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    2400+ Amd Sempron
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    2x 512mb Corsair Valuselect
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  1. Well, ive been experiencing this since like a long time. My voice on ventrilo is low with +10 outbound, i talk normally as if someone is near me, i dont intend to talk loud since my comp is in a living room, i dont like people staring at me . So i talk normally, and people dont hear me saying to increase my outbound ( ventrilo ), yeah so i tried updating drivers, but my driver seems to be made for surround sound, i dont see anywhere where i can increase my voice volume( download some driver ), i made it max in volume control, did hardware tests etc., i would like to increase my voice volume without having to shout out , and getting people to stare at me. :|
  2. ha, my webcam has a microphone in it GG and i bought it for 1CENT if you want to see my pic, ill show you it has l33t quality 1Cent + 15$ shipping GG'd
  3. what does the chipset drivers have to do with buying a cpu then dont the chipsets come with the mobo?
  4. how do you tell what their drivers are?
  5. theres this software, it was Ice CPU ID or some . like that, it can tell your Original model even if you oc it alot. like your comp if your . was lets say amd semp 2400 ( mine heh ) and you ocd it to like 2.2 it would tell you in your comp that you have a mobile sempron and whne you look at software it would tell you that you 40% overclocked and . like that, and it would tell you you have a sempron 2400
  6. same im not asian not jew but i can make fun of my friends.
  7. i was questioned this by my 20 something ( old ) guy ... he knows alot of comps too. he asked me that . lol
  8. Um, arent Dell/Emachines PSU's good?, ive NEVER ever heard in my life of a dell/emachine psu dieing or getting on fire, also thei motherboards are very nice if you lookat their temps it never overheats. ... what yall think about this?
  9. hes suggesting the antect neo truepower 480w ( some . like that ) it has truepower in the name in it i think or silentpower or w/e.
  10. my semp blows towards, secondly amd works either ways, if yours can only go like outwards, than get a duct and make ut connect to the fan on top or near the back.
  11. 80 gb sata + 40 gb ide... 120 ... and only like 20 gb used so far... what the hell do you guys need 1 terabyte for ....
  12. dead-eye gaming servers are top notch atm. gamewarrior are garbage dont buy from them. deadeye has Hidef-boosted servers and low pings. gogo go, and if you know alot about hosting servers youd know that some servers have Bad registry ( means when you shoot someone it doesnt hit them. )
  13. you have a room *drools*, ... i need one of those!
  14. my cuzins cpu wit dfi boardi is very low i think he said it was 70* faranheight @ load i dont know what that is in celsious.
  15. Mobo model K7S41-GX CPU Info : Amd Sempron 2400 (a), Thoroughbred family : 6 Model : 8 Stepping : 1 EXT Family : 7 EXT Model : 8 Revision : B0
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