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    Playin with my kid, teaching him about computers, Case Modding, working all kinds of messed up hours... filling my house with computer stuff, reading as much bout everything PC i can... its my hobby ;)
  1. alright so my PNY 7900 gs works perfectly on DVI and S-Video... but it wont for the life of it work right for component.... all i get is greyscale. tried old drivers and new drivers. the TV ive got it on works for my Xbox360 in 480i and the card says it supports it but it doesnt work... just grey. any thoughts?
  2. looking to figure out what frequencies i need to run for my trip timings for my Kingston DDR PC3200 to run at 500mhz Mobo: DFi LANParty SLi-DR Proc: AMD X2 4200+ RAM 1x (sson 2x): Kingston PC3200 512 3-3-3-8 another thing id like to know is how do i get it to be able to overclock past 224 from 200 for the proc and not recieve memory erros.. it seems my SATA drives dont want to work properly if i OC past that.. i have proper coolant just need a way to make the memory all match up with speeds.
  3. alright so there used to be a post somewhere on here with a link to an extrenal program not made by nVidia that give an accurate display on how fast your video card actually was (a video card memory bandwidth calculator) also displayed alot of system information such as ram speed core speed.. and what your core equivilent really was. wondering if anybody actually knows what its called or has a link to it. Thnx in advance, MalaX3
  4. whats the deal with the signature images not working? its showing me as rank 229 with 162WU and 15528 points.... i am currently rank 160 with 303WU and 33565 points. whats the deal its been broken for a while now........ am i the only one who has noticed this? please tell me im not. if theres something that can be done that noone wants to do why not ask the forum members to do it (ex: rewrite the cgi script or what not to fix it)
  5. alright considering im happy with my desktop the way that it is... im going to be building a new system instead of the constant... little updates... that keep accumulating... and sitting in boxes on my shelf..... Soooooo what i need is a Mobo that will support 2x Socket 939 procs, AND run SLi the new system ill announce after i build it but wanted the forums opinions on the best dual 939 board.
  6. dang windows users thanks for that chart cokeman! now i can overclock my stuf stuff more... and have EVEN MORE FUN in LINUX
  7. the reason for 2 PCI_E slots is quite simple.... DXG (Direct Xtreme Grafics) is what its called its called by nVidia on the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D mobo... its kinda crappy... course that being nF4 Ultra chipset it can be modded. but basically its so u can use 2x 16x PCI-E cards at 8x/8x or 16x/2x its basically allowing you to run quadvision. when you buy a mobo and its got 2 PCI-E slots my recommendation is to see if its SLi, DXG, or Crossfireand dont get a DXG board
  8. and what part of the expert prompted you to shell out the money for the DFI LANPARTY UT SLI-DR Expert if you already have the DFI LANPARTY SLI-DR? i mean in all honesty i didnt see a change in the specs and all i saw was the fact.. OMG its laid out diffrent and its got that thing it does with the southbridge for heat... ask me its not going to make that huge a a diffrence anyways just swap out ur SB fan/heatsink
  9. MalaX3


    PG's rig looks pimp... and i somehow doubt thats an effect. more the n likely the way its setup. props P.G.
  10. and nVidia will rock that card too with some absolutely insane pimp slap as usual... but it is exciting.. means a push for nVidia to keep on top of things and not slip behind.
  11. http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_28250.html nVidia confirms $52,000,000.00 for the purchase of ULi Technologies. "I'm a fan boy, and I was trying to start a flame war" **** note from moderator: if you wish to discuss the shortcomings of a company do so in a manner that does not insite an argument. OCC is does not allow flame wars. ****
  12. lovely claymeow but i didnt say anything about numbering them for consumers i said they used them to mark diffrent builds of thier own.... you can remove your im with stupid quote... considering i didnt say anything to warrent that.
  13. don't forget Tigerdirect.com as for your problem dude... and answer to some "rumors" there is a "rumor" that is just that a load of BS.. AGP to PCI-E Conversion. the only way for you to go to PCI-E is a board with PCI-E on it.... in otherwords buying another mother board but im goingto agree with the rest of the forum here.. thats pointless to reinstall windows etc... just get a 6800GT // ::sighs:: x800 card the performance in those games isnt going to be a huge enough diffrence to qualify a new mobo/high end cards price. at least not in my humble opinion.
  14. mainly because of the number of builds they needed to release before it becomes stable. they toss around several in the office before they even try a beta of the one.. then they have a stable beta and its released after its WHQL certified from microsoft.
  15. the basis on nVidia naming system is when there is a new addition/fix. the "naming" is just the build number version. they release stable versions, nice question but sort of pointless. its just whatever the "build" is like 81.95 is build the diffrence between builds varies. 81.94 -> 81.95 they added diffrent framerate fixes and a fix for a bug in SLi. got more questions? ill be glad to help if i can.
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