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  1. /me offers some help with that too. Oh, and you can change LDT voltage to 1.3, or 1.4 that might help.
  2. prime will halt tests if it finds an error. the thing you have to watch out for is temps. If you watch it running for 10 minutes, the temp after 10 minutes is close to the temp it would be after a bunch of hours. so its safe to if you're convinced your cooling systems are reliable.
  3. Looks like you did not follow the crucial instructions properly number 1 big mistake which caused the boot problems i think is: memory voltage: 2.8v Go into the bios and set the DRAM voltage to 2.8v, then Change your 3-3-3-8 timings back to 3-4-4-8 like crucial says: TCL: 3 TRAS: 4 TRP: 4 TRC: 8 Change LDT/FSB ratio to 4x Change CPU Multiplier to 9x (important so you dont O/C your CPU) Change FSB to 240 (for now) and save and quit the bios then if you can get into windows at 240, raise the FSB by a few (like 2 mhz) at a time until you reach 250, and try again. With those settings, 240mhz FSB will almost for certain work, and 250mhz _should_ work.
  4. You can most likely set Trfc to 12. minor change Might want to change WR to 2. This equates to 1.599 volts on the CPU. Do you really need this much for your chip to run stable at 2.4ghz? seems too high to me. Also its safer to set CPU startup to "Startup" (i see you have it set to 1.500v), and I'd suggest keeping voltage at 1.55vcore and VID Special set to auto (so 0%) for a total of 1.55vcore. This is still pretty high and you might want to lower it if you're stable because it shortens chip life. Don't need chipset voltage to be 1.7, you can decrease it to 1.5. And LDT voltage doesnt necessarily need to be 1.3v, it can stay at 1.2v but 1.3's not hurting anything. Your ram voltage looks OK though as you're running at 240mhz with those chips.
  5. he never said he did it with the power on
  6. stepping are the codes after the model number. Theres a 5 letter code and then a 4 digit week code which says what year and week the chip was produced. Usually the early weeks are the best. If you buy it from Newegg you have no way of telling until you get it. Each stepping is a batch and varies slightly, from batch to batch. Best steppings for OC'ing in order: 1. CABNE 05xx (excluding 0540) 2. CABYE 0540 3, CABNE 0540 / CABYE 05xx (excluding 0540) 4. CAB2E 05xx 5. CABGE 05xx my opinion would be to get the opteron 148 from newegg, even if you dont know the stepping.
  7. i just got my Lanparty today, and speedfan shows -9.40v on the -12v line and I have an antec truepower 2 -550watt power supply which seems pretty good to me. So i think its just somthing with speedfan.
  8. Im using a Venice 3200 LBBLE 0540 GPAW. Its a bad overclocker. I can do 2350 mhz on stock voltage (235 * 10 or 260*9). Once it passes 2352 mhz prime95 will have errors due to the CPU... its like an on/off switch, 2340 or 2350 works, 2352 errors.... Now i am running patriot pc4800 and have successfully gotten it to 280something at 2.5-4-4-8 but never reached the advertised DDR600 speeds, but the RAM is not holding me back. Right now my config is 10 x 235 @ 1.400v at 1:1 with 2-3-3-6 ram. And thats where it shall stay until I upgrade my processor. If you have an opteron 144 for like $160somethin I wanna buy it Im gonna up the chipset voltage to 1.6 and CPU to 1.55 and see if it does any better now. (gonna use ram at 2.5-3-3-7 on 2.7v to test)
  9. I'm selling a : Patriot 1GB (2x 512mb) Dual Channel Kit, Low Latency: PC 3200 DDR400 2,3,2,5 Stock settings are 200mhz @ 2-3-2-5 (my best OC was 217 at these timings) At 2.5-3-3-5, I can run them at 230mhz At 250mhz I can run them at 3-4-4-8 (maybe a little quicker) Uses Infineon RAM Chips so I am told. Retails for 119 on newegg. Asking price is 100 + shipping. I'm Buying a: 480+ Watt Power supply, thats from the certified List. Some good models would be antec truepower, fortron bluestorm, ocz modstream. I'm looking for anything that is supported basically. My price range is $50-80 Have confirmed paypal.
  10. I was wondering when you guys would get an IRC channel. Its really great when you just need a quick answer and theres one of those super guru's on. I'll be in there, I probably will be talking a lot, asking a lot of stuff.
  11. Im starting to see now why Lanparty is better ! The bios for this Infinity is totally different. And I did some reading, and found out that the board has sensor problems, so its not just me. And I encountered a strange problem which Im unable to fix right now after changing some stuff..... The bios settings are set for 280 * 9 multiplier at 1:1 memory clock and it actually displays 2520 mhz in the bios screen. So for some reason it boots into windows fine, however when I look at my CPU speed in sandra, it reads as 1800 mhz !! this would be 200 * 9 (like the FSB somehow got set to 200 even though bios reads 280) and so the system is stable at that speed, but when I click "Get values" in clockgen the system locks up. Understandably, because its probably getting conflicting or garbage values. I will fix it on my own probably by changing back to 10x multiplier but thats just some abnormal stuff right there. I had a question about Tref too. Infinity bios displays it as 200mhz 3.9us, etc etc... How is this relate to the numerical Tref value on a Lanparty. I might just have to get a Lanparty.
  12. Im running with my Infinity board right now. I've had the board in for about 30 minutes and my FSB is up to 240mhz * 10. One thing though. The Smartguardian program doesn't run on Windows x64. Another thing. The MBM5 datafiles aren't for the Infinity board. What are my other options for viewing voltages ? Temps I dont really care about but would be nice. I dont wanna go back to Windows 32 bit cause I dont own a product key for that and can't activate! Also I had a question about setting the voltages on the Genie Bios page. I understand the "Fixed CPU voltage" part but I dont get the part about "on the fly voltage" above it "voltage offset increment" and "Extra voltage" (0.0,0.1,0.2,0.3) or something like that. Also the BIOS CPU voltage shows as 1.37 when I set "by VID" which is 0.03 lower. When I set fixed voltage to 1.45 though and reboot it only reads as 1.40. Would this discrepancy cause problems ? My 12V line is also reading low. 11.87ish. I noticed my Infinity doesn't have a floppy-port to feed it additional voltage like the Lanparty does. Does anyone know to what component the floppy-port feeds power to on the Lanparty? Also, I installed my RAM in the BLACK slots(closest to CPU). I heard on the Lanparty that changing RAM slot colors has an effect. My double-sided double-heatspreader RAM is generating a lot of heat thats why I put it closer to the CPU fan. I really wish they staggered the channels, so there could be SOME airflow on the inside between the sticks, cause right now theres only airflow around the outsides of the sticks.
  13. I have 10 multipliers, so are you saying the Infinity can only reach 240 at 1:1 ? My asus does better than that. For sure I can push 2.6 through a 2.0ghz chip? The Asus and the 1.8ghz chip can do 2.5ghz. Is the limitation in the actual hardware or through the memory settings in the bios. Cause I dont _have_ to run at 1:1 memory I can always go down to 5:6 I think and run on 2-3-3-5, or even lower I dont care. I just really wanted to get to 2.8ghz. 2.7 would be acceptable too I guess. Well just waiting for tonight so I can try it out, if its not to my liking i'll just sell it on ebay and pick up the Lanparty Thanks for the responses.
  14. Well I think some misread my sig, so I edited it. The first Asus setup was my old one, and I ordered a DFI board to replace it. At first I bought the asus for stability but then found out how much fun overclocking is so I ditched it and went DFI. The reason I didnt get a Lanparty is because I didnt see any features on it that made it better for my needs. I just assumed the Infinity overclocks just as well and I didnt need SATA2 or SLI. My DFI Infinity board came by Fedex today, and the Venice 3200+ also. The Venice is a 3200DAA4BP Week 0540 GPAW. I'm gonna install the venice in my Asus first, test its abilities, then wait till my unsupported/uncertified 550-watt comes in the mail later today so I can try it with my DFI. Also I never heard of SVC until now (googled it, turns out they rock) Im gonna order a Thermalright today. Also I really have no money, I have tons of bills, and I only make $170 a week. Sorta why I got the baby DFI board and the cheap power supply.
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