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  1. Please PM me if the Maze 4 GPU deal falls thru, I could use a second block
  2. It is not a matter of how much of a drop it is, it is a matter of how much more stable the temps are using water cooling. Less of an increase as the load is applied.
  3. That could be true in some cases and very far from the truth in others. Try out Swiftech or Danger den equipment versus the thermal take or coolermast equipment some people are running and the difference is night and day. Most of the thermaltake and coolermaster stuff runs 1/4" tubing and is far from efficient, they use a very low flow pump and do not have the power to support the heat generated. My 7800GT is clocked at 620 Core, It is cooled with a Danger Den Maze 4 GPU low Profile. Under load I see a temp around 46 deg cel. On air cooling I was around 60 deg cel. I would say water is alot more efficient. Once a temp is achieved it can be maintained there as the other variables maintain a constant. With air cooling you will never be able to get any cooler then the ambient air temp right around your cooled component, with water cooling you will be able to drop that just by havign the radiator located in a different location away from the heat source. I am in no way knocking Cooler Master Products, I use a Hyper 48 I have had for a long time to cool one of my machines. I will say thier water cooling leaves a lot to be desired and is marginally better then air if that.
  4. I have lost mor ethen my share of equipmen tto makeing errors with water cooling, but for some reason I always seem to see where I made the mistake and coem right back to it. I think if you choose good equipment you would not have any issues and would enjoy the power of water again....
  5. What series of Patriot 3200 are you running? Most of the Patriots I have played with over the years seem to perform very well. Some seemed to like Intel rigs mor ethen AMD but all clocked decently on AMD. THe lowest any of my Pats either 512mb sticks or 1GB sticks have always managed to hit at least 230 most scale upwards of 250. What timings are you running them at? alot of the older 3200LL had to have the CAS set to 2.5 to scale upwards of 220 but they would do it. If you have the EL series I would suggest ditching them as they are the chips that did not cut it running at the LL specs.
  6. Yea, I am actually into pushing my stuff pretty far. The core is around 570 with a 40 Delta slapped to it. I am still trying to tweak out the voltage requirements for the GPU and Graphics RAM.
  7. I looked at th e3d Mark 05 Score and I am kinda Glad I did not run out and drop the cash on a 7900GT. I mean it would have meant a hit on me selling my 7800GT or most likely just keeping it. The dropping 300 on a card to only gain a few hunder points. 3D Mark 05:http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2107503 3D Mark 06: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=381699
  8. i fhe is in NY and it costs 120 to ship an RMA in, I must have Raped Fedex paying only 21.00 to send in my board
  9. I would just grab some RAM. I had a very simular issue with some TCCD RAM a while back. Try setting the CAS to CAS2 or CAS 3 and see i fthe problem is still there. I would say it is most likely not the board.........
  10. I run a necked 3000 under a Coolermaster Hyper 48. My idle temp at 2.7 Ghz is 32 deg cel. I was very careful when mounting the Hyper 48 and had to shim the lock downs to pull the play out and get the thing to make good contact with the chip. shimming the lockdown is something to think about and as long as you are careful and take your time it should be no problem running a bare core under a heatsink. My Hyper48 is 863 grams you decide if it is safe........
  11. Why does it have to be the board? Could it not be a windows issue if the mouse is seen from Bios then I would say the ports are working. The controller is functioning if it says mass storage device then shows it as the Micro Cruzer.........
  12. I would say mismatched SPDs between the memory. I use alot of Patriot RAM an dknow that the EL series is stuff that does not cut the cake to be labled LL. I have played with both an awful lot and bet if you remove the EL sticks the system will stabalize and run with out issues.
  13. They are overall the exact same board. THer SLi-DR has an additional Raid controller added with 4 extra SATA ports, that is the extent of the physical differences between the 2 boards. THere are feature differences but nothing that would keep the cooler from fitting. Aside from the additional RAID controller you can mod most of the other features into the Ultra D at your liking.
  14. abotu the comment on the MSI Neo2 Platinum not beign a good overclocking board. I would say exactly the opposite. I am a big DFI fanboy but have to give props to other brands that can put out good OCing stuff as well. The Neo2 Platinum was most likely the best overclocking NF3 Ultra based board available, given you found the right BIOS to support your hardware. It under volted a little but using a multi meter you could adjust to compensate for that as well. A DDR Booster worked wonders withthe board and raised ym MAX OC from 315 HTT all the way to 345 HTT because it allowed me to bring my XBL's to the voltage to stabalize. BioStar is another up and coming Overclocking series of boards. Specifically the T-Force series. I have awsome results while playign with them. The T-Force 6100 has allowed me to run my HTT bus speed so far out of spec it is not funny and still the system is Rock Solid stable. I have a Sempron 2800 running at 2.8 Ghz on the mATX T-Force 6100. For those that do not knwo the Sempron 754 chips under the 3000 are all multi locked completely. SO I am using a 8X multi and running at a HTT of 350. The LDT spec for the 754 is 1600 I am currently running at 2100 with a socket 754 chip. I would say that proves the stability of the board. I for one can not wait for the DFI AM2 boards to hit the market because that will convince me to purchase an AM2 setup because I for one am not rfeeling like usign an ASUS or Abit board as I have never had really godo luck with them. I had an issue with my SLi-D a while back and DFI took right good care of me and got my board back to me performign as well as it did on the first day of use. That is just one of many reasons while I tend to hold out for DFI boards to make a major upgrade........
  15. I think he may have answered his own question when he installed Linux on the system and had only 2% CPU usage. It could not have been a Motherboard issue if it did not use 90% under Linux as winBLOWS is doing.
  16. best way to tell for sure is to get out the hair dryer and heat the spreaders to the point you can barely touch the heatsinks, then carefully lift a heat spreader off and take a peak. Most of the time I do this prior to even installing RAM in my computer so I can be sure exactly what I am dealing with.
  17. I would also pull 1 stick of ram from the system. I know the system has most likely been running with its current set up for a while but you never know. I would also remove the hard drive and floppy drive cables so you have nothing more then just vidoe, processor and 1 stick of ram on the board to see if that makes any progress. From there you can slowly add 1 thing at a time until you can not get back into the machine. Is the keyboard USB or PS2 as I do nto recall seeing that listed above?
  18. I use Samsung SATA2 drives 250GB each and have had no issues what so ever
  19. that is epoxy placed over the connections to help keep you from modding the chipset to a higher version. I think it just helps you relize which ones need connected to do the mod
  20. yeah I got the same board back, I could tell by looking at it, the replaced atleast 1 mosfet on mine. The board worked as good as it did before my system was toasted.
  21. I take it the 24 hour clear fixed your issue?????? pleas edo tell we really wanna know
  22. Not to thread Jack but DrNick if the same ram question was geared towards me, I found the sweet spot for most of the Patriot RAM to be right around 2.8, I have been using Patriot, dating back into the 90's. My 2GB 3200LL kit will run all day at 265 @ 2.5-3-3-6. Going to CAS 3 has no effect on how far it is willing to scale. I know there are differences in production runs of the sticks because I have had about 6 different sets of the 3200LL 2GB stuff and alot of them would not get past 260, this and the last set I have love AMD other sets I have owned have favoured Intel rigs and would scale like crazy with Intel, I would stick them in an AMD board and they would die before getting to 235 so it is all luck of the DRAW. AGAIN Sorry for the Semi Thread Jack Tony
  23. my 4800XBL sticks did the exact same thing last year. They will need replaced. DO not feed them over 2.9 volts it will result in instant weird things with the Patriot TCCD sticks. I will say I was actually kinda pleased with the way mine acted after I figured out how to use them. After mine did the same thing I was able to do 265 @ 2-3-3-6 with my TCCD. The sticks would do 315 @ 2.5-3-3-6 prior to the venture over 2.9 volts. The replacements I got were tested to 335 @ 2.5-3-3-6. Patriot is slow on the RMA but they did take pretty good care of me. Contact them and if possible get a really screwed up screen shot of a hard memtest failure. it did alot for my case. I am a big user of Patriot Memory and have ben for years, it used to be way lower priced then the other big brands and I would pull the same numbers as higher priced ram would get.
  24. Yeah I use the silver Stones in a push pull on my 120mm rad. They are the BOMB. I have not found another 120mm fan to compare with them.
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