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  1. I would suggest the OCZ 7200EPP stuf it is fact Micron and mine have been to right at DDR 1100 with out even changing the timing from the rated speed.
  2. I own 3 different Dremels. I have a rechargeable for small stuff. One variable Pro, and the good ole fashioned Solid Black one with variable speed. I bought the variable Pro because I lent my old one to some one and forgot who had it. Well about a week after buying the Variable Pro I had my other one returned to me. I love my Dremels and there is no replacement for them. My old black one has been used to do cylinder head work, mod cases, remove suck bolts, and all kinds of other things. It has actually had the brushes replaced in it 2 times I think. Most of the other cheaper ones I have seen do not have user accessible brushes so just swapping them is out of the question. That is another BIG PLUS for Dremel.
  3. Ensure you get the little list with the frequencies the RAM scales at. I had the issue when I first started playing with my AM2. After getting the list and watching it as I played with the HTT I have managed to get 4 1GB sticks to DDR 954 stable. I am mixing my 7200EPP sticks with a set of Platinum 6400's to do it.
  4. I think every major water cooling manufacturer actually produces Blocks, or has the means of attaching thier blocks to AM2. I personally use a TDX and all it required me to do was pick up a new top cover. Hmm I think it was $16.00 for the cover with a new nozzel set, and new mounting hardware.
  5. 8x is plenty fast for your Graphics. The only thing I can see posibly needing mor ethen 8X would be the 7950GX2 but i do not think it even hits the point of maxxing out 8X. The mod can be done just like on the LP NF4 SLi-D, Ultra D, Sli DR. Just do a quick search of the forum and you will find it and see how simple it really is. I succesfully modded one board and had SLi working on it. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=444509 That should prove it functions and works just fine...
  6. What is the furthest anyone has pushed 4GB of RAM on the LP 590SLi-M2R/G? I have 2 sticks of Platinum 6400 and 2 sticks of 7200EPP running in my board right now for a total of 4GB just to test and see where I start getting memory errors. Well so far with 4 sticks it has scaled to DDR 954 and I am still playing with it to see how much more I can push it with out the addition of voltage. I have the timings @ the default 4-4-3-15 that the 7200EPP is designed to run at. So I was not expecting my little 6400 sticks to scale near as far as they have. I am running 2.25 volts on the Vdimm right now.
  7. That kit looks like what i pieced together a long time ago. Also I fogot to mention I use 3/8 hoses with 1/2 fittings. it is a bear to put together but the 3/8 tygon allows tighter bends to be run in the case with out crimping the hose. I have experimented with alot of different hoses over the years and still always go back to 3/8 tygon as my hose of choice.
  8. I use all DD gear in my gaming rig. I run a very dated D4 pump that has been kicking with out an issue for years. On the CPU I use the TDX. It has been very good for me and I currently have several tops for it so it will fit several platforms. I also use the Maze 4 GPU low profile on my 7900GTX and it works flawlessly. Idle temp on my GTX is 33 deg. Stock cooler had it idle around 52 deg. so it was a big drop switching the card to water. My flow is as follows: D4 (Pump) TDX (CPU Block) Crossflow 120 Black Ice Pro RAD MAZE 4 GPU Low Profile Black Ice Extreem 120mm RAD back to the D4 I used to run a resivor but recently stated playing with a T-Line and will say I like it alot better. The T-Line just seems to take longer to work the air out of the system.
  9. I know this is older adn the decision has been made. The Neo 2 Platinum is by no means a bad board. With the use of a DDR Booster I was able to reach htt of 345 using a 3700 SanDeigo and Patriot 4800XBL's. The board under volts and that is the biggest problem with it. Once you measure and figure out exactly how much, it is easy to fix. There were several killer Bios files that were custome made for it. The only reason I parted with mine was I made the jump to pci-e and SLi-D. MSI Neo2 Platinum 1.C3 Mod Bios AMD 3700 SanDiego Danger Den TDX (290 X 10) 1GB Patriot PDC1GB4800XBL+ k 1:1 with chip 2.5-4-4-8 that is where my daily run was for the Sandy......
  10. Hell No, I t is great to have the latest adn Greatest out. I am an AMD man and could easily have a Core 2 setup if I wished. Some people worked thru issues with AMD XP, AMD 64 first release and now we will work thru the AM2 issues. In the end all other platforms turned out great and it was a good feeling to sit back and know you did not throw in the towel and give up just because thigns got a little rough.
  11. up the CPU votage to 1.350 to 1.4 and see if it stabalizes
  12. Some of us opted for AMDbecause of Brand Loyalty. I know I for one did. I will be getting a C2D in October as part of an employee Purchase Program, but I am not sure I will be keeping it because I have used AMD since 1994.
  13. I would ditch the Corsair adn jump on some OCZ RAM, It is my bet your issues will be solved
  14. You need to go to the DFI website and download the Beta Bios and install it to slear the Lock up in the Bios Screen. Did you do a FRESH INSTALL of windows when installing the board? If so the floppy is there so you can install RAID on the system. That is the only time you wil need the Floppy, to do the F6 when entering Windows for additional Drives to be installed.
  15. I actually paid $279 for my RAM. But I was able to take my chip to 2920mhz so far and will figure out how to get the rest of the way to 3.0 Ghz so I can represent the AM2 Dual cores in the OCDB. I was not getting that far before with out running real low dividers on my RAM. Besides it is not a matter of having to buy RAM like this, People do it because we can. Based on the Price that the 6400 Platinums were on Friday night this was a cheaper and more logical choice. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227089 New Egg does not have the dual channel kit of my 7200 EPP right now but they are selling the single sticks for 149.99 which makes it a smarter purchase then the platinum 6400....
  16. May I ask why you see no need for anything over PC2-5300??? I had 6400's and even with dividers and not running it at the lowest possible setting I hit a wall with my RAM before maxing out my CPU. I have the 7200 EPP installed now and it seems that they wil scale further then my chip is capable of currently. More is always better when it comes to speed.....
  17. I would actually consider the Platinum 6400 over the gold as it has been seen with other motherboards people had issues with the GOLD. I have not seen problems here with the gold as of yet but it is alway sbetter to be safe then sorry.
  18. I think the temp sensor may be off on my board because it reads 41 degrees idle and that is not effected by how much voltage I slap to the chip. I have applied upto 1.56 volts to the chip and it always idles at 41. I have reseated the TDX on the thing 3 times thinking that may be the issue. I really have no great concern about temps as I figure at the Price of X2 chips nowadays, if it pops I will just grab another and know to watch it next time
  19. He was saying Flashing Bios leaves a lot mor eroom for a problem to occur. IE leaving the machine dead on the spot even though the program says the flash was succesful.
  20. Do not take what I said the wrong way. The Platinum 6400 is by all means a killer RAM. I am just amazed at how well the 7200 EPP Scales. I had it just below DDR 1000 before I hit a block for my chip. I am going to drop the CPU multi and see how much further it can go. Currently I have the RAM @ 2.13 volts and timings @ 4-4-4-12 2T
  21. Looks like a Graphics card issue, I would test the card on another board
  22. If I was not toying with AM2 right now I would have been all over the weekend special......
  23. My Platinum 6400 will run 4-4-4-15 1T @ 800 I just have to get used to the whole chart for clock speeds on the RAM That was the biggest problem I was havign from the start. My Ram was scaling further then I was expecting it too because I was not paying attention to the chart. Once I figured that out I was good to hook.
  24. That is the Sticks I got. I have a set of the Platinum 6400's here as well. I am mostlikely going to buy another chip today so I can play with my Infinity a bit more.
  25. I got them @ Fry's Electronics (www.outpost.com) I paid $279.99 in store for them just like on the website. NewEgg has the regular Golds for $299. I think they are pretty good. They are runnin gat the rated speed with less then the voltage the website says they need. I will find out soon just how good they are.
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