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    Dell Dimension 8250
    2.4 GHz -- 512 mb RAM
    P4 -- Runs FreeBSD v5.4 -RELEASE -p7

    Gateway 818GM
    3700+ -- 512 mb RAM
    AMD Athlon 64 -- Runs Win XP MCE

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    Programming, PHP, Web Design, PHP, Computers, PHP... Did I mention PHP?
  1. bsdmarc


    Hrm, I think Folding must be run as root, so that voids the 'top' method. And in regards to the 'ps' method, that only works when specifying the PID which changes often. When using 'ps | grep FahCore_78.ex' it finds it but shows the pid of the process as the beginning of the string (before %CPU) so I am having trouble eliminating that dynamic information. Now I know PHP has an ltrim or trim command that will eliminate X characters off the left of the string (and the number of characters to the left of the info I need IS static - so that will work), so I just have to play with it. EDIT!: w00t, after much dilema, I finally got the result needed with the following commands: $query = `top | grep FahCore_78.ex`; $query = substr($query, -21); $query = substr($query, 0, 2); and $cpuusage = $cpuusage -= $query; Check it out now at http://bsdmarc.homeunix.net/compile.php Now people can fully appreciate my neato graph background EDIT (x2): Hrm, well my method doesnt work. My method uses CPU stats over last 60min but uses the current CPU usage of Folding. So the graph ends up becoming fake. I guess it's back to the drawing board for me. EDIT (x3): Hrm, What if I make it so if cpuusage <= 0 then set it to 0... Then it would at least never be below staff. *ponders* If anyone has a solution in C for how to get CPU usage of a program (FahCore_78.ex) and subtract it from a variable please let me know.
  2. bsdmarc


    Lol, heh on the monitor problem you are having. I use an AGP and a PCI video card on my Dell and (when I ran windows) used dual monitors. EDIT: What command could I run to get JUST cpu usage by "FahCore_78.ex"? I tried "top | grep FahCore_78.ex" but that gives me a whole string with dynamic parts so I had trouble working with it. Any ideas?
  3. bsdmarc


    Hrm... that works! Nice idea, ill get working on that, thanks Well, lets just say I had php generate some random values around where the temp should be. So the temps and voltage are ... fake.. yeah they're fake... *Prepares for flaming*
  4. Im willing to code for you. I run my friend's site http://zigtech.net and for pay I run http://makingmovingeasy.us Check them out and get back to me by PM or email (fastest reply) @ [email protected] EDIT: My coding software of choice: Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004 MX
  5. I like the mapower hardnrg found. Nice tones of silver/black with the industrial strength look.
  6. I try to watch myself as far as not too many sweets/junk but it is a hard balance between what you want to eat and what you should eat.
  7. Well I would say that the main reason I fold is to let my computers and their power work toward something good while im away vs just sitting there doing nothing. Plus the DNA icon (once mine shows up) is a cool bonus and the neat dynamic sigs help to make it a "competition".. And when folders compete, cancer research wins As cheese man said ... EDIT: 3 computers folding now. :thumbs-up:
  8. bsdmarc


    bsdmarc Dell Dimension 8250 2.4 GHz -- 512 mb RAM P4 -- Runs FreeBSD v5.4 -RELEASE -p7 Not sure what info ya want but there is the jist of it
  9. bsdmarc


    Lol, My next pc will be home built and on the graph comment... Yeah I am looking for a way to hide folding's usage info. So the graph just shows usage of everything but folding.
  10. LOL! Are you serious? I just clicked "Search" and typed in "PHP"... Lmao I think this site needs pruning Sorry Guys
  11. I really dont care. Post count is just to show activity on forums, so who cares if some imature people use it as a competition... But honestly, why does it matter? What matters most is reputation not some small 1px*1px stars. Options for the concerned? 1) Disable post count increase/decrease on certain forums (easy) [best solution] 2) Hide indication of how many posts people have [this though would be giving into the whole "one person ruins it for all" saying]
  12. Well, im on the "low" speed of DSL. Sucks but still better than 56k. 476 kbps Down 128 kbps Up
  13. Gnome desktop. Simple. Clean. To the point. You are looking at: bsdmarc Dell Dimension 8250 2.4 GHz -- 512 mb RAM P4 -- Runs FreeBSD v5.4 -RELEASE -p7
  14. Nothing like a nice relaxing coding session while watching your favorite episodes of the hit TV show "24"..... and watching your computer Fold like crazy You are looking at: bsdmarc-XP Gateway 818GM 3700+ -- 512 mb RAM AMD Athlon 64 -- Runs Win XP MCE
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