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  1. I have just recently went thru a rebuild on my PC. I decided this time around to use AMD instead of Intel. I have a i7-2600k and a i5-2500k but I decided to build a 990fx AMD system using an 8320 FX. I am over all pretty happy with the machine I used all AMD based components on the build and even did one of the R9 280X graphics cards. The AMD system seems to have a lot less issues even at stock speeds then my Intel rigs were giving me.

  2. Given a choice and even if they are a few bucks more then other brands I will always pick an EVGA card. Thier Customer Service is second to none. They will do what ever it takes to make things right if something gets screwed up. I have had issues with 4 different GTX 590 cards since October and they have gone as far to give me free ERMA on my new cards. There techsupport is generally just as good as thier Customer Service.

  3. What I use for a clean look and ease of use when doing hoses. Is zip ties. I have used them for years with barbs. I got the idea when I was a BMW performance tech and we would use them on all the vacum hoses on our race cars. I tried it one time and have never thought about it ever again, plus most people keep piles of them at the house. You can even put them on so they are almost not even noticable and they are very easy to remove.

  4. One is single sided the other is double sided from looking at it, meaning one is based on 256 bit memory chips while the other is double row 128 bit which means it could have the double row on one side of the chips.


    It should still be able to show 4gb of ram unless a module or memory slots on the mother board are bad.

  5. I am basing it off what I saw on the flow meter. The meter was barely rotating at all with it in series. After splitting it the way it is now everything is flowing great....


    My GPUs under load playing SWtOR are at about 38 deg

    the CPU is setting at 36 deg


    why is it a bad idea to set up the loop as I have it set up? I saw it as a way to release restricton on the system and cut out pressure drops as it crosses thru the blocks and rads which all introduce restriction to the system? Please elaberate on why it is a bad idea I am alway sopen to learn things that I may have over looked when laying out my system.

  6. I would like to put some inpu tin on the loop the OP has listed. I tried it the other day when i put my loop back in my system. The restriction seems to be too much going in a series thru a Graphics block to a Rad then to the CPU Block then another rad. It appeared the pressure dropped off to much in my system on the flow meter when I was leak testing so I did not even bother to turn on the sytem while it was set up like that. I instead went back to how i had it set up before and it was from the pump with a Y fitting basically splitting it into 2 loops, I sent 1 loop from the pump to the graphics card to the black ice 240 to the resivor. The second part of the loop went from the pump to the CPU to a 120 Black Ice to the resivor. At the resivor I hhave a second Y to join the lines back together before they enter. Just some food for thought.


    Welcome to the forums.



    My system consists of:

    1 Black Ice 240mm

    1 Black Ice 120mm

    1 Swiftech Apogee XT Rev 2

    1 EK GeForce 590 GTX VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Acetal + Electroless Nickel Plated (EK-FC590 GTX - Acetal+EN (Nickel))

    1 Swiftech MCP655™ 12v Water Pump w/ Speed Control

    I have used Tygon 3/8 ID hose through out the entire system.

    It is all housed in a HAF 922 case.

  7. I am a firm beliver in children doing chores around the house. It teaches them responsibility. Anything I wanted when I grew up I had to work for. Money was tight in my parents house with my father being lower enlisted in the army in the early 70's. By the time my brothers became teenagers my father had gained some rank in the Army and the got alot more then could be afforded for me. One thing I will say there was never anything I needed, but I did not always get those things I wanted.


    I took the maid comment in the video to mean her mother.


    If it had been my daughter I would have no thave shot the laptop, I would have instead reformatted it and staked claims on it. I do not like to waste money like that.



    Now with that said as I worked as Asset Protection I had to deal with children such as his daughter. They were given everything and had no respect for anything. I would talk to parents and they were at the end of the rope with the children. Best recourse is to put the youngster into the leagle system and let them spend a day or so in jail. Alot of the children would learn from it other would not and down the road a track record was established on them. I do understand in the video she was just being disrespectful about her parents but that is where it starts. Then they feel if they can get away with it at home they will try to push all adults the same way.

  8. The Extreme 7 gen 3 is the way to go if you can swing the price. The board is just plain very SOLID. I am thinking all the AsRock Extreme series would most likely be as solid. The options are great and other then a few of the voltages being a little lower then what my ram was wanting I have had no issues. The VTT needed a small bump to stabalize at 1.35 volts, bt that could be because I am running 4 X 4GB sticks in my system.

  9. I have had some nasty stability issues only with World of Warcraft. It will randomly just give the Driver crashed and had to recover. I am thinking it was not liking the Quad SLi so I decided to break up my GTX 590's for now and see how that fairs. I left one in my rig with the i7 2600K and added one to a system I threw togther with an i5-2500 on an MSI Board.


    I could run benchmarks all day with no drivers crashing but as soon as I would get in to world of Warcraft all kinds of funy things would start to happen. Graphic glitches and what not. In Firelands raid headed to Ragnarous it would start acting like one of th ecards was not working at all and I would get solid color bards evenly spacedacross my screen. If I moved the camera angle bars would go away but then come back as soon as I moved. So I think 1 590 shoul db emore then enough to push WoW for my play time.

  10. I am usign a Samsung 5500 series LED with my PC currently and will say it looks great. It is a little on the pricey side now that I think about it. The TV in my living toom is a 46" LG 3D LED and the picture on it is wonderful as well. That I think was a better price over all compard to the Samsung.

  11. My cards are under a full coverage water blocks. The voltage will not adjust past .938 volts. I figure 1.0 volts is a safe zone to push too as I see others push past that with out an issue. I little voltage will go a very long way with the cards.

  12. He was under the impression that the beta Bios he sent to me would correct the issue. I was just at the end of wasting my time installing and reinstalling windows by the time he gave me the bios. I have always liked MSI boards in the past and never really had issues with one. I only started thsi build with a GB board because of how many people raved about it, and my second system is running the GB board I built it with. The 1156 has had zero issues since day one. I have had other issues in the past where GB tech support was less then useful.


    As I have said I would recomend the ASRock Extreme 7 to any one willing to pay that much for a board. The thing has been rock solid since the first push of the power button.


    In my post I am not saying MSI is a bad board just the one I got had me pulling my hair out, which is not the norm for an MSI board. the GD80 has alot of features for the money.

  13. With your set up why 2 seperate cooling systems? My system is running off 1 pump and 1 resivoir. I have it split off of the pump, 1 side goes to the 2X GTX 590s then to a 2X120 rad and the other side goes to the i7 2600K then to a 120 rad. they link back up right before entering the resivoir and starting the cycle again. May be some thing to think about Nothing in my system has gotten over 40 deg cel as of yet. The processor idles around 28 deg cel average and the graphics at about 30 deg cel.

  14. I started my build with a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3. From the start I was having random lock ups and windows refusing to restart properly. I did about 5 reinstalls of Windows 7 over th ecourse of a weekend. I contacted Gigabyte tech support on that Monday and was that the issue had to be my SSD drives causeing the issue. I took my SSDs out of the system and tried with my Velociraptors and ended up with the same results. One thing I had noticed about the Gigabyte board was it had an extremely long post time on it before it even started to load windows. I was not happy with the answers that were recieved from Gigabyte tech support so I RMAed the board to Newegg and tried the MSI.


    The MSI was the Z68A-GD80 (B3) now that board loaded up and started to run at the begining. I had set up my SSDs (Corsair Force 3 90gb) in a Raid 0 config and went for broke. Well after my initial windows install runnign thru updates and everything I did a system restart. On the restart I got a message saying the raid had failed. I went into bios and the raid util and saw both drives were present yet the system would not allow me to boot into windows sayign I needed a system disk. So I unplugged one of the drives and set up the system on a single SSD and it was working fine. After getting into windows and installing drivers I looked and my Raptors were missing from device manager. I shut down the system and checked all th ecables and they were present in Bios but would not show up in windows. I played with it like that for a day or 2 trying to figure out what I had done wrong. Well when I contacted MSI support I was emaile da beta bios to try on the board and it seemed like the tech John To knew exactly what my issue was. We talked for a few moment about what my system was doing and how the beta Bios did not do a thing for me. The issue was in fac tyou could use 1 of the SATA 3 ports but not both at the same time. To me spending over $200.00 on a mother board and not being able to use all the features you pay for is about a joke. The Tech aggreed it had to be a south bridge issue or just the ports on the board were bad. He explained to RMA it back to where I got it from because being les sthen a week old it should be exchanged for a new board and not sent to MSI where I would get a rebuilt board.


    My third board for this build is an ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 gen 3. I have installed the exact same hardware I was tryign to use on the other boards with out issue. I have my SSDs in a Raid 0 on the Intel chip and the velociraptors running on the ASMedia. One thing I do not like about the board is it does not offer Raid on the ASMedia SATA 3 controller. The board does however offer 16X on 2 of the PCIe slots at the same time by using a Nvidia NF200 chip. Or you can have 16X, 8X, 8X for tri SLI. I am runnign dual GXT 590's so the need to fill the 3rd slot is not really needed.


    I had made up my mind if the ASRock gave me any issues this build was not meant to be and I was going back to my 1156 and i5-750 that has served me since the release of the chip.

  15. I was running a MSI Z68 GD80 (B3) I do understand the (G3) was listed but I had major issues with the SATA 3 ports on the board, I returned it and went with an ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 gen 3 and could not be happier. Sure the ASRock cost a bit more but the lack of the heart aches I had with it versus the Gigabyte or MSI boards I tried made it money well spent.

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