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  1. I think you've just found the next wave of computer mods, my man! Imagine the sheer SIZE of the fan you could stuff into a monitor!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!! And Plexi, and LEDS the size of BASEBALLS!!
  2. Your drive probably uses Surface Mount LED's (SMD) .. you might try finding a replacement at Digikey: http://www.digikey.com/scripts/us/dksus.dl...77&Cat=30606122 They have a good catalog of various LED's too. Search around. You can probably also get a 2mm LED in there too, but it depends. Might be tricky soldering it to the original mounts.
  3. http://www.via.com.tw/en/VInternet/casemods.jsp These rock!! I wanna get one of these little motherbastards and build soemthin with it..
  4. WOOHOO! Successfully hit 1407 MHz (so far!!) .. running stable, ran tests and so far no problems. I tried 1430 but it bluescreened after not too long so that speed won't be possible.. Time to go babysteps to see where we can get!
  5. I just successfully hit 1359 MHz.. not bad! I'm running the same mobo as you (and proc), except my proc came with the pins configured for OC out of the box (gotta love it!) Only thing is my multiplier is still at 9.0 (the Jumperfree settings in BIOS seem to have locked it) and I'm running 150MHz external clock right now, so it's a little different configuration than yours. I haven't even bumped the voltage on the CPU yet, either!
  6. Just curious what anybody here has got with the Athlon 1.2.. I just managed to OC mine to 1319MHz (running stable!) with a Dragon Orb 3 fan, 9X multiplier and 146MHz external clock (on ASUS A7A 266 with 1GB PC-133 DRAM). Report is here For some wierd reason though I'm getting a lower score for the 3D graphics test in PerformanceTest with my GeForce/2 Ti 64MB (VisionTek), when I OC'd to 1266 and 1319 - maybe it really doesn't like the extra bus speed???
  7. IMPHO, I think it looks like 80's splatter-painted assjobs that kids did on their BMX bikes.. But that's just me
  8. I think the biggest danger having it out of the case is shorting something.. you know, accidentally drop a screw(driver) on the motherboard, spill something on it, whatever.. that'd be my biggest concern..
  9. Window acrylic is all ya need.. unless your computer doubles as armor plating or something Lexan is more shock resistant than acrylic, SPL competitors in car audio use it to replace their windshields with so they won't shatter when they burp the system.. I think acrylic is cheaper too, no?
  10. Whoah sweet .: http://www.aeicomp.com/Detail.asp?Product_...D=010.200_LCD22 Take THAT on for size.. hella cheap way to get a 22" widescreen LCD.. just need to build a case for it!!!
  11. hey that's awesome! Pretty original idea.. and it's uses LEGO
  12. Nice, but you can get away with alot more compression in the JPEG without it being noticed.. on average you can go down to 60% without any noticeable distortion.. The "Welcome To" isn't totally necessary, and the font doesn't really suit the look you're trying to give the site (Times New Roman != Deadly, Futuristic, Mecha, Cyberpunk).. Looks good though! Keep up the good work...
  13. Yeah I just noticed the second one posted here - that's sweet ...
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    Dig this: http://www.tomshardware.com/storage/02q3/0...0812/index.html B)
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