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  1. thespin

    Dfi Global Forum Down ?

    Senor Sysgensmyth, it's always nice to see a familiar avatar. Hope the news from Lake Wobegon is still good - despite escalating problems around the globe, some real, others really fanciful ...
  2. thespin

    Dfi Global Forum Down ?

    A suspension (by their site host) makes sense of the message ... thanks.
  3. Has the DFI Global forum been hacked ? I get a web page with only the following: ======================= This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. ======================= Huh?? I am sure I haven't made any posts that would cause my suspension ... I haven't even posted in a couple of weeks, maybe a month. Is anyone else getting this message ?
  4. thespin

    What kind of firewall do you use?

    Software: AVG Hardware: Netopia set to "Silent Running" ... (Dive! Dive!) ...
  5. thespin

    Name That Car!

    I am guessing some model of Mini ...
  6. thespin

    G7 Mouse Rant

    Check mice benchmarks here ... yes, you read it right ... http://www.esreality.com/?a=longpost&i...5679&page=1
  7. thespin

    Best Anti-bose Article I've Seen Yet

    C'mon, guy. Not EVERYTHING they make blows. I have been to their store demos and they have high-end systems that are awesome ...
  8. thespin

    Windows 98 Se And A Usb Printer

    Does the computer have an integrated USB port ?? I had to buy a PCI slotted USB port for my friends Windows 98 SE computer but the USB ports worked fine after I installed the drivers for it ...
  9. thespin

    Any Good Wire Tucking Guides?

    Any extra wires from the PSU I try to tuck into an empty bay. I run some wires behind the motherboard tray (I don't know why the case manufacturers don't provide more space between the tray and the removable side panel) and tape them in place. The wires that you can't hide you sleeve (for molex extensions I buy fancy) ... Maybe you can get some ideas from these pics. Considering that it has two watercooling circuits, nine internal fans, and 5 lights, it's pretty neat: :0
  10. thespin

    Case Mod Idea..

    The next best thing to a PCP&C PSU is this OCZ Gamestream 700W from TigerDirect for $99 shipped (after rebate): http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...p;sku=O261-2005
  11. thespin

    Case Airflow

    I don't know of any positive/negative effects to having positive/negative pressure in the case. The goal is to have adequate or better airflow over all parts that need to be cooled. I try to get air moving as fast as possible front to back with a fan or two over memory and the chipset. And I try to avoid conflicting flow. Cable management (try running most of your wires behind the mobo tray) is also important to having good airflow ...
  12. thespin

    Wow, Shakira Blows

    Maybe her songs and dancing are lousy, but there is NO ONE ALIVE (NO ONE!!) who can move her body between waist and knee like Shakira. THAT was her great appeal, BELLY DANCING PAR EXCELLENCE. But I think that in the last few years she got a bee up her bonnet about BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY or JOINING THE MAINSTREAM (opposites I know but I can't figure her out) and started this weird dancing style. Most likely that her boyfriend at the time dumped her and she is going thru "I AM STILL BEAUTIFUL" changes that women do when dumped. Most women go on an anoerexic diet when that happens; Shakira lost her confidence in the sexiness of her belly dancing (I MEAN WOW HERE) and is experimenting ... better a diet ...
  13. thespin

    Dfi's Site Not Working For Me

    The site is back up ...
  14. thespin

    How To Punish Your Dog.

    What you did is a crime in many jurisdictions ...