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    What Search Engines Would You Want?

    Alltheweb Dogpile Amazon Ask Wiki igrep
  2. J-M-Williams

    Its Been A Few Years

    November 20, 1985
  3. J-M-Williams

    Its Been A Few Years

  4. J-M-Williams

    The Real Difference Between Libs And Conservatives

    Thanks. I am one of those people who think that being a liberal, conservitive, republican, democrat, anti-, pro-, doesn't make you wrong. I view it as chosing chocolate over vanilla. I always value people's opinions as what they are, opinions. Statistics will bite you in the butt just like ignoring them will. Profiling is short-sided but not using them at all is just naive. Look everywhere but keep one eye on where the danger will most likely come from. Well, good luck on your break and I'll be here to debate when you get back.
  5. J-M-Williams

    What Keyboard/mouse Do You Have?

    HP PS/2 multimedia keyboard HP PS/2 scroller mouse
  6. J-M-Williams

    Hello All!

    Well you never know what specs people look for Anyway the E drive is my Cd-r/dvd drive. I just have a movie in it and that's why the space looked a bit odd.
  7. J-M-Williams

    Its Been A Few Years

    Happy Birthday Micro... opps I mean Google! lol Does anyone else have the feeling google aims for microsoft-like domination? Anyway, I used to use altavista myself when I was using the old netscape browser on a 28k modem. That was back in 98-99. I spent so much time in my schools computer lab because they had a T1 line that I had to drop classes.
  8. J-M-Williams

    Hello All!

    I'll remember that about the pics when I get some down time to open it up. Would I really need fans if I'm not overclocking? I don't think my system is running hot just browsing on the web right now lol. I know what you mean though, I would need a better cooling system eventually but when I get there I'll probably use liquid cooling. I'll be seeing you. I'll be posting as long as I can find somthing that's not over my head <_<
  9. J-M-Williams

    The Real Difference Between Libs And Conservatives

    No the problem with that is that you associate the knife-wielding murderer with first being from a "dark back alley" "on the bad side of town". I'm also guessing your image of him is uneducated, low-income, and a minority. With that idea, you'll find yourself being stabbed in the back by your stockbroker while you aim your six-shooter at the thug in front of you. Poetic isn't it.
  10. J-M-Williams

    Hello All!

    Well lets just say that I'd have to chose between upgrading my computer and eating half the time. I have money to upgrade in small steps maybe. Any ideas?
  11. J-M-Williams

    Who Is Your Super Bowl Pick?

    Rams, along with the St. Louis Cardinals are going to win it all!
  12. J-M-Williams

    Hello All!

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I've been lurking for a while and I thought it was time to test the waters. I'm a complete noobie but I learn fast. I'm not an overclocker due to a crappy system and and even shittier budget. Here are my specs. Got any suggestions? BTW I should probably add that this is the original factory setup. I haven't changed anything yet. It's actually just a system my fiance bought for school. It's an HP Pavilion A1101N. I would have prefered to piece together one myself but she graduates college in a couple years and it wasn't a given that I would have finished it by then. OS Name: Windows XP (Personal) Service Pack 2 Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20050915 Firefox/1.0.7 Email Client: Thunderbird 1.0.6 SYSTEM Chassis: Desktop DMI Version: 2.4 Machine type: AT/AT COMPATIBLE Disk Space: Disk C: 67695 MB Available, 88254 MB Total, 67695 MB Free Disk D: 1869 MB Available, 7125 MB Total, 1869 MB Free Disk E: 0 MB Available, 4434 MB Total, 0 MB Free Physical Memory: 504 MB Total, 271 MB Free Memory Load: 46% Virtual Memory: 1230 MB Total, 862 MB Free SwapFile: 755 MB, max used: 308 MB, in use: 158 MB Registry size: 4 MB (current), 56 MB (maximum) Motherboard Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer INC. Model : Guppy Version: 1.03 Chipset Model: 845G/GL/GE Brookdale Host-Hub Interface Bridge (B1-step) Chipset Vendor: Intel Corporation CPU: Intel Celeron D CPU socket: Socket 478 [PGA 478 ] Processor Upgrade: ZIF Socket Max CPU speed: 3066 MHz Slots: 3 PCI - Multi Proccesor supported Capacity: 512 MBytes Location: System board or motherboard Maximum Capacity: 2048 MBytes Maximum Memory Module Size: 1024 MBytes Slots: 2 CPU CPU 1 physical processor / 1 logical processor Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Full Name: Intel Celeron D CPU Name: Intel