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  1. scratch sound off, the onboard sound is good enough
  2. collermaster caviler gauges
  3. i may actually consider one iof it cools better than my 7000cu`
  4. ooh god, that setup made my spine shiver, at least get a somewhat quality psu, like a coolermaster 350 at that and go 939 whats your budget target
  5. how to create a completely legitimate company wihout a monopoly. bill gates
  6. wow this situatuion made me think i need help i need serious help i just got unbanned. wow im to scared to tell my mom
  7. http://media.putfile.com/occpodcast
  8. 450 here and 1000 thats bad
  9. i wish i could get that on my x800xl
  10. try a police intrpetor crown vic will haul butt vs a 5.0 mustang they have the cobra r motors and trans, talk bout hauling butt and fuel economey, especially the 95s try 1.7k doing 90 needless to say its smoked civics, beamers, and a acura rsx, celicia so it hauls major butt sleeper if it was moded lol
  11. uuum i justhad a wd die on me, seagate is the shizzle, to da nizzle, they are great
  12. ok, change all the psu slots to 220, it will drive them crazy, ive done it before lol
  13. intrising i say tal it all apart and rebuild
  14. hey kb, whats with the furry avatar
  15. bigr

    Sound Issue

    try reinstalling the drivers and also, try a new sound moudule if you can
  16. i said under 250, aint finding one, anyway, ill just wait till amds next socket,
  17. i was too, but get over it, were better adn they were noobs
  18. cobalts its the chevy comeback like the new impala 305 fi that get 30mpgnad 400 rwhp People want faster cars nowdays, and the americans are gettin sick of imports, my mom, yes laugh, was on a local street and some polish 17 yr old kid said hey granny, why are you drivein a craping domestic, shes driving a 5.0 crown vic police intrepotor she killed him in 1/4 mile by 10 cars ahead
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