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  1. I would give them credit if i knew who they were. I downloaded this template a long time ago from some r7something site. Then just a few weeks ago i started using it. I looked for that site so i could give them credit but could not find it.
  2. Not really just try to match colors i have one that i like http://www.jeepsource.org if you could make one like that
  3. Here is the website and the colors it needs to match: and i need it to say JeepSource.Org somewhere and the banner needs to be 750x129 Here are some sites that i like the banners on: http://www.4x4xplor.com/ http://jeepin.com/ http://www.wranglerforum.com/
  4. I need a banner for my new website and wanted to know if someone with uber photoshop skills can design one for me. I know what i want it to look like i just dont have the skills. Email: [email protected] AIM: zach1288x Thanks, Zach
  5. Im getting a lift, tires, and wheels for my Jeep
  6. I dont have that on my PC? I have XP Pro
  7. Now i need a FREE video editing program so i can put music on the video and edit it.
  8. Is there any program i can run on my computer to record me when i am playing a game then i can edit it and put music on it etc? Thanks, Zach
  9. I tired everything, and im not system restoring months back
  10. Im done messing with it, i can still access file , edit , etc with Alt+F or Alt+E Thanks guys
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