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  1. dice

    winxp cd

    nero is awful, it was nero. I used alchohol 120% and it worked. Also i bought a new 25xCD-R/RW pack too. thanks alot guys
  2. dice

    winxp cd

    Hi, today when i got home from school, i found my computer stuck on an error message... "Lssass.exe blah blah bad image" So i rebooted it 2 or 3 times, on the 3rd time i left it on and called my brother asking him to bring home a windows xp cd. He couldn't because he didn't have time. What i want to know is how can i create/burn a Windows XP CD, i have the files for it, from my friend's cd(he lives far away i dont have his cd anymore) but i dont know how to make it bootable. I tryed to make it a CD-Rom(ISO) in Nero, from what some other person told me but it didn't work. Also know that im not pirating windows, i have my own serial key that i purchased, i just lost my windows cd. Thank you.
  3. i fixed the microphone problem, also can someone give me good recommendations for a new sound card, this one has no onboard ram, also the sound quality is worse than the turtle beach catalina's i had before. price range 1-50$
  4. I just purchased plantronics audio 350 with creative labs audigy se, put everything in and microphone doesnt work. Ive messed around with the surround sound/ports for about 1 hour and an half, cant get it to work. Also searched Creative forums and many people have the same problem, yet none of creative mods, tech support have found a solution? or they havent posted it atleast, maybe someone here has a solution.
  5. Nope. I updated the drivers, ill report back if the problem still occurs. FIXED.
  6. Makaveli, you from Kazakhstan like Borat? :-P
  7. I'm having problems with the Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller NIC. I get random disconnects every 10 minutes until i restart computer, after i restart it ranges from 30mins and up. Computer Specs AMD X2 3800 (default) X1800XT (default) Asus A8R MVP Onboard NIC Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition sp2 Broadband Road Runner 5000kb/500kb(DL/UL) Driver Version : I google'd this and i have found many people that have the same problem. I just went to Device Manager and turned off power management for this NIC, ill report back if its fixed. EDIT Still does it.
  8. steelsound = more durable icemat = better voice quality the mic can get strapped onto the monitor OR you can put it on the Headphone Wire.
  9. My situation right now is BAD. As many of you would know, TWC is a monopoly of the ISPs around major parts of NYC. Regular speed is 6MBDL/.5MBUPL. For this service i pay 135$/2m. Since this summer there were outtages in the Queens area, i cant get good constant ping. Only time i get good ping/reg is in the morning or 2am+ when NO ONE IS USING IT. When i called in one of the support says to me "ITS SLOW BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE USING IT". I called 2x each month. Anotheri ssue was that recently it took 30minutes for the modem to connect to the ISP. So once again i call. This time i put it on vent showing it to my friend who also has bad ISP(verizon dsl). He pays 20$ and i pay 140$ yet he has faster speed(1.5mbDL .3mbUPL). A technician was supposed to come on thursday and so, i called in to ask why he didnt come. The rep tells me that "you payed on that day so it got cancelled", so i go actually i got the call to confirm if i need the rep or not, and i said YES i need him. A few minutes later after i explain to him that ive been calling since summer, he changes the story to "You confirmed that your internet wad good". Considering i havent called since the apt was made and the only options were Yes and No on the electronic voice i KNEW he was lying. What pisses me off is the fact that no one is stepping up to become a good ISP, giving TWC FULL CONTROL making them a MONOPOLY and so they dont give a **** about us, their customers... what should i do? Opt Online isnt available, Verizon DSL isnt, Verizon FIOS isnt, the only CABLE isp available is Earthlink(which im using right now).... HELP ME im sick of shooting 12 bullets into people and it goes through them, and also warping.
  10. Sorry puck, i sold those two, sorry for keep you waiting on me <3 bro. Oh yeah the memory is still up for grabs! the shipping should be around 10-15$.
  11. Sorry, you dont get a discount cause i really need the $$ :'(, you see im trying to save up for nextgen consoles.
  12. Ooops, i was trying to edit it, but it gavem e an error i will do it later i have to go sorry. For now the x1800xt is made by Sapphire and it is 256mb. The memory is 1GB 1 stick 3-4-4-8 ddr500 unopened.
  13. OCZ Mem(unopened) = 80$ OCZ ELGE 1GB DDR500 3-4-4-8 250mhz Single Stick
  14. dice

    Going Cal-o

    here are some tips to get better.... CSDM with no sound(better reflexes) CSDM any guns ( for mechanics ) 1v1(for aim) Aim_Map etc(for aim) to go CALo you should try #findclan #findrecruit forums.caleague.com esportsea.com(pug here and talk to people) mIRC #findringer(ring here, if you are any good they will let you in their team)
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