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  1. Okay, I had one cd drive and one dvd drive. The cd drive was recognized as a dvd drive and the dvd drive was recognized as a cd drive. I took the cd drive out and only using dvd drive now. I go to device manager to uninstall the old cd drive and it works. But when I reboot :angry2: it pops back up and the drive isn't even there anymore! I'm not quite sure how to change it. On the good side it doesn't affect the performance of the dvd drive Help!
  2. Do you guys think it is absolutely necessary for me to sand and prime the frame of the case before I paint it? The frame has a flat grey paint on it, will the new paint scratch if I don't sand and prime it? What about clear coat? If I just paint it as it is then clear coat it will that prevent it from scratching? It was a cheap case and I don't want to put too much effort into it.
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    ohh, no another cat!

    Funniest picture ever!
  4. I need a new video card. Any suggestions? I want to spend only around $150-$200, and it has to be AGP. Possibly a GeForce 6600GT?
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    New N00b

    Be careful it's a sick obsession.
  6. I use several thermaltake products in my case. And while they do cool everything very well, my machine sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I suggest finding two of these fans: For quiet fans: They make cool stuff, if you can find a place to buy it.
  7. I want to paint the frame of my case this weekend but I can't decide. What color should I use? The panels are black and I have a blue fan on the side and a red fan on the back. My motherboard is red. I was thinking either a dark red or black.
  8. Worst speech ever! (Comic Store Guy voice...from the Simpsons)
  9. Duke Nukem 3D, and that was the last one I played because I STILL have the same 56K connection. (that runs at 28.8K)
  10. This one is very good, and they just put it up. Overclocking Guide
  11. Alright, F#@% it, I'm leaving! I can be bored at home!
  12. Two words: ACLU Lawyer. (more like one acronym and one word)
  13. Already did that, I mean, it runs good and all, but I'm just so bored.
  14. That would be nice. But I have nothing to work on. This makes me question my existence.
  15. I'm sitting at work and I am extremely bored. What should I do?
  16. Why not a 350 Z? Spend the extra $ on modification.
  17. Go to the Nat Sherman store, if you like cigars, it's pretty cool.
  18. This is a very good argument. I suppose you could say that this thought correlates with the naturalist belief that there is a functional "spirit" which controlls everything in nature. If there is a God, it could be that he/she CREATED EVOLUTION.
  19. Should I buy RAM from someone on e-bay, or am I just being cheap?
  20. I want one, except the DS version
  21. I used to have a Celeron Northwood 2.0Ghz and managed to oc to 2.67 Ghz just through the BIOS setup of my MSI motherboard. I think MSI boards are great for basic overclocking to start with.
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