Wow....I didn't even know they made 4GB flash drives
  20. My friend Psychotic_god is propably gonna be pissed that I posted this but....OMG....I went to his house a couple of days ago to see his rig, and I almost cried, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Check it out ||||||||HERE||||||||. What do you think? If god was a computer, thsi would be it. Im in ^_^ .
  21. unless u guys can get em a lod and d2 cd keys...for b.net i kant play my cd keys got banned... Thanks,
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