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  1. I have one stick of DDR266 128, and one stick of DDR333 512=640mB. Would two sticks of DDR400 256 be better than what I have?=512mB. With dual channel support? (I use the machine for gaming)
  2. Okay, PSU problem is solved, now I need new ram. Who makes the best matching 512s for around $100? (My machine is on a budget because my wife will kill me.)
  3. Tripple trashbag it, duct tape it, shrink wrap it then seal it in a food saver pouch and suspend it from bungees below the stairs in your basement. But seriously, seal it up tight and get it off the floor, maybe high on a closet shelf. That would be a more structurally sound part of your house.
  4. GeForce4 Ti4200 64mB: 300Mhz- Booya!!
  5. Interesting, my wife watches that show and Laguna Beach and whatever other crap is on MTV. I hate it as well. I mean, Highschool is long gone, let go!
  6. If it's an import, probably front wheel drive, and an older car it could be a CV Joint. That's my experience with knocking sounds. But that happens more when you turn a corner.
  7. Before I had a Celeron and used a thermaltake copper heatsink with adjustable fan speed, loved it. Now I have an Athlon 64, used the factory aluminum heatsink and replaced the fan with the thermaltake adjustable fan. Now I need a copper heatsink to replace the aluminum factory heatsink, one that I can add the thermaltake fan to (80mm). I don't want a $40 new heatsink and fan, just a copper heatsink to mount the fan I have on. Anybody know where I can find one, or a cheap K8 copper heatsink and fan that is around $10-15?
  8. I realize that, it is a self study.
  9. I'm new to OCC and I want to contribute my own research. I am going to do a self study of the effects of cardiovascular activity on gaming. I play games regularly (when not at work and the wife isn't home (she hates my computer)), but yesterday I actually found that the game I was playing seemed boring. As usual, as soon as I got home from work I started playing a FPS, my favorite. About 45 min into it I felt like I was wasting my time, which is odd because I usually enjoy playing my collection of games. Back to the study...there have been several university studies that tie cardiovascular activity to higher cognitive thought and as a related form, a lower brain function latency. Looking at the study results I notice that cardiovascular excercise is to the human brain what overclocking is to the processor. After 0.5 hours of cardiovascular excercise brain function increases, cognitive thinking increases, latency decreases and P3 amplitude, the actual usable electricity in the brain, increases. So, I am going to do a 30 min cardiovascular workout three times a week for three weeks. Everyday I will record the excercise amount and time, what games I play and how long, and will rate my game experience on a 1-5 scale. 1=what a waste of time; 5=Why can't this be real. I hypothesize that I will enjoy games more as my cardiovascular fitness increases. However, I also feel that this may spawn an inverse relationship. I may gain cardiovascular fitness and lose interest in games... I just don't know.
  10. All american hondas are made in ohio save for the s2000 which is still assembled by hand in Japan. The ford F150 and several of the chevy lines are made, or parts are made in either mexico, china, or canada. So support your american economy and buy an american honda. The majority of early '90s hondas were made in the U.S. you can tell by the VIN number. Those that start with "J" were made in japan, and those that start with "H" were made in Ohio.
  11. I would suggest finding a decent used Honda. I've driven a Honda since I turned 16 and can attest to thier reliability. My current car is a 1994 Accord wiht 170,000 miles on it, I've never had any problems with it. My wife used to drive an '88 civic until she sold it at 300,000 miles (I just got her a '05 Civic EX SE). They buyer owns a Honda specific repair shop and still uses that car for transportation. Hondas do have a higher resale vlue than most other cars so for around $1500 I would suggest looking for an early '90s civic or accord. They are good for gas mileage and last forever.
  12. Couldn't agree more! What is caffeine soap? Sounds interesting. I could bathe whilst I drink coffee.
  13. just compare products. more fins=more surface area=more heat displacement. i say use the Aero 7+, it's better than the aluminum stock hs and you already have it.
  14. I still disagree. If you're talking about thermal physics, there are two simple steps: heat conductivity and displacement. Therefore all you need is a good heat conductor, a heatsink made of a metal or material with high thermal conductivity property. Copper tubing does not conduct any more heat than pure copper. The biggest factor is heat displacement. The more air you move accross the copper surface the more heat is displaced, so if you get a fan that moves large volumes of air (ball bearing) your cpu will run cooler and you don't have to spend large amounts of money on copper tubing based heat sinks with cleaver marketing utilities, unless you think it looks cool. don't waste your money.
  15. from my experience the type of fan you use doesn't matter so much. The best advice I can give is to make sure the heatsink itself is made of all copper and has as many fins as possible. Thermaltake makes a good copper heat sink. The good thing about a basic copper heat sink is that most use 80mm fans so you can add whatever fan you want. I use a Thermaltake adjustable fan, it works very well. But as long as you get a copper heatsink it doesn't matter which brand you get.
  16. I play the normal array of PC games, save for the newer ones that require a decent video card (ie. Battlefield 2). The main reason I upgraded was so that I could actually play Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, before I could barely play HL2 and couldn't even run Doom3. Now they run great on low settings, good on medium settings, and okay on high settings. Any suggestions on what brand of memory I should get? By the way, I am using my old 300W PSU with my new mobo and Processor, seems to work. I had a cheap 450W but it started to burn so I am using the old one. Should I upgrade that before anything else? Here is what I need to run: Biostar NF325-A7 mobo AMD64 3700+ 1xDVD R/RW 1xCDROM 2xHDD 3x 80mm case fans 1xDDR266 1xDDR333 MSI GeForce4 Ti 4200 64Mb Creative 24bit Live! soundcard (I WANT) 2xDDR 400 MSI Geforce 6800GT The ones in red i am currently running with a 300W PSU. Considering my current and future set up, what kind of PSU should I get?
  17. Yes, my memory is ancient. Should I use a single Gb stick or two matching 512Mbs.
  18. I just upgraded my old computer to a K8 motherboard and an AMD64 3700+. This us up from a Pentium Celeron. Before, my processor was the problem, now all of my other components are slowing down my machine. What upgrade will give be a better boost in performance? (I can only afford one at a time) Upgrade my video card (Geforce4 Ti 4200 64Mb) or my memory (1xDDR 266-128Mb and 1xDDR 333-512Mb). Any advice would be appreciated.
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