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  1. ok im going to throw out the noobist question I can think of. what is folding? ive read some forms and I see its for medical research but what does it exactly do. does it do some kind of math equations or search on the internet for information, what exactly does it do? I was thinking about putting it on my second rig, plz don't laugh its before I really new what I was doing. its a p4 2.4 I believe Northwood dfi landparty pro board (hey I did something right there) 1.5 gig ultra ram and has an old geforce 3 ti200 video card. would this work to fold on? my main rig is in my sig
  2. I picked up a pmp140 at woodwind and brasswind for $220 when the discontinued them about a year ago. but I got a hell of a deal because I work there. unless you own a iriver or have used them a lot I would go with a different brand like creative though i have never used one. irivers are to fidgety ive tried every form of movie format that you could think, with different movies, but the sound and picture are off. and if you put a lot of music on there you can only play 999 songs. I put over 8000 songs on mine and wanted to just shuffle thru them all on one big play list but it couldn't do that, plus load time to get into the music file took 3 mins
  3. i just thought that one was way off or that the temps would be a little closer the 10-11c
  4. i am running mbm5 and my tems are saying 37c but i have a prob that is on the bottom of my water block right next to the procesor that is reading 28c i have changed the prob with three others and they all read the same. is mbm5 off or is my prob off. computer specs are in sig. thanks for any help
  5. hey guys im an Intel fan and SMACK man I cant even write this out without you guys slapping me around. j/k I have nothing bad to say about amd if I new more about them I might have one, its just that I learned everything from my brother and he always uses Intel. but anyway I was checking out tomshardwareguide like I always do in the morning right before I come here and they had a story called Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered was very interesting they had a few things to say about Intel and amd. form the looks of it Intel is working on a 4 and 8 core chip within the next 2 years. heres a link to it http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20051203/index.html
  6. guys just to put some more info in on this asus and bfg seem to be to two main producers of the card and it seems that asus is holding out till feb 06 to release the card. ive read a few articles and it seems its comeing out on pci first and later on pci-e. here is a link to a lot more info about the card. http://personal.inet.fi/atk/kjh2348fs/ageia_physx.html
  7. ive tryed a floppy drive power cable but i doesnt fit. the only thing i could get to fit was a audio cable. on of these edit i think its for audio but like you said it video in video out i dont see anything in those four words that say audio so why would i need an audio port on my video card?
  8. ok I have a x800xt agp video card had it for a year now and it has this connector right next to the molex plug what the hell is it or what does it do. ive looked in the manual and cant find anything and ive spent the last hour on google trying to find out what it is. it looks like a four pin sound card cable plug in but why would I need that I don't have an all in wonder. ok this i my exact card. the yellow plug what is it used for? thank you for any help edit for new picture
  9. well im going to make the move from intel to amd but i dont know what processor to get. im looking at this board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136165 because i want ati. yes i know i should go with nvidia but lets take one setp at a time, just be happy im going over to amd. im looking for a 939 processor and look to spend somewhere around $600 for it. what would be my best choice?
  10. sorry i havent posted in a few days ive been busy working on my truck, i got that all taken care of. tommorrow im going to start on the xbox and by the end of tommorrow you will be seeing new pics of my case with a xbox inside. edit 11-14 well i lied so im a guy what else is new. i got stuck at work all weekend and didnt have any real time to do anything with my computer. i really only got some odds and ends done on it like stealthing my rom drives and mounting the psu for the xbox inside my case. ill post pics when i get home tonight so you guys can see what little progress i have made. edit 11-16 well here are new pics of my case not much new to it but anyway this is what ive got done so far. these are my new stealth drives the top two bays are still my rom drives but now it looks like theres nothing there. this is my new window that i put in the side of my case with a thunder cats sticker on it. if you look really hard you can see the xbox psu back behind the sticker. heres somewhat of a clear shot of the xbox psu right next to my motherboard.
  11. Last night as I was waiting for some games to install on my computer I dug out the Xbox to see were I could fit it into my case. Not just wanting to slap it in there I took some time to see were it would fit. If you look at the last picture from my last post, the power supply is going to mount right next to my mb with the 20 pin plug going down behind my hard drives to plug into the mb. I still haven
  12. Well I finely took pics of everything. First is the ps2 here is the ribon that i cant do anything with the heat sinks that i dont know how to mount and were they sit on the ps2 next is the xbox you can see that this is the easiest to mod into the case last is the snes and nes snes is on the left nes is on ther right
  13. Yes to get both systems to fit I had to remove the cases fro both units. I also read yoshi
  14. When I got home last night I started to operate on my ps2 to see what I could do with it. Well Sony though that an inch of wire is long enough to hook all of there stuff together, and the worst part of it all I cant add any wire to it its all really small cables like ide cables but shrunk down really small ill take pics when I get home and post them. But anyway I found a spot to mount it into my case. Its going to mount vertically in the open hard drive bay and go about an 1.5
  15. i thought of just modding everything into the front of my case but i might put the controler ports and power buttons on the right side of the case and cut spots for the cd/dvd drives for both units in the front. then take apart a old psu and take the plugin part out and mod that to the back of the case and put an electical outlet inside the case to power both units.
  16. was standing in the shower today and was thinking what i could mod into my case and this popped in to my head. i have a xbox and ps2 that sit on my desk and thought what if i take them apart and mod them into my case. pics of my case here http://www.overclockersclub.com/gallery/?act=case&id=1066 my case should have enough room to put both in ill have to look tonight but i thought of cutting out the two hd rails and maybe that sheet of aluminum in the front for more room.
  17. I had an xfx 5500 I think, was about a year ago had the same problem. Bought it from newegg brand new. In total I had it for about a month and a half and rma'd it 3 time on the third time the discontinued it and returned my money. Id say rma the card if you can there might be something wrong with it.
  18. im looking to upgrade my computer now that the new crossfire videocards came out. I know everyone is going to say go with AMD but I would like a board that is Intel. im thinking of getting the x1800xt that is coming out on nov 5. any suggestions would be great on what board to get. thanks in advanced
  19. sorry gots a sony 6.1 780watt surrond sound has a 5 disc dvd player
  20. dont know if this is going to work but am willing to give it a try. this is what im looking at mb AOpen i865Gm-IL Socket 478 Intel 865G Micro ATX Intel Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813137075 case AOpen A340A 91.97620.A05 Silver Aluminum MicroATX Slim Case Computer Case 200W Power Supply http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811130108 cpu have an old 2.4 and a 2.0 going to see if the 2.0 will work first ram old ultra ddr 400 pc 3200 have 2 gigs. 1.5 is in a computer with the 2.4 video thinking of onboard with a ati tv wonder pro card from bestbuy have a few old hd's laying around that i can us as well all in all should be around 220 dollers, if i put xp pro on there but if i go with win media ill have to spring for another 140 dollers. let me know what you guys think i have to wait till next week for my paycheck, ill keep you posted if i change anything.
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