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  1. Is there anyway dor you not to get a GTX460 "SE" since the SE is a light version of the 460. Look out for a GTX460 1gb without the SE Tag.
  2. Ok, i'm kinda pissed... A bug was discovered in the X38 chipset in combination with PCIe 2.0. Which is why Nvidia killed pcie 2.0 support on X38.(which was april 2009) in July 2009 Intel fixed this bug via bios update for it's own boards(for example the DX38BT), PCIe 2.0 was back on the intel boards. Now we are one year later.... I'm still sitting here with my Gigabyte EX38-DS4 and no PCIe 2.0 Support. Same goes for Asus boards, and other manufacturers except intel, which haven't fixed it. I just don't like the fact that i payed for a feature that they took me away afterwards... Is there anything i can do? Contacted Gigabyte Support. They just aked me where i got such a silly information from... My Case:
  3. got 2 keys left. pm me if you still need one
  4. when you flash the bios you can set a hook to keep/delete DMI Data. always erase it when flashing. may save you much trouble.
  5. Take the board out and fire it up on your desk. could be a short circuit.
  6. Rivatuner is my favourite. The light versions of it(Afterburner and precision tool) are missing some options i need.
  7. Does anything seem burned on the 8pin plug(mobo or PSU)?
  8. Load Optimized defaults and boot with them once. then reboot and get back to bios. helps sometimes. Did you keep your DMI when flashing your bios?
  9. E6600 450*8 1,536V Idle: 34/34 [email protected]: around 56 or 57 Scythe Mugen, room temp around 30 degrees
  10. Seems as if i got it now. I put every voltage on normal(which means-auto voltage on the (E)X38 boards, don't ask me why) and upped the Vcore one more notch. Heck, this CPU needed 0,09Volt for 45 MHZ more OC. Ram runs @ DDR-800 with [email protected],8V. Prime ran 25 hours. Seems good to me. Now i'll try to get this crap ram working at 450*8, but i would be surprised if it would really work *lol* Anyways many thx @ Smith and gotdamojo
  11. It's crapy MDT ram. it needs the stock 1,8V for 5-4-4-12 @ DDR800 and maxes out @ DDR900 with 1,9V. Uping the voltage doesn't help here. And yes, normal voltage is 1,8. The 0,1 overvolt give me a VDimm of 1,92V. This is more than enough for the Ram to run @ stock. Edit: the system runs perfeclty fine with 400*8. so the ram should not be an issue if i'm not mistaken.
  12. Hi guys I'm having trouble getting my E6600 to 3,6 GHZ(400*9) 395*9 is running 24H primestable, however, when i get to 400*9 Prime will end up in a random BSOD after a few hours(no errors, just a blue screen). System specs are in the signature. I'm running 395*9 with a load vcore of 1,472 volts, Core temps are on the low 50s after several hours of prime. I already tried to up the vcore to 1,55, (G)MCH voltage +0,025(or 0,25, don't remember) and FSB voltage +0,2. temps were around 55 degrees, so no problems so far. Ram is running with the 2.00A strap so that it would run @800MHZ 5-5-5-18 when I go for 400*9. Upped the voltage to 2,0V just to be sure that it's not the issue. I also tried to run prime with 401FSB, to make sure it's not a FSB hole I'm in. My settings: Robust Graphics Booster [Auto] CPU Clock Ratio [9 X] Fine CPU Clock Ratio [+0.0] <-- dont' have this one CPU Frequency 3.60GHz(400x9) CPU Host Clock Control [Enabled] CPU Host Frequency(Mhz) [400] PCI Express Frequency(Mhz) [101] C.I.A.2 [Disabled] !! Performance Enhanced With... [standart] System Memory Multiplier [2.00A] Memory Frequency(Mhz) 800 DRAM Timing Selectable [Manual] ****** Standard Timing Control ******* CAS Latency Time [5] DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay [5] DRAM RAS# Precharge [5] Precharge delay (tRAS) [18] ****** Advanced Timing Control ******* ACT to ACT Delay [Auto] Rank Write To READ Delay [Auto] Write To Precharge Delay [Auto] Refresh to ACT Delay [30] Read to Precharge Delay [Auto] Static tRead Value [Auto] Static tRead Phase Adjust [Auto] Command Rate(CMD) [2T] ***** Clock Driving & Skew Control ***** CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control [800mV] CPU Clock Skew Control [Normal] (G)MCH Clock Skew Control [Normal] **** System Voltage NOT Optimized !! **** System Voltage Control [Manual] DDR2 OverVoltage Control [+0.100V] <-- also tried +0,200 PCI-E OverVoltage Control [Normal] FSB Voltage OverControl [Normal] <-- also tried +0,2 (G)MCH OverVoltage Control [Normal] <-- also tried +0,25 oder 0,025 MCH Reference Voltage Control [Normal] DDR Reference Voltage Control [Normal] DDR Termination Voltage Control [Normal] CPU GTLREF1 Voltage Ratio [Auto] CPU GTLREF2 Voltage Ratio [Normal] Loadline Calibration [Auto] CPU Voltage Control [1.5125] <-- got all the way up to a load Vcore of 1,55V Normal CPU Vcore 1.32500V Any ideas what i could try would be welcome. Gratz Homer
  13. The gigabyte bios(and easytune 5) give me idle CPU temps below room temps. that's why he shouldn't trust the bios readings. I'm running a X38-DS4(bios F3) with a E6600.
  14. AFAIK they measure the t-case, but i still think their reading is simply wrong. I can't believe the T-case is about 40
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