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  1. Then again, if you read my original post, I cant rely on games for successful oc'ing. Unless one concluded that my card is not oc'eable - but that is contradictory as well. Also - and I meanno offense by this - while I dont dispute the validity of the quote, being "told by someone a long time ago" is hardly the type of evidende you want to rely on.
  2. The link for the 7800GTX voltmod doesn't seem to work - or is it just me?
  3. Yeah, that's kinda what I had in mind too - but I thought I'd give it a shot and asked if anyone knew of anything better. Thanx Dynamite! I'll let you know if i come up with anything else (tho i doubt it).
  4. What is a good way to scan for artifacts when oc'ing the GPU/Mem? In this case, I am having trouble finding the max stable clock for my 7800GTX (evga). Usually I run fine with GPU 490, but sometimes I get artifacts. It seems completely random, I'll play a game or run a benchmark while overclocked and have no artifacts, then I'll play the same game/run the same benchmark and seem to get artifacts. It doesnt seem to matter what the temperature, the max i have seen (80C Core) runs fine at one time, only to artifact running the very same app at lower temps.
  5. GPU temp? Under load it can get up to 80c.
  6. Dude, I have (almost) the same problem! The only difference that my pixels are white and "active", meaning they jump and jitter over various parts of the screen. But it only happens during boot-up and while in the BIOS screen. Games run just fine with no problems whatsoever. (Disclaimer: I by no means intend to 'hijack' this thread. If anyone feels I am (hijacking), please let me know before you report/diss/do anything. I dont want to create multiple posts on one and the same topic (potentially), so I wanted to try here first. It's too bad some people feel compelled to act as 'vigilante' making it difficult for the rest of us to ask for help/support others.)
  7. Might be totally unrelated, but also see the infamous nvidia NIC issue thread. Some people there have found very unusual solutions to their NIC related problems.
  8. Yeah weird, I'm having the same problem. COM1 is showing in Device Manager but my rig can't communicate with the device (a battery backup UPS).
  9. Not uncommon to have issues with the Nvidia NIC. And I see you have already found the appropriate thread over at Nvidia Forums. My bet, Nvidia is not going to do anything.
  10. Sometimes I run rthdribl and prime95 at the same time.
  11. I'd agree with chubbyfatazn's suggestions for the most part - the Mushkin are way overpriced imo tho. And as I pointed out before, I would go directly for 2GB. No point wasting money (ie if you invest in 2GB now you will be saving in the long run as you would be paying for 1GB now and then again later for 2GB).
  12. Afaik none of the DFI NF4 LP boards officialy support Opterons.
  13. Agreed PS: Team Cronus sports the new Micron F-Die IC's and is supposed to fill in the gap the Ballistix left behind.
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