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  1. My dvd drive died on my laptop, I want to reinstall windows is there an alternative solution? I have a 2 gig flash drive don't know if its ppossible.
  2. yah i see lots of reviews on the logitech and teh promedia i cant seem to narrow done to which one i should get.
  3. Looking for 2.1 speakers, I want something with very good bass and trebble. Mainly for Trance music.
  4. I wanted to know if anyone has tryed the Vista beta 2 out and if it has the media center built in.
  5. I wouldnt recommend scraping the heatsink you might damage it and performance can be hindered. I believe they have solutions than can eat that stuff up with just 1 drop of it on and all you gota do is wipe it away.
  6. #1 It has good color scheme, I dont see anything wrong with it seems eye catching and the layout is very nice professional.
  7. word of advice on the schooner remember its all about your ambient temps, there are numerous people who are having issues after 2-3 hours of gaming game lock up and artifacts from bootup. If you live in a state of Florida like I do you will have some problems. The arctic is good I would get that silent and removes heat from case biggest bang for bucks even if not overclocking its still satisfying to see low temps.
  8. yah I like that style I wana piss in my pants when I see something right up in my face. wana sniff my chair?
  9. I believe its a good idea becuase Im trying to look for FF11 stuff but you noobs have to flood it with kal! :angry2: *no disrespect intended to kal players therefore please keep my head attached to my shoulders I would highy apreciate that*
  10. Lyrical Exercise

    Dod: S

    I highly doubt it will be Sept 1 if it is then steam would have announced, it has to be an estimate. Knowing how valve works I would not be surprised if the game came out 2 days from now or 2 years from now they work things allitle different.
  11. Thanx alot it helped alot on the essay, Hopefully I get a good grade! wish me luck
  12. I'm writing a essay on pros and cons of Ginetic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence so far it is coming out pretty good i got 991 words but i need 500 more and I need your guys help on the cons of AI. I have other research papers to type so I do not have time to rent AI myself to watch I was hoping someone can give a insight on the movie thinking about doing 250 on AI and 250 on stealth. If you guys can help me and give me a synopsis of the 2 movie i can try to BS 500 words.
  13. They also where talking about some BS version of the card that sopose to have composite engine, where the Fudge do I find that card? Looking on newegg all it specifies is if its Crossfire or not does not mention nothing about composite engine. Also motherboards is a issue too only ones I see are 2 one is ecs (not going to touch even if my life depended on it) and the MSI wich is a miniATX mobo.
  14. Well during revisions etc the company changes, I personally try to get one straight from ATI themselves or Saphire that way I dont ever have to regret anything but thats just my opinion. I would deffinetly look at prices and see what other brands are offering that card for and then take it from there.
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