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  1. But shouldn't the flying spaghetti monster creationism also be taught in schools? It is a valid theory.
  2. Yes, we must avoid the wrath of His noodly appendage!
  3. don't mention it, i'm a pure evolutionist at heart.
  4. Sorry, maybe that didn't come accross right. That was pure sarcasm at its best. Oh, and please look at the site, it's quite funny.
  5. In response to an earlier thread I would like to push my own non-religious agenda. I feel that if the "theory" of evolution is allowed to be taught in public schools, then my religion's creationist theory should also be taught. My basic principles that I follw can be found here. I plan to push this issue all the way to the supreme court since my organization's thoery is just as relavent as the absurd "theory" of evolution.
  6. Where and how to I attach a temperature probe to my processor? If I mount it on the side of the heat spreader, how to I attach it?
  7. Yes, we messed with it for a good hour and a half, which got us nowhere I might add. I couldn't figure out what the #e!! was going on. Thanks for your help though, if you think of anything else let me know.
  8. That's good to know. The heatsink gets hot if I turn the fan speed all the way down so it's working quite well. I suppose the sensor does over measure the temp. Thanks.
  9. I just got a new processor about a month ago. It seems to run very hot. It's a socket 754 Athlon 64 3700+ and idles around 55C. Is this normal? I put in a new heatsink yesterday which seems to help.
  10. Thanks Aristotle, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this winter of my discontent.
  11. That's kind of what I figured, his computer is wacky.
  12. A friend and I tried to network our computers yesterday using a crossover cable. My machine connected without a hitch, he uses a dell laptop and the network connection gave him "limited or no connectivity." We could still share files but we couldn't play games. Can anybody help me?
  13. Agreed. We should snuff out all Science in public schools, creation or evolution. :thumbs-up:
  14. This an excuse for ignorance created by people who believe the creationist myth. Micro or macro, EVOLUTION is still in the name.
  15. How can you say that? Have you never taken a biology class? And yes evolution can be reproduced. Why do you think the enfluenza virus recirculates every year? It is contantly evolving, changing its RNA structure to adapt to different antibodies. Just one small example.
  16. What is the basis for creationist theory, where is the evidence? This is not about people being shallow minded, this is about protecting the founding principles of this republic. If creationism is taught to students in a public domain then the out constitutional principles mean nothing.
  17. But when you look at a school as a public domain it is constitutionaly illegal to teach creationism because it is taken from a religeous belief. Evolution on the other hand is based on sound scientific evidence.
  18. I think global warming is definitely a problem, but what is causing the problem? I don't think humans contribute too much to the problem. Compare the amount of carbon monoxide created as waste product by human activity and the amount produced in nature by volcanoes and thermal venting. I think it is a natural trend, but human activity could definitely speeding it up. The problem we are facing as a civilization is balancing calculated risk and economic development. Something is going to have to change. Either humans stop living near hurricane prone areas, or our engineering skill needs to improve in order to reduce damage and loss of life. I don't see either happening anytime soon.
  19. These are, like you said, "storms of the century," sort of. What we need to realize is that recorded history only goes back a few centuries and on top that only recently we are able to understand the science and variables that create such storms. Another point is knowing that New Orleans had it comming, (no, I'm not a religeous fanatic). New Orleans was built on natural wetlands, which, over time, has the tendency to subside. The weight of buildings, concrete etc. gradually displaces the groundwater beneath the city causing it to slowly sink. When the city was originally built it was above sea level. At this point in history is has sunk below sealevel, hence the levee system built to keep water out, not to mention that it sits at the base of an alleuvial delta, therefor it has been prone to flooding for a long time and I am frankly suprised that it held out for so long. I wouldn't worry about global warming at this point for one reason. On the geologic time scale we only have recorded data that follows the warming trend for just over 200 years, so this could very well be a natural occurance on this planet.
  20. This is the one I've used for over a year, it's a lot cheaper now. Sony DVDRW
  21. I use mine to burn copies of my scratched cds. If the scratches aren't too severe they burn perfectly, they play better than the original in my car stereo. Same with scratched program discs. They seem to work better if I use a copy of my scratched original.
  22. Or, maybe cities shouldn't be built on top of natural wetlands resulting in geomorphic subsidence.
  23. I have a sony DVD RW, probably the model before this one. It has worked very well for me for over a year. I've burned hundreds of dvds and cd of all types of compressions. I will say that now it makes a high pitched tone when buring full dvds, just normal wear and tear I guess. But it's fast and burns perfectly still.
  24. My new system does the same thing! A high pitched noise from my case when a menu is on screen. WTF! I figured it was my HDD, but now I'm worried. Did you reinstall your mobo drivers?
  25. You're right, I would regret buyng less than 1Gb, I only have a two stick capacity on my mobo.
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