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  1. Selling all my PS2 Equip. and my games i no longer have a PS2 and i dont plan on getting another so if any1 needs anything just PM me and ill be glad to sell the itesm for cheap... also ill soon provide u with a list of items i have.
  2. if its sticking with a certain program download the Window Compatibility Proghram form www.microsoft.com and then go to the program on the list and click "Enable" then save changes and it should work fine... had the same problems with my rig when i first got it... or it may be ur USB port.. are the dirvers installed?
  3. i need a SATA HDD for my new and current rig for Raid.. if any1 has a spare disk...even if its used or has stuff on it i kan clear it so just PM me with info and cost... i need bad.... Thanks,
  4. Unreal tournament has released an update for win x64 users the patch/update is available at www.UnrealTournament.com and also atb www.PlanetUnreal.com enjoy the update !!!! DI-Krazed-Karnie
  5. why not try to buy new LEDS in a set with the kit or something? or even try to take them off an old rig if u ahve any... if i kan find somethign that will fit it ryte i will let u know i have tons of rigs...old comps at home we are scraping
  6. yea i was wondering how good the audigy ZS is for the 7.1 surround... post some experiences and possibly some technicall issues and requierments...PLEASE! Thanks,
  7. i want to raise my overclock by more then what its at wehnt from 166.8 to 168.6 and is there any way to make it higher? if i try my comp locks up... Thanks,
  8. The "M1 Garand" is the best its my fav i kill everyone wiht that beast....hook me up with ur DoD names and ill play you guys somtime ill host a Dedi. Server...
  9. how is the whole volt-modding done to a GFX card im going to ahve a processor fan cooling it and i am even thinkning about instaling liquid cooling on it... i wanna be able to clock this thing so high that it will be unbelieveable...
  10. Whats is a "vmod" i never heard of think u kan give me some information? Thanks,
  11. no artifacts while playing FEAR and Doom III or when i scanned gonna push for more with a fan on it modt likely the Fatality with a Intel Processor fan on it
  12. i say host a gaming lan party and have people bring their comps then use that oney ot upgrade.. then eventually host Internet Cafe's and stuff... start off slow and make sure its gonna work out instead of starting off expensive and not even making ur money back....
  13. hey, Psychotic_Gd was having this same problem with his Nvidia 7800 Gtx or whatever the 512mb and we fixed it by rebooting like 10 times... maybe needed a power surge or somethign to kick in... also the card never even seemed to be heating up at all.. so....
  14. Yea...Why not try to RMA it and get a new color or something instead of just risking it... if u want to risk it send it to me and ill be happy to keep it as my baby
  15. Yea im gonna push for more i mean i dont wanna fry anything thats why im waiting to get some better cooling on it... gonna rig a processor fan on a PCI slot under the card it will lower by 5 - 10 cel.
  16. ok so the core clock on the card originally was clocked at 351.00 and i was able to overclock it to 410.76 and then the memory was originally clocked at 324.00 and i clock it to 360.78 i am not going any higher till i have a good source of active cooling on it because of previous tests have been able to acvhieve a 6 c to 10 c tempo drop with a active cooling processor fan running through a gatewatch... i look forward to telling you all the results....Is this clock any good? Thanks.
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