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    Abit NF7-S v.2.0 (latest BIOS)
    AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+ (200FSB, 12x, only runs prime95 for ~3min)
    XFX GeForce 6600 (GT)
    Maxtor 200GB & Seagate 250GB (7200RPM, 8MB)
  1. Well i tried the sticks seperatly and they both have the same timing of 2.5-3-3-8. Another post here about HyperX said that the 2-3-2-6 timings were potential overclocking settings and not guaranteed. So maybe i missed it, but what guidelines do i need to follow when O.C.ing ram?
  2. Yeah i got it off ebay. Came in an unopened box, checked the pins and they all looked good. Scam artists are good these days of course, but it looked totally legit to me. I'll do the one-stick-at-a-time method tonight to see if i got a bad stick. If i did get a bad stick, can i do anything about it?
  3. When i bought this ram it claimed to be capable of 2-3-2-6 settings. So just to let you know exactly how i came about this ram here is this link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWN:IT and a Kingston link: http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KHX3200AK2_1G.pdf and CPU-Z is giving me this info: Freq 200.5 MHz FSB:DRAM 1:1 Lat 2.5 RAS to CAS 3 RAS prech 3 cycle time 8 Slot 2: Mfg. week 35, yr 05 Slot 3: Mfg. week 36, yr 05 166MHz 200MHz 2 2.5 3 3 3 3 7 8 and when i change my ram settings in bios to anything but 'optimal' my computer wont boot. and w/ my increased FSB i have my voltage raised (to 2.9v i believe). So any suggestions?
  4. Probley a little too late for my input but nForce2 is the way to go. When i was building a 'new' computer i bought a cheap board w/ a via chipset and it raised the PCI Bus along w/ the FSB. On my other computer (normal 2500+) i have PC2700 RAM and what i ended up doing was having like a 6/5 ratio w/ my FSB/RAM ratio. In syc i could run my ram at 179MHz, but out of syn i could only get it up to 173, but that puts my FSB to ~204 (i'd have to go see to get exact figures, but you get the general idea). Plus w/ nForce2 you can raise your AGP freq independently of FSB & PCI freq (pci freq too right?), and of course Vagp. Oh yeah, dont forget to disable FSB spread spectrum (normally .5 & 1% value).
  5. Well im sure me posting new topics is somehow wrong, if so please tell me. Cooling is an issue for me (hence why i bought all these case fans) but I dont care about my temps being as low as you guys like em. So me going out and buying a $50+ heatsink isnt my biggest concern (i dont mind if the cpu is at 65C at full load). So lets see how far i can push this. I added what my ram is and thats actually whats giving me as much heartache as anything else. I bought this ram thinking it would be very awesome (its supposed to be capable of 2-3-2-6 timings). When i go into my bios and change my ram settings from anything except optimal my computer wont boot. As far as Vcore, how far can i really push that (keeping in mind i will keep my full load temps to >70C). PCWizard says my cpu can handle 3.3v, but i've read you dont really want to go over 1.9V, any input? And when i put my FSB anywhere above 200 windows barely even loads, nevermind running prime95 or superPI.
  6. Well I dont really know where to start other then I thought I'd be able to get more out of this mobo/cpu combo. So any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Oh yes, cooling. I have a ThermalTake Volcano 10+ slim. I modded my case so a 80mm fan blows directly onto my heatsink (always provide the heatsink w/ cool air). and i have a 120mm fan blowing cool air into the case. And i have (1) 60mm fan, (1) 80mm fan & (1) 92mm fan exhasting. So i dont have awesome cooling, but its not bad from what i can tell.
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