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  1. what software do i use to configure the screen for my computer.
  2. This can be done but i would not recomend it. Depending on how many watts the ps is(prolly not much cause of them being old). You would do this in parallel. do not series them. If you series them then you would not have the right amount of volts to your second mb. when you place them in parallel you will have the same amount of volts going to each mb. here is a diagram on what i am talking about psu.bmp
  3. WTH!! I did not post this. i have not even been logged on to O.C. for a long time. why it it doing this. i made a post about this like a year and a half ago but that was it. why is it reposting it now? dont worry bout posting any thing bout stealthing cause i know what it is.
  4. ok. my friend has a router in his room. "linksys 802.11G" and his mom as a comp in her room. i have been trying to get her to beable to connect to it but it can not get an ip address from the router. it is going through 4 walls but it has a "verygood" signle. whats the deal. i have tried everything i know to do so i am turning to u guys. Thanks in advance.
  5. ya i agree. i had a problem once where windows kept crashing at different stages. i was mad cause it was all new stuff. once i calmed down i started troubleshooting and all it was is my ide cable going to my hd was not all the way pluged in. so ya good to know you found your problem though.
  6. Yes the orac3 was an amazing mod. but as these may be completly useless they are nice mods.
  7. the plan looks great. and i would make it with the solid pannel to, because i like modding. i think it will work fine and look great if done correctly look forward to seeing the end results
  8. congrats to you. ive been away from occ for awhile and comming back, but when i left we needed more active members. hope you stick to your word. good work man.
  9. no it dont on the package. it is for gauge pods for my truck. i am using the jb weld to fill in all the cracks and then im going to paint it. this is net the jb weld brand but it cost just as much. it was all auto zone had in stock. but it will still prolly work ok right? but ya ill try it on something first after school tomaro. thanks
  10. i have used jb weld alot but have never tried to paint it. this aplication needs to be painted. can you pain over jb weld
  11. Shadow334


    i have a copy of windows vista beta and i could not get my video card to work. the problem is the drivers. i have it installed on my old dell 2350. i have looked for a driver but i have found and already knew it would not be easy since it is only beat. does anyone know were i could get so drivers that might work. it would be fine if i could get the res. below 640x480. and it has an intergraded video card. i have tried other cards, PCI but only one of them even give me a pictrue in windows. thanks in advance.
  12. Shadow334


    ya i got it now, thanks
  13. Shadow334


    my school is a member of msdn. and we all got copies of vista beta 2. my teach downloaded it and i saved it to a external hard drive cause i did not have a dvd burner. it is an *.iso file. i an trying to upgrade my box from xp to vista. this is not my main box. do i have to have an iso buster to run the setup from windows? if so were can i get a free one to use this one time? thanks in advance
  14. that is right thank you. any way i have been messing with it for about four hours now and i am still were i started. i can now get them both connected but when they are bridged it says i am connected to the wireless but i cant even ping the router at my aunts house. when i go to view the wierless connection and click on the support tab it shows nothing for the IP,sub or gateway. so now what do i do? can someone please help me?
  15. gateway. it is in the closes spot to my house. but i live in a brick house and so dose she. but this is not what i want to do. i have done said what i want to do. dont take this the wrong way but all i want to know is: why cant i connect to both wireless and wired at the same time? this is all i need to know right now. once i get this figured out then i will bridge the connections again and start from there. thanks in advance
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