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  1. well guys its almost done here are the few pics i have of it. hard to belive but i have someware around 45 zipties in there. think i did good with the cable management what do you guys think.
  2. hey thanks for the info everyone. think im going to go with the abit board. i tried to look for a dfi board but newegg and tigerdirect dont have dfi boards that are 478's. i thought about an msi board but i think the abit will do just fine. edit: went with the abit board but i would like to replace the NB fan with a water cooling block. any thought of what i should get. curent system is all 1/2 danger den stuff. i would like something to match.
  3. i know most of you are thinking what the hell does he want a 478 board for and why isnt he using a amd. my old board was a chaintech it was killed in action while trying to overclock my cpu. hey im happy to say i hit 4.5 on a 3.2 till the socket turned into melted swiss cheese. im just looking for a new mb to replace my old one. Im looking at an abit board ABIT IC7-G MAXII Socket 478 Intel 875P ATX Intel Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813127152 ive read that he fan goes out on the nb on this board no problem ill just steal the one of my chaintech board. ive also looked at ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131492 but this seems to be pleged with many problems. im looking more at the abit board, i can live with the nb fan problem but i wanted to see if you guys had any other boards in mind. im not close minded about any board, i would like to know what kind of board would fit my setup the best. just play a few games eq2, bf1942, cod, and alot of old games. ive just recently started overclocking the cpu but i think im going to give that one up. system case lian li v2000b psu themaltake 560w cpu 3.2 (478) mb ????? (atx) ram cosair xms 3200 2 gig duel channel video gigabyte x800xt flashed to plat. sound sound blaster audigy 2 plat. pro cd rom cant remember dvd cant remember cd/dvd burner hd 160 gig wd sata 320 gig wd sata all cooled by dd water cooling
  4. i had a dfi board p4 that had the same problem. first make sure your cpu is seated right. second just plug in the the bare minimum ( cd rom, hd with os, cpu, ram and video card). mine i found out had problems with the sound card trying to boot up the first time. boot it up the first time then shut i down and install the sound card. i hope this helps.
  5. well i just bought new stuff for my compter. on top of what i have i bought a blackice xtreme 120mm and a tt temp gage so its going to run like this pump rad120mm cpu rad(bi duel 80mm) res back to pump. right now i have my 3.2 oc'ed to a 3.6 with stock volts runs stable, cpu and case are at 43c. wanted to see if the second rad would cool the water down a little more before it hit the cpu. bought some tygon hose 1/2in 3/4 od so i have to buy new clamps when that comes in.
  6. i tryed a little of everything last night. tonight ill take a look at it and try to figure this out. its going to piss me off if its under clocked witch it look like it is. oh and i dont have problems with heat just swiched over to a water cooling unit this past weekend thats the only reason im trying to overclock mu cpu. built it my self all dd parts. EDIT--> omg im such a dumb butt i download the bios manual at work and was reading through it and it just reached out and smacked me right in the face. i was in that sceen like 15 time last night frist thing on the screen was to change the multiplier. i fell like an moron if i would just read what im looking at i could of fixed it. reedit so im not such a moron i had to flash my bios. found out that the bios that came with the board didnt like 3.2's so i updated the bios and wa la multi is 16 played aroud with it a little and got it to a 3.8 it was a little unstable. waiting till next week till i get more water cooling stuf to push it more. oh and another thing the online bios manual that you down load is not the same bios i have i looked at it at work today my bios doesnt have the cpu clock ratio that the manual shows.
  7. the thing is i dont know were to change it in the bios since ive had this mb and cpu ist always been 14 from the first time ive started it. maybe when i get home from work ill bost my bios setup and someone can help me form there.
  8. system case Lian Li v2000b mb chaintech 9cjs zenith Socket 478 875P + ICH5R cpu 3.2 478 ram 2gig cosair xms 3200 400mhz duel channel video ati x800xt flashed to platinum agp sound sound blaster 2 pro platinum 40gig wd hd (ata) games 160gig wd hd (sata) os, stuff 320gig wd hd (sata) movies cpu-z says 200x14 giveing it a 2.8 buy why do they say its a 3.2 i played around with the bios last night and channged it to 240mhz dont know how to chang the multiplyer and kick the volts up to 1.5 and got it up to somewhere around a 3.3 from what cpu-z said.
  9. im new to oc'ing the cpu ive oc'ed my video card a lot but neve messed with the cpu just never understood it much i attached an pic of cpuz of my cpu my mb is a chaintech ct-9cjs, any help as to how to overclock this thing would be nice.
  10. heres a weird question. was just thinking today i have a lot of time during work. ive got a duel 5.25 bay reservoir and was thinking. could you put a peltier on the bottom for the res. 1 would it do anything. 2 what would it do to my res its made out of cast acrylic. 3 if it worked would i have to put a water block on the back of it to cool it down. 4 lets say its a perfect world and it worked what size would you get and would it actualy cool the water down fast enough before the pump sucked the water back out of the res. i dont know that was my thought of the day. as you can see i get very board at work. someone let me know if this could actualy work. i think it could i may give it a try in a few weeks.
  11. So I decided to move from air to water this past month. 10 ventec tornados just weren
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