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  1. Hey guys, Im looking to mod my cellphone and i want to paint it all black. What kind of paint can i use that wont rub off quickly? If i were to use regular spraypaint the paint would rub off after putting it in my pocket a few times. So im looking for a paint or some way to make it black and stay that way, thanx. -Larry
  2. I guess my whole idea is to have a plain black box with a tinted window on the side and make it as quiet as possible, im in the process of having a 3 lcd setup, (right now only 2) but i want my tower to be kinda stealthy, im not a big fan of the multicolored lights, so im going the opposite route -stealth
  3. what do you mean by theme elements?, im going to just make it a black box.
  4. I already have a custom watercooling setup ready to put in. The stealth theme im going for is a black box with nothing on the front, with a tinted window on the side. the reason I posted is because im looking for the sony vaio case. -stealth
  5. hey guys, i want to mod a sony vaio case with a stealth theme and watercooling kit, but i cant seem to find one, anyone know where i can find one? im looking for the sony vaio RB series desktop case. -stealth
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for a Sony Vaio RB series desktop case, I'm going to mod it for my pc build. If you have one and looking to get rid of it, let me know, thanx guys -Stealth
  7. hey guys I have been looking for a motherboard that will fit an athlon 64, 939 pin, but also fits my agp card (ati x850xt). I know of a few models, but I havent had much luck finding them online or any retail stores. If anyone is looking to get rid of one, let me know, thanx -stealth
  8. ok, i have seen alot of people posting about the [email protected] project and i understand that itis to support the research of cancer, but what does the term "folding" really mean? ive searched articles on this forum but maybe i didnt come across the right one that explains it all. I would be interested in helping with this project (if allowed to), so maybe someone can explain what folding really is, thanx guys -stealth
  9. ninjas all the way, swift silent and deadly, pirates do the same thing just run around yelling about it to all thier buddies, ninjas can take care of business without anyone knowing about it, SILENT
  10. i bought my cpu in 2003, now im wondering if it is one of the early revisions or a later more refined version, im curious to know if it is good for overclocking, so can anyone tell me what to look for on the original box to be able to tell what version cpu i have? on the box i have FPO/BATCH # L336B456, and a version number C57927-002, is there a place i can look this info up at? any help will be greatfull
  11. OMG!!! i did not know that there were more overclockers in wisconsin, ive been in the janesville area for about 2 years now, and i havent met anyway that is into computers at all, im looking for some new friends in this area, maybe get together and do some modding, if anyone is in this area message me. -stealth
  12. specs AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ Abit KN8 Ultra when you said, "amd athlon 64 x2 4200+", do you mean you have dual 64 bit cpus?
  13. i love the idea of not using aim, i converted to trillian, but im still looking for a simple program similar to what linux has with a transparent box, but still able to talk to people that are using aol, msn, or yahoo, because not all of my friends are fellow geeks. im looking for a simple program that will let me talk to many people, but without all the extra crap, just a simple messaging program with text, boycotting aim is the greatest idea ever -stealth
  14. that is exactly what i was trying to explain, but i couldnt figure out how to word it. but the question i have is how to smooth down the edges without misshaping the glass? ive tried sanding the sides but then it ends up messing up the front and back surface.
  15. hey guys ive been curious about this for a while now, and ive looked alot of places for it and cant seem to find what im looking for. Im wondering how people are able to cut pieces of plexiglass and then round the edges so it looks like the plastic was made in that shape. im not sure if im explaining this right. for example the orac3 ive seen alot online, he cuts the plexiglass and then rounds the edges as if it were never cut, everytime i cut the plastic i mess it up, can anyone explain to me how they do this? or where i can find info on how to do it, thanx for any help
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