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  1. I am running the G.Skill sniper 1600 LV in my Extreme 7 with out a single issue. So I will say screw the list and get which ever you feel like grabbing.
  2. Sorry I thought my Power supply was listed in my signature. It is a Corsair AX1200 Gold so I am sure it can mor ethen handle what I am running right now. Cooling wise I have the front fan on my case pulling in and the 3 120 mm fans on the rads pulling air out of the case. Considering the GTX 260 should not be loading up a whole lot full time it should be fine with that for cooling. I am looking for a dencently priced water block if i decide to keep it in the system.
  3. I have a spare BFG GTX 260 OC2 laying here collecting dust. How do yall think it would do as a dedicated PhysX card for my GTX 590 SLi set up? The only draw back to using it would be it blocks the ability to install a new sound card into the machine. I am currently using the onbaord sound and iot sopretty good when playing World of Warcraft so I am not even sure if I would gain anything adding an X-fi ti to my system at this point. I only use a headset with my computer so speakers are not an issue (the computer desk replaced the dining room table). Evertime i purchase PC Speakers that sound good the wife complains she can not hear the TV so I have to use a headset instead. LOL
  4. I have used PC Power and Cooling for years. Dating back to my AMD days and using touchy DFI lan party boards. This Corsair AX1200 was my first venture away from them in over 7 yerars and I will say I could not be happier with the piower supply. So take that for what it is worth. It is my understanding PC power and cooling is not 100% the quality it oncce was but I used to consider them the Gold standard in power supplioes and used to pay for th ename because I have never had one fail on me.
  5. I will put my vote in for the AsRock Extreme 7 gen 3 set up with a 2600K. This board has been the most stable of the 3 I have tried with the 2600K. The other 2 an MSI GD80 and GB UD4 both gave me issues from initial boot. This one has been solid from the first push of the power button.
  6. Well If I had a temp sensors I could tet i tout. I am running a 1X120 after the processor and a 240 afer my graphics card both running off a single pump and resivor. I will run a split after the pump and one right befor eth ewater enters back in to the resivor. I will be setting up the water tommorow I wanted to make sure the Asrock board would fire up and run smooth before plumbing the whole thing again. Plus I hae some silver colored Feser hose coming tommorow and would like to use that instead of th eBlack I was originally going to go with.
  7. Yes 2 GTX 590's and every drive in my rig is SATA 3 speced. I find it rather odd that on the MSI when I tested my Riaded SSDs on the SATA 3 ports the results were not much different then when I tested them on the SATA 2 ports. I will test them once i get the ASROCK up and running. I am hoping to see a little bette rresults from them. hopefully even bette rnumbers then What MSI was bringing to the table. I am mid install of WIndows 7 on the AsRock and it feels like it is goin gkind of smooth so far.
  8. Setting up my AS Rock board right now. I will say it is the first of the 3 Z68 boards I have worked with that the UEFI has worke dwith correctly. The mouse works 100% as it should in bios. It is not hanging on post like th eGigabyte board was. The SATA 3 all detectin gthier drives on the firs tpush of the power button.So if the 4 is anything close to the 7 I would say it is a winner.
  9. If I took a picture of my desk in its current state and posted i tonly my wife would blow th ehouse up with me in it. I have PC parts all over my desk and her kitchen. Happy not eis I shot the HAf 922 Satin Black inside and out. She is made about the paint smell coming upstairs from the basement. It was too cold ot open windows while I was trying to paint.
  10. thi swill be my third board I am goin gwith on this damn build. The Asrock has had a lot of the reviews sayin greally good things about it. My first board was a Gigabyte and it just olain pissed me off from the time I took it out of the Box. Which is kinda funny because my System B has been running the Mother board I first migrated to socket 1156 with. The SATA 3 issue has been making me want to stab a pumpkin in the eye. MSI tech support was decent enough to send me a beta Bios to flash the GD80 with. That bios did exactly nothing for the issue I was having. All the SATA 2 connections worked Flawless and I could use 1 of the SATA 3 at a time bu tif i plugged into both SATA 3 ports controlled by the Z68 chipset it was non stop random problems. If the Asrock gives me any issues I will be moving back on to my tried and true 1156 board and i750. I will throw 2 GTX 590s in it and just run like that. That system has been stable since the first time I pushed the power button. My second issue with this build has been the fact the Danger Den GTX590 blocks would not properly mount to my card. All the pads line sup but it would not touch the VRM circuits as it should. I have posted on the DD forum with no reply. I have called and left messages with Tech support with out a single reply so at this time I am not very happy with the Danger Den situation. I ordered a set of EKWB GTX 590 Blocks and they line up perfectly and touch everything they are supposed to. I modified my EVGA backplates to work with the EKWB hardware and hope to hav ethe system back up in a few days. If everything with the ASROCK board holds true with the reviews I should have a solid setup. The only place I am seeing negative feedback on the board is Newegg. I have a feeling alot of the people that post there are not 100% up on how ot properly set up a machine.
  11. Ok so the SATA 3 ports on my MSI board (Z68A GD80(B3) started acting up. I could connect to 1 of them but if I connected to both I would get random lock ups. If I hit the reset button it would just make my Drives randomly disappear and boot of fwhat ever it wanted to. So I do not like dealing with issues, I called MSI and we talke don the phone for a bit, they sent me a Beta Bios to test out on the board. Well the flash went fine, I started re installing windows and BAM Lock up. SO I almost blew a gasket and called MSI back again. They decided the port son the board or controller had to hav ean issue. I RMAed the MSI back to New Egg and decided I would spend a little extra on a board and decided on an ASROCK. Lets see what issues the build bring sto me this time http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157269
  12. I wa sjust trying to give the option of not setting thru 2 installs or windows. Most people think becaus eit says upgrade they will be restricted in what it does. My method of install will allow a semi upgrade of XP to windows 7, by not killing your files on the windows XP disk and allowing you to transfer them to windows 7. But Kam is correct you can not do an "upgrade from windows XP" and have everything transfered automatically for you I was just tryign to help the guy save $100 or so bucks that could be put towards something useful in the computer.
  13. I just went thru a very like instance with my MSI board. I did not try the drive seperately but I did move the SSDs to the SATA2 prots and my system is up and stable.
  14. not to thread jack but how many of yall remember Conner Drives that got bought out my Segate in the mid 90's?
  15. I give a huge Thumbs up for the HAF 922 I simply love mine. Pros: Size Price Look Great Airflow Room fo ra 120 Res in Back and a 240 in the top Cons: Only 5 Hard Drive bays Mounting of a dual Bay resivor you have to bend the 5 1/4 bay tabs out of the way
  16. the upgrade version is actually the full version at a lower price you just have to have a drive set up with win xp, vista or 7 connected in the machine to get the upgrade version key to work.
  17. aspevacek

    system B

    Ok I have Rig A in my signature. I am looking to put system B together with stuff i have already and should only need graphics cards to do it. I have th echoice of SLI or Crosfire for the set up so that is where my problem is. what I have is: Intel Core i5 750 Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 4 GB OCZ DDR3 (not sure which and too lazy to walk to basement and look) may be swapping the 16GB kit from system A in here and replace that set. 2 velociraptors 1 Hitachi 2TB PC power and Cooling Silencer 750 Powersupply Black quad rail Viewsonic 21" widfescreen monitor MX Duo Keyboard and Mouse Thermaltake V9 Black edition So tos sout so ideas that would be decent for Graphic card or cards to put with this system Thanks in advance
  18. The issue with this storm was it is fall and the trees were full of leaves. That meant they were catching the Heavy Wet snow. Which the News here locally was reporting was going to happen. My parents live in Dauphin County and were with out power from 9:30 AM up until well after 10PM. I told them they should have just came ove rto my place because my lights had only flickered 1 time earlier in the day.I live in a newer community and all of our stuff is run under ground which makes the neighbor hodd look alot nicer. So when I loose power it is always outside of the area where I live causing it.
  19. remember if you buy the upgrade version of windows 7 you have to have a HDD with a copy of windows vista, XP , or 7 in the system for the Key to work. I keep a drive here set up with Windows XP just for the purpose of pluggin gin and doing a fresh install of Windows 7.
  20. my HW monitor Pro i sreading th esame as what core temp was reading. I figured after all these years MSI would get thier motherboards reading temps properly. Off topic my wife had the truck at work today and we had a freak snow storm hit. First thing she commented on whne she got home is how impressed she was with the grip of the (new tires) KM2s on the snow covered roads. Made me feel good when she actually noticed a difference in how the truck handles on road. She was totally against the lift swap from the time I mentioned it.
  21. I love the KM2's but they have that typical Mudder Hum while going down the raod. They are not as loud as some of the tires I have run in the past but louder then my last set of ATs. The processor in Bios shows 41 deg cel. If I look at it in Hardware monitor it shows around 31 deg cel idle in windows. I am thinking it is a normal bugged bios reading MSI has usually released on thier mother boards. the in windows reading was taken with HW monitor Pro. so I am a little more inclined to believe it. I had searched the web trying to find out anyone else having bad temp reports in bios on MSI boards but came up with no useful info. I think Monday before installing the WC stuff (when the GPU blocks arrive) I will go ahead and lap the CPU just to humor myself. If i smoke the 2600K I will just eat the cost of a new one.
  22. Well I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to install the DD 590 blocks to go back to the stock coolers in the end. I appears around the VR pads the block should be machined more and it is not making contact with my VR. So I pu tthe machine to gether with just 1 card and stock cooling until I can get with danger den on monday or my shipment from Frozen CPU comes in with the other branded blocks I ordered. Either way I will get this WC setup going in my machine.
  23. Trying to figure out if my AS SSD scores look ok for what I am running? my flikr link with AS SSD Sorry I am not sure how to post pictures to the forums
  24. Well the stuff has shipped and I paid for over night express shipping so it should all be here by 1030AM tommorow. I am unemployed currently so have nothing but time to get it up and running in the near future.
  25. Got the SSDs installed and installing my system on them right now. I will say I used to be impressed with Velociraptors but after watching the SSDs boot I have changed my feelings. The SSDs boot stupid fast.
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