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  1. .... Until you want to play the latest games on it ... Love linux, but hate that there are no decent games for it.
  2. That's how much you make if you are working for someone else. That someone else is raking in $85/Hr+. Bottom line, don't be a tech unless it is your business.
  3. For me, let the dummies be dummies. I'll make myself rich fixing their F*ups. Really, you shouldn't complain red. You seem to have made yourself a nice little nestegg on other people's stupidity. After all, without that stupidity you would have wound up a 9-5 wage slave like the other 90% of the working class world. You should be thankful rather than complaining. Let's face it - Dust bunnies (er..buffalos)? $90 per hour with a can of compressed air and a dustbuster - KaChing! Compie loaded up with spyware and virii? Reinstalling windows because someone fubared their install? Do flat rate charging like most mechanics (i.e. charge 2 hours for a 1hr job like most mechanics) and you make even more off them. The better and more efficient you are at it, the more you make. You just have to be in your own business rather than doing it for someone else. Not a bad deal. You can even have that server farm running on the side.
  4. hey KB. I suppose this your expert opinion? It's pretty funny.
  5. I agree. A pro install will do it right and hide all the wires properly - particularly if you want to set up video surveillance as well. I would also suggest having a silent alarm, cell-based telco hookup or VOIP over cable (first thing a burglar does is snip the phone wire) and monitoring.
  6. I didn't realize how close to the mark I was about you in my earlier post. Just checked out your birthdate on your user page and found out you really are a child. Does your mommy know you are talking like that to people online? I hope you will learn better manners when you grow up a little bit more since it is apparent your parents didn't teach you any.
  7. You know KB, your immaturity only makes me shake my head.
  8. Canada a 51st state? Go back to school - you already have 52 of them. Uh Swifty... Puerto Rico is the 52nd state.
  9. Guys, there is no such thing as 'assisted' suicide. (from the Oxford English Dictionary)
  10. How fast have I gone? Not fast enough and Too fast.
  11. The Arctic Silver 5 takes a few days to cure as well. You will find that after a couple days it gets even cooler!
  12. Not necessarily. My Thermalright XP-120 will kick it's butt. If you aren't going to overclock, it should be ok. But if you are going to crank up the speed of your system, get a better watercooler kit like the Asetek Waterchill Extreme, the Swiftech H2O-120 Apex or one of the DangerDen offerings. Also make sure you have plenty of airflow around the power circuitry & chipset of your motherboard - they normally get cooled by a CPU Air cooler, and when you replace that with watercooling, you have to compensate with another fan blowing at the motherboard.
  13. The half-inch ID tubing is nice but a real pain to route cleanly. I prefer the 3/8" ID tube - with a decent rad and powerful pump it does just as well as the 1/2" ID stuff.
  14. Assisted suicide is not legally possible. Assisted suicide (euthanasia) is forbidden by our laws under all circumstances. However you can choose to not prolong your life by artificial means (equipment, feeding tubes, drugs) only under the condition that you have a living will and other supporting documentation verifying your wishes. This documentation is primarily intended for those that are in a PVS (Persistent Vegatative State) to provide instructions on how they are to be dealt with in the case of disgreement between immediate family members on how your case should be handled (i.e. Terry Schaivo). I and my wife personally have these documents drawn to avoid any possibility of having something like what happened to that unfortunate soul happening to either of us. There is another legality involved - regardless of legal documentation and patient's wishes. A doctor (or anyone else) cannot actively take a life or hasten the natural cessation of life process. When you are connected to artificial life support equipment, the doctor is actively prolonging your life. They may if directed to in a legal manner withold or terminate that active support (witholding drugs or disabling equipment). The doctor cannot however do anything at all to hasten how long it will take you to die once that support is removed. It is not humane, but that is what happens when legalities go against compassion. The legalities win every time. Now the case of being in a non PVS state, on your wises the doctor may withold support services (i.e. you have terminal cancer and do not wish to prolong your life, the doctor can withold the Chemotherapy and any other drugs that would prolong your life) if you can demonstrate that your reasoning ability is functional. In cases where you are unable to convincingly make your wishes known, your family may make that decision for you backed up with your legal documentation.
  15. That's pretty much a given. Too many dorks like that out there. Gawd I hate spammers. They should all be...
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