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  1. You know, your insults only proves to me that replying to you is a waste of good time and effort. If the response to posting your opinions in these forums is insults and belittlement, I'm not interested in participating. Attempting to carry on a mature recourse with opinionated morons is not my idea of pleasant way passing time. See ya around butthole. Moderator/Admin, please feel free to ban this account. I will not be using it further. Thanks for the fish.
  2. So let's see. Instead of killing a million innocent people to take out a cell of 50 terrorists you are going to kill a few hundred innocents to get at that same 50 using a smaller "no cloud" nuke huh? The nukes used in Japan were toys compared to the WMD currently in the U.S. arsenal. Let's face it - nukes were never developed to be 'nice' weapons. If you want to limit the kill zone, you don't use a nuke - you use a conventional warhead. It will do the same job at far less cost without the fallout. And yes, even those teensy tactical field nukes will leave fallout no matter what your are saying. Thing is though where do you see this bill limiting Bush to the use of tactical field nukes? From what I can see so far this gives Bush greater power to launch a nuclear strike. Period. Frankly giving any one man that kind of power - even a saint - scares the crap out of me. And Bush is no saint.
  3. So what you're saying is "Nuke 'em all and let God sort 'em out" right? That policy might be simple, but you go doing stuff like that and you will have a lot more than a few terrorists tossing nukes right back at you. Your own allies will turn around and side with the countries you are nuking. The world in general takes a pretty dim view of that kind of thing particularly after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S. may be big & powerful, but it is not big enough to handle the rest of the world smacking it down,
  4. I'm a new guy around here. I read the topic (1st) post and didn't bother going through this entire thread so if this was asked before .. sorry 'bout that What does Mr. Bush require nuclear weapons to blast terrorists with? Isn't that like swatting a fruit fly with a sledgehammer? Sure he'll take out the terrorists, but now many million non-terrorists is he going to wipe out along with them? Sure sounds a little unnecessarily heavy-handed to me.
  5. "CyberGuy" is a handle I've been using for many years now. I've been using it since before there was an internet on my old 300 baud TTF (Thru-The-Phone) serial modem and Apple II clone. I'm too old to change my ways now.
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