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  1. Slashdot just did an article on this, apparantly there is a Linux kernel module for the Powerglove. Check it out HERE. Powerglove modding or no, its still a pretty cool read.
  2. Vanilla Coke: Tastes like a cream soda. Not bad, but I'm not a huge fan. A novelty at best. Pepsi Blue: It tastes... blue. No other adjectives seem to adequatly describe the experience. More research is required. Nothing beats an ice cold Bawls though.
  3. Speaking of overclocking random things, check this out. Its probably a review for some of you, but its still fun to read.
  4. I forgot to mention, this is an ultraviolet cold cathode... does that make any difference in your opinions? The window takes up almost the entire side, like I said, and I was thinking of mounting it on the extreme left edge of the window, positioning it vertically. This way it would illuminate not only the case itself, but some of the outside as well (though whether I block it from shining out is another thing altogether). I *do* like the idea of throwing mirrors in the case, but as I said, this is a UV light so I don't know what good it would do. If I decide to use that blue one I won then I'll definatly do it.
  5. Just curious what you guys think about mounting a cold cathode on the case window itself. In order to achieve the best lighting effect, I think that's what I'm gonna have to do, as the window takes up almost the entire side of the case (can't mount it just to the side), and certain fans and other bits of hardware from my water cooling system are restricting my ability to mount the thing anywhere else. Well, there are a *few* other places I could put it, but those would dampen the lighting somewhat (due to the afforementioned case obstacles), and I want all the blacklight stuff to show up everywhere. Oh, and I won a second cold cathode from Xioxide, a bright blue one... can't think of any place to put it, except for mounting it outside. Any thoughts?
  6. For your monitor placement: have it swing down from the cieling like a sun visor, perhaps in place of the visor? Make sure its secure, don't want it falling on your head when you hit a speed bump. As for the rest of it, might I suggest some kind of voice-rec software? The better to play MP3z with while driving. Oh, and for the interenet thing, if you can get a 3G phone you can just hook your computer up to that (usb, ethernet, firewire, depends on the model) and use that for broadband. Not sure what that'd cost you, may want to see if you can get some kind of unlimited plan. I don't know if this is possible, much less advisable, but if you're feeling really balsy get an XM satellite radio and haxXx0r it to give you internet access via satellite.
  7. Perhaps it should be found out where everyone is, so a central location can be found for everyone to meet at (instead of everyone traveling to say, the east coast). In other news, the new computer is finished, now I just gotta wait for the overclocking kit to arrive and clean up the inside some (crap extra molex's...).
  8. Lot of FPS players in here I see... How about a fusion of sorts? Deus Ex or System Shock 2. Both are futuristic FPS's, each with plenty of action for the adrenaline junky and a good story with character progression for the RPG fan. I haven't played SS2 so I can't say much about it, but I've heard that it rocked. As for Deus Ex, I played it, I loved it, it rocks. Multiple endings, several story paths to take (although most of the alternatives are minutia, the majority of the game is pretty linear). And for the classic sword and sorcery types, get yourselves a copy of Morrowind. More RPG, plenty of hack and slash, and lots of character progression.
  9. How much you looking for for the monitor?
  10. Yeah, have a little LCD behind one of those 2 fan grill on the front. Either that or have a spot on top where you could connect a flat-screen, ala the attachment that R2 had on when he was serving drinks on the sand-barge in RotJ! :
  11. This was my original idea, minus the part about having it roll around on its own. I was instead going to have it run off the UPS. Just have it roll itself right in to a LAN party, wheel up to a wall socket so you can plug him in, then start projecting on a wall and playing.
  12. That sounds about right, but you might try putting even less on, a translucent coat. Have you also "pre-treated" the heatsink? Not sure what the exact term for this is, if there is one, but by that I mean rubbing some AS3 onto the heatsink where the lug will be and then wiping it off. This is to fill in the microscopic gaps in the block and with my current system it helped temps by a degree or 2 (either that or the AS2 I was using at the time finally set in and went to its "long term" phase). You might try waiting a couple days to see how much the temps drop as the goop transitions from temporary to long-term. If it is not enough, try reapplying in an even thinner coat.
  13. Granted, while it would be safer for your digits and look cool (and probably be quieter too), such a mod would remove the primary benefit of buying an aluminum case. All that plastic/rubber stuff would just insulate your case and keep the heat in.
  14. There are also instructions for building them out on the net... If you were to do it yourself you could save some money AND make sure there is room inside the case for the components... still, you might want to think about using a micro-ATX board...
  15. Apocalypse

    Star Craft II

    Ever played? Dude, I STILL play it from time to time. The best part was the open architecture, so we can add so freakin many 3rd party units. I've got a couple unit packs that add some awesome things, like new defensive structures, new aircraft, etc. Don't know what the name of the pack is, I tried TAUIP but it was unstable so I think I've got TAUCC or something.
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