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  1. You can use it for online purchases, just put it under Master Card and it will run the same as debit except it takes the money out of the account three days later. (may be different @ your bank)
  2. Get a refurbed 15" MacBook Pro, it feels much nicer to use then a "MacBook Non Pro", and you can get a refurbed one for the cost of a new MacBook, and they come with the same warranty and BTW Apple support kicks .!!
  3. I would have to say either go Japanese, or American parts are cheap and they are easy to work on. Don't even think of getting a BMW, Audi, Infiniti, or anything from Europe, once they hit 100k they will be in the shop more then on the road!!! Get a S-10 Extreme if you can find one/have the money, and if you going to do something like a body kit just get one with bad paint, or a few dents! Just make sure to have it looked over by an GOOD shop before forking of the $$
  4. So how often do you eat out, by eat out I mean go to a restaurant or fast food joint. In you post also say what type of places you go to? Sit down? Fast Food? Coffee Shops? EDIT: I attempted to add more choices and it blanked the votes!!!!
  5. How much time do you spend a day on your computer?
  6. Thanks for the tips, i got most of it out by having the car steam cleaned and i stapled a crapload of air fresheners inside the sub box. Now how would i get the smell out of the leather!!!
  7. Yeah I've been driving around with the windows open, and frebreezing the heck out of the car. It has worked a little bit, but the frebreeze is starting to bug the hell out of me also, go figure.
  8. Well the title says it all, 2001 Honda CR-V SE, leather seats, the car was full of smoke for about 5-10 seconds before everything was ripped out of the trunk. The amp was faulty, never seen a car audio place give a free upgrade so fast I've already sprayed an entire bottle of frabreeze (SP) in the car, and driven around all night with the windows down and heater on full blast. Thanks for any help, and please don't talk smack about how uncool, annoying, etc etc subs in cars are.
  9. Alright, my parents have a prebuilt Sony Vaio PC, now my dad is big on music and had me upgrade the sound card around 6 months ago, everything was going great until about two weeks ago. Then whenever the computer is turned on, the first program that is opened the sound will work fine, (IE. boot up -> open iTunes ((iTunes will work fine))) Now after that program uses the sound, the sound card disapears from my computer, and won't work. Just shows "No Audio Devices" The sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster XtremeGamer, I've reinstalled the drivers, software everything. I even RMA'd the card, got the new one, same problem, so I tried the onboard sound, still the same problem. Any ideas short of reinstalling Windows?
  10. http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g121/Wit.../imacsetup2.jpg iMac 20" Intel Core Dou 2.33 512MB DDR2 250GB Hard Drive MX3200 Logitech KB/Mouse SuperDrive
  11. I used to have one, I still might have it, if you'd be interested in one that was used for a bit shoot me a email @ austinramage )))((@))((( gmail (d - o -t) com
  12. Just ask to meet locally, that will solve any issues. Oh and yes that is a scam, I've seen those also. Except they sent me a fake eBay page.
  13. By the people losing their jobs, that would also include losing their severance pay. (anywhere from 2-15 weeks) We now have permission to physically confront shoplifters using reasonable force. Everything that could be walked off with is also chained up, and another local store had their wearhouse robbed, fire exit was left open (wide open) and someone walked in and took a tv.
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