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  1. wow... hes only a gamer... there is always some1 better... maybe that person doesnt like to be famous or popular...maybe his skills are GODLIKE inside and he just waits for the day to express his skills and dominate...Fatal1y just was at the right place when people noticed his skill and was probley the best to them... i garuntee there are millions of people better then him.

  2. i believe with a full it offers more time and better performance cause it takes time to carefully make it work... where as in quick it just throws it on and gives u the space and work... i recommend full if u plan on gaming and doing very important work...

  3. hey..my rig did this once i installed my liquid cooling... the issue is that the heatsink on ur CPU is not rested properly... make sure its completly FLAT on the cpu and making direct contact with the cpu and thermal paste....tell me how it goes

  4. lol he brought it to a computer storee and paied 60 bucks for them to try to fix it....quite newb if u ask me.. bu back to the problem... he didnt have a 4pin from the floppy connector of power on the board...i connected and that increased stability i bet and the only problem is... its the slot i think...from past experiances i recommended that the issue may have been the screwdriver...if it was magnetic he wouldv'e ruined the thing...so..yea lets wait till we find out what that store says....might have to RMA..

  5. i got an idea...lol a wierd idea...how exactly did u reset ur Cmos? tell me what u did ill tell u if u did it right.. also ill come over and take a look at it...i need to know xactly what steps u did in order to reset it and i can go from there...trial and error bro...keep trying

  6. Ok on the Biohazard v2.0 by Psychotic-God... we cant get a image we turn it on and it says "No /input /signal".... what could be the issue with it?? only once have we gtten to the Xp screena nd then ti froze... last night the card was working fine..the only thing i did was put in a new power supply... from i think a 400 to a 350...

  7. Hey, my computer has been randomly shutting down for the past 2 weeks... i log onto a game and BAM a shutdown and reboot... and now i restoreed the whoel system and everythign and it only reboots when the temp hits 50c and i cant find the option to change the shutdown temp in the BIOS.... any othern options... so... we do know its the temps...but how to fix..we cant figure out!


  8. yea doubt ill v mod... i know for a fact this weekend im getting heatsinks for it and a Fatal1ty fan for it... also a PCI slot fan with a custom processor fan on it because they work better...

    Thanks, for all the info tho

    Ill keeo u updated

  9. Selling all my PS2 Equip. and my games i no longer have a PS2 and i dont plan on getting another so if any1 needs anything just PM me and ill be glad to sell the itesm for cheap... also ill soon provide u with a list of items i have.

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