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  1. Even the manufacturers web site says my mobo supports dual channel, what a load. But then again it is Biostar.
  2. My mobo and cpu will not support dual channel memory. Therefore, if i'm spending around $120 on new memory, should I get two 512 stick with 2-3-3-6 timings or should I spend the money on one stick of 1Gb with better timings, (is it possible to get better timing on a 1Gb stick)? I'm looking around and finding conflicting information. Some sites say that socket 754 CPUs do not support dual channel. Others say that the nForce3 250 chipset supports dual channel with a 754 processor. What's the final word?
  3. There was a time when I felt that way, but now I see the light... And I had some trouble with my upgrade to my current system from an intel celeron, what made the biggest difference was getting better ram. I think with a superior processor like that, you have to complement it with superior ram.
  4. GeForce4 Ti4200 64Mb, and it's yours for only $49.95!
  5. Graduated last may with a b.s. in environmental science, I worked as a waiter for three years. Now, ironically, i'm an environmental scientist.
  6. What kind of girl is she? What is she into? How does she dress?
  7. Wallace and Grommit. Great movie and chicks dig on boyish charm. It's non-threatening, fun and something to laugh about. Not too serious so you'll be in a fun mood when it's over. B:)
  8. Here are my results: I do actually find myself enjoying games much more than before. It also turned into a reward system for myself. There's nothing like sitting down to some UT2004 with a glass of ice water right after my evening run (with the testosterone flowing like my 5 a.m. coffee). I find that I am actually better at most games as a result. My reaction times and precision has definitely improved. I also play more than I used to, it's so much more rewarding now. However, I should have come up with some actual scores to compare. Oh well.
  9. So you're suggesting that "liberal" news organizations have ill intentions and not public officials? Those poor, poor public officials and thier millions of dollars.
  10. Hannity, Lo? Come on, the last reliable place to get information is from a pundant. Just accept the fact that these people are corrupt, as most of them are, Frist and DeLay just got caught this time.
  11. Nice avatar bosco! And by the way cold_snipe, drops don't please limecat!
  12. I like the red color shceme, you see too much blue these days. :thumbs-up:
  13. Look, this is how it works. I've had severe tendonitis in both wrists as well, along with working as a server for several years, I understand. It's an inflamation of the tendons. A wrist brace will not help. The only way to remedy this is to take an anti-inflamatory medication. What I did was take three ibuprofen ($4 for a bottle of 150) three times a day, over a week or so it will start to go away. After about three or four weeks it will completely resolve. But I suggest taking it for up to about two weeks after it stops hurting. I'm not a doctor but I suggest you consult your doctor about taking heavy doses of ibuprofen. In overconsumption it can cause stomach ulsers, but I never had any problems taking three ibuprofen three times a day. You might want to back off to three ibuprofen two times a day after it starts to resolve. I hope this helps.
  14. I blame the government, (our society likes to blame people.)
  15. Maybe he can convince the army to fit him with bionic legs with optional rocket launchers. I'm sorry, that was a little insensitive.
  16. I've used several MSI boards in the past and I think they are great. Not enough people use them. The last one I used to overclock a celeron northwood to 2.66Ghz just using the bios settings. I never had any problems. I say go with the 939 MSI.
  17. I had the same error message, it seems that it worked itself out.
  18. I think that if he wants out there are ways to do it. It's his life. Just because he doesn't want to help invade other countries doesn't mean he's a coward. I might feel different if our country was being invaded. Even if he does leave the army he will still be contributing to it, I mean, we all pay taxes. Some people contribute in different ways. I think it is unfair to pass judgement on someone if you have never been in their situation. As for you guys who have been in the service, you have much more ground to stand on for your opinions. But everybody's different.
  19. I want one! I spend a lot of time in airports and in airplanes. The only drawback would be the battery life, but most terminals have plenty of wall plugs, I could get an extra battery for time spent on the plane.
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