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  1. As we have seen Religion is the cause of great peace and great sorrow. But religion has been tainted and twisted to full fill others own desires.
  2. Ive never had newegg problems and always tell ppl to go to it.
  3. So you would say a definate buy, or should i wait for something else to come out?
  4. How is news about the world round gay?
  5. Can't make an omlet without breaking a few eggs.
  6. Another Larry King follower......
  7. If anyhting, I love Fox News more or less for the people on it. They seem much more doen to earth than CNN or local news reporters. But I stoped liking the news after the election, both sides going he said she said. But only on fox news can u here shepard smith say that JLO would rather give a BJ than a curve job to here home town And thats the news with shepard smith, promising...it wont happen again.
  8. "sniff" "sniff" I Love the smell of Flamed Liberals in the morning
  9. so what does sitting behind our screens have anything to do with this.... and are u telling us all to go to hell...or did u have someone in mind?
  10. I for one, being new, really admire Lo.He has hit the nail on the head again. As he has proven he can over the post few weeks. In this day and age, we consider ourselves evolved, greater, more intellegent than we used to be. but yet we still fight? why is that. We are not better than we were in the 1800's. we just have better things. Back then it was fight or flight and its the same thing here. I hear on the news that peace in Iraq can be aquired throught talking and politics. That is what the liberal media whats us to think. A man once said "You dont know the value of peace, till you have see war." Peace can olny be obtained by war. And there are casualties of war. And we as a civilization perserve the right to defend the peace we have so rightfully earned by what ever means at our disposal.
  11. Of course after bigr's lastest post...can u really trust his judgement
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