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  1. She's mine. I called her first! Yes!
  2. My Avidav M1901D arrived Friday. After some work with the auto-adjust, I was able to get the monitor to function quite well without ghosting. I saved about $180 by not buying a major brand monitor, so the extra effort was worth it for me.
  3. No problem. I haven't played a FPS in years.
  4. I ordered an off-brand monitor this morning. Jetway I gave up trying to find an inexpensive LCD without speakers. Good luck with yours.
  5. I figured everyone else would be using her sig.
  6. I have an ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe. I can't change the CPU multiplier. I can only change the frequencies on the CPU, AGP and memory. The memory timings are also changable. Check this out.
  7. They used to make probes for microwaves to heat the inside of the food. Maybe you could configure something like that.
  8. You've got a hurricane warning. Warning
  9. I submitted my case pic to the case gallery last night. Do you guys know how long it usually takes to get posted?
  10. Yes, That is Brittany. I was surprised by her acting ability in Sin City.
  11. Hello, I haven't modded in a while, but it looks like things have stabilized in the hardware world. I look foward to discussing everyone's future computer aduse.
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