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  1. Lol i said "winfox geforce3" i ment leadtek geforce3 heh
  2. oh ya and i also used a program to edit the register to trun x4 on (viaagpon.exe) or something like that, but it still "disabled" i know there this is prob simple and there is a switch or lever someplace i need to throw but heck you know what murphys law says grrrr im so mad right now lol
  3. I looked at some of the posted threads form the past about this subject. And i found some of the info i was looking for there, but i have yet to fix my problem. The one thing i have seen is that people have it set at 2x seting but cant get it to the x4 seting. I dont even have it enabled, and i have messed with teh bios tell my eyes bleed, im on the vurge of tearing my hair out i just cant stand not being able to do something!!!!! I want it enabled!!! x2 x4 whatever i just want it on, and its not on!!! lol This is what i have Winfox Geforce3 Ti 200 128ddr Abit Kg7-light/kg7/kg7-raid MB All the updates for both, drivers, bios for the MB (cant find a bios for the V-Card) Please help me out and save my hair from further tourture -Edix
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