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  1. And the snack food companies would get a huge . boom in buisness.
  2. Yo bigred, how about i bring over my 1400hp 555 chevy. not even in the car. We could have pretend drag races in your garage.
  3. New computer. 1962 Chevrolet Nova, or in canada, a Pontiac Acadian. (Same car) 454 Small block chevy on 60% Nitromethane. Econoline straight front axle. Build Dragstrip. No advertising. No stands. Just a 1/2 mile stretch of pavement. Build 40 car garage for one car so i can park it in the middle, where there is no chance of another car hitting it. Build 3 room house. Bedroom, Kitchen, bathroom. (all my time would be spent in my garage. Buy a WaWa chain so i can have as much Chocolate milk as i want. Belive it or not, my family has no debts. All paid off. thats pretty much it. I would need the rest of the money to pay my Bail and tickets for all the Illegal crap i would do with my car.
  4. http://ais3.proboards22.com/index.cgi?boar...&num=1059742141 Vote for option 1 PLEASE!!!!!!! I can win a free pass to race! (i think you have to register, but it only takes a second) THANKS!!!!
  5. Cathodes, 2 blue cold cathodes, Inverter, and sound Activated thing: 15.00+shipping (Package deal, you get both the caths, inverter, and sound thing) 512 PC133, unknown brand, i think it is kingston, works fine :15.00+shipping Voodoo 3 3000, 16 meg card :10.00+shipping Radeon 7000 64 meg card : 15.00+ shipping Quantam Bigfoot (5.25") 6.7 gig hard drive: 10.00+shipping 2 Zip drives, one printer port external, and one floppy slot sized, 4 zip disks (100 meg): 10.00+shipping. (also a package deal) Please contact me VIA Email: [email protected]
  6. Just for the sake of having one. used it once to move a 50mb file to a laptop once.
  7. 15 USD each, if shipping is cheap, ill include it.
  8. i have some stuff for sale. here ya go. I will ONLY take personal checks Due to the USPS "Loosing" a Money order from someone Previously. I may be able to take Paypal, But i have to talk to my friend who has an account. ATI Radeon 7000 64 meg TVO $20.00 CL Soundblaster SB1394 $30.00 BENQ (Acer) 40/12/48 Burner $40.00 512MB Kingston PC133 RAM $30.00 shipped 2 Blue 12" cold cathodes with inverter, and Sound activated switch thing $20.00 Iomega internal 100mb Zip Drive $5.00 120mm JMC dual ball bearing fan $5.00 Quantam Bigfoot 5.25 series 6.25gb $25.00 Thermaltake AMDXP/MP Copper Shim $3.00 i will add More when i come across it.
  9. Lol, my Normal load temp is 65 :( and yes, Seated correctly, its a V9 POS, real craping POS.
  10. what COF song was that again? i want to hear this crap for myself
  11. i dont know why you complain so Much, Im personally pissed at the size of your Sig, It is really annoying.
  12. 1B n07 kn0w1ng wh47 yu0 43r t41k1ng 430u7. my Gr4mm3r 15 f1n3.
  13. yeah, i saw that a few months ago. < knows the guy who made it.
  14. i still need some help on mine, i have XP on it, and it worked fine, but then stopped :-( it says "Boot Disk error"
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