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  1. ive never seen one like that either. i have a few 1u and 2u power supplies but nothing that will work without taking a drill to it ... it also has a weird scheme for bolting up, looks like the power supply is bolted down to the bottom of the case, as opposed to having the screws in the face of it.
  2. something like this http://www.nachnahmeversand.de/upload/uploads/1278587236/DSC00095.JPG you see all plugs and connectors are one one side, the other side (external side) is just blank. heres an image of the case: http://media.createdigitalmedia.net/cdmu/images/storiespre2k6/antec_case.jpg if you notice on the front right side of the case there is a part that is silver as opposed to the black of the case, that is the front of the power supply. mine is a little bit different from that but almost the same, as if that image has been flipped horizontally, my PS is on the right side. the thing is the power AC plug is on the back of the case, but it just has a pass through, on the inside of the case it has a wire going to the front so although you put the AC power cable in the back of the case, the psu is in the front of the case. and all connections to the psu are made from the inside heres a back view: http://www.antec.com/images/400/3U25ATX300XPR_rear.jpg on the right side of the back it LOOKS like theres a PSU there, fan and plug... but there is not, on the inside of that there is just another wire leading up to the front its looking like i will be modding up something, to allow for the PSU connectors to come out the back instead of the front
  3. Im trying to find a power supply for which all connections are on the same side. so instead of having the AC power connection on the back and the DC power to the computer on the inside, i need it all on one side. im trying to find a fairly inexpensive PS that i can put into a antec 3U rackmount chassis, the one i can find on their hardware specs says a NeoPower 650XR, but i cant find anywhere to buy one under a couple hundred bucks. if it really comes down to it ill just have to mod one i already have to make it fit. thanks kyle
  4. I'm looking for decent torrent and DC (direct connect) software that can run in linux (ubuntu server) without a GUI. would be preferable if there is a web GUI especially for the torrents, the DC isn't as big of an issue since its just going to start whenever the computer starts and serve the files in the background and will never be used to download files. ive found a few torrent programs that seem to do this but nothing that stands out above the others. suggestions? thanks, kyle
  5. Hey, i have a bunch of rack-mount equipment just for personal/academic use, so just a small cluster and some servers, nothing extraordinary. one thing thats kind of been annoying me is that i use a motorola surfboard modem connected to my firewall/router, its just annoying that it is not rackmount and just sits there ontop of other stuff and can become disconnected when moving/isnt well secured (velcro). what i would really like is to put a PCI cable modem into my firewall/router and eliminate the surfboard modem all together. of course i know i would have to contact my ISP and confirm that whatever modem i go with will be compatible with their network, but for now im kind of stuck looking for pci cable modems. can anyone suggest any/where i might buy them? thanks in advance for your help & time kyle
  6. i have never in all of my time been able to repair an install, i dont think i have ever seen the option to do so ...i mean its supposed to give the option "press R ...etc" i have never seen that, every time i install windows (even with existing installs on the drive) it boots from cd, immediatly asks if i want to install raid drivers (like that is the first screen) then asks if i want to do automated recovery (F2) which i dont... then it goes through the 5 min processes of loading up drivers and stuff... then it goes directly to chose partition screen. and asks me if i want to delete it, format it... etc i really have never seen the repair install screen... is it my version of XP?
  7. ok so, i had an asus motherboard (forget the model :S i think it was a M2A-VM) it crashed on me i brought it into where i bought it because its only a couple months old they said they would have to rma it, after a few weeks i go back and they dont know how long it is going to be i tell them i need something up now so they give me an m3a78-emh, i don't really know in depth details on either boards (not my computer) but i made sure they were aware that i have a pre-existing raid i need to function. they said it would work fine thats why they gave me the m3a78 instead of something else. so i get home set it all up seems to be working fine finds my raid, boots my raid (to windows, in safe mode) but immediate after loading mup.sys its BSOD and restart, no time to read the bsod so i dont know what the issue is. it is definatly raid related because if i turn raid off on the motherboard it will boot off of one of the hard drives (non-raid) just fine (by the way its a simple mirroring raid) im assuming it is having driver issues or something? is there any way to deal with this problem without simply wipeing the computer? i am really hesitant to do that because the information on the computer is very sensitive. both in its content (meaning it cant be left around on external hard drives/other computers) and in the fact that no data can be lost (thus the purpose of the raid) any suggestions? thanks kyle
  8. yeah i need to find a way to do it from console so that the user has to do little to nothing ... right now the few ppl who are using the program have to disable uac for the program to work ... u just wanted a way around that
  9. so, i need to run a command from the command prompt as the administrator, tried googling it all i found are hundreds of pages saying to right click and run as admin... thats no good to me because the cmd command gets run from a program, the program can not right click and open as an admin... does anyone know how to do it? right now i have to disable the UAC or the command to command prompt says "requires elevation" any help would be appreciated.
  10. the network im on uses a captive portal which decides based on some criteria what subnet to assign you too, different subnets have different access to different resources. using DHCP i get assigned to one i don't want to be in... so i simply manually configure myself an ip within the one i want to be in, the ip is within the scope of the DHCP server so thats my entire problem... it usually works fine for about a week or two then that ip gets assigned by the server to someone else. what i've been trying to do is just specify a range or a subnet or whatever and my computer just try an ip at random, if it is in use, try another until it gets one not conflicting. i actualy have a crappy little java program that does this... its just not very pretty
  11. well, lets just say i don't want to use DHCP, this isn't a network i administrate and i dont want the DHCP server assigning my ip. it assigns me into a subnet i don't want to be in
  12. im looking for some way to assign ip's or my ip manually based on whats available on the network. what i mean is when joining a specific network, just grab some random ip in a specific range and aslong as that ip is not in use on the network then use it. im not sure if i am making my self clear, if not just let me know. the network im talking about does have DHCP in play, but i dont want to use it... what im doing now is just setting my ip manually but eventualy that ip gets used by the DHCP and i have a conflict, i would just like every time i connect to this network for my computer to take an ip make sure its not in use, and use it .... hope someone has some suggestions?! thanks!
  13. well ill know in a few days if this has been useful... the reason i want to do this is the university i go to is ridiculous and they are soon enforcing new network rules, if their servers determine you have a windows or a mac then it wont let you on unless you have this program that fishes information about your computer. namely if you are in windows you have to have this program to access the network, this program will feed information about the status of your firewall, the status of your virus scanner, OS version and updates. they are enforcing you have vista, i still rock XP and i dont want to change to vista, they force you are fully updates, but i dont get a lot of updates because i dont want them, they force you use windows firewall, i use zonealarm, they force you use the virus scanner they want. so for me to get my desktop back on the network i would have to upgrade to vista, leave the security center on which i never use, leave widnows firewall on even if i use a better firewall, leave a virus scanner on at all times, get every security update. its just ridiculous. first i hate vista with a passion, also when i play COD4 i usauly shut down most processes on my computer so that it runs better,m including explorer and my virus scanner and stuff. but when these rules are enforced teh second i kill that virus scanner i would get kicked from the network. anyway enough of my rant, the servers do not enforce these rules if they determine that you are linux or any "non conventional" operating system .... essentially anything not windows or mac (linux, xbox, etc) they say its because people are idiots and keep getting viruses, but im smart enough to not download viruses and protect myself from potential threats without them needing to hold my hand through it, i'm not going to go out and buy vista just because they say you have to have it now to get on the network, if i can make the network servers think my desktop is anything but windows, maybe it wont enforce those network rules
  14. just wondering if its possible... when i go onto a network the network administrators are able to tell that my computer is running windows , and even that its running windows XP. similarily many websites can tell what OS im running. is there a way to make that not possible, or even better to make my windows appear on the network as if it were linux or a different operating system then it actualy is? thanks Kyle
  15. Ok so i was an idiot and updated to SP3, of course like half the computers out there wireless conked out. if you are unfamiliar with the bug. wireless just stops working, your adapter is installed and working, but wireless zero configuration says no networks are available. sometimes a balloon comes up saying networks have been found, you go to view networks... nothing it says no networks found and to check if the switch is on etc. this is a common problem and ive googled it thoroughly and found no anwsers.. just a lot of ppl with the problem like me, best solution i found was to roll back sp3. did that and it did not help my wireless still did not work. i am running XP on a new macbook black anyway i went back to SP3 when rolling back to SP2 and reinstalling drivers did not work, i manually installed some drivers i got from teh broadcom website by searching my computer for all bcm drivers and manually erasing them, then getting newest drivers from broadcom and installed them. it partially worked.... now i can connect to wireless networks that are not secure and if i have the "conenct to non-prefered wireless networks" option selected. but i still can not view networks, and can not get on my unis network because it usease PEAP/MSCHAPV2, now if i go into the windows network properties and try to manualy add a network under the authentication tab and EAP type there is nothing listed, like my computer is not capiable of EAP??? i cant figure out how to connect using PEAP/MSCHA with network magic so im kinda . out of luck any thoughts? thanks
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