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  1. Yes as i stated in the first post i would like to mount it under the passanger side rear seat. Bought my mother board today EPIA-M10000 used on ebay for 50.00(including shipping) 1.0GHz VIA C3 Cpu http://www.tview.us/T1508IR-GR.htm 145.00 (including 2 ir headphones) SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB Compact Flash 90 MB/s 19.99 (love ebay great price, for use as ssd) Dual CF(compact flash) TO 3.5"IDE adapter 1.54 M3-ATX 125W Automotive Power Supply 58.90 SABRENT EC-BIDE Black USB 2.0 CD/DVD-RW Slim Notebook Drive Enclosure 8.49 Samsung pc2100r ddr 9.50 Total so far $293.42
  2. ok did he mount it in his dash?, next to the heat ducts? and on advarage there arent many days lower then 20-30 degrees
  3. I think you will find a good assortment of that here The main reason I am doing this is to have something to do for a few weeks ^^ and this way i get to make it my owne. Has anyone here Ever used or have experence with the m3 atx PSU? here is a link
  4. I have never used it before, here is a link to the user manual on how it does
  5. At first the computer will just be usuable on witch ever roof mounted DVD player then in the future i plan to add something like This in the dash where the stock radio was.
  6. While looking for a Roof mounted DVD player for my 2005 trailblazer (still looking), I decided I would like to build a small form factor pc for it. I would like it to connect to the DVD player via RCA (pal/NTSC) or s video (I cannot find any that will accept a VGA or DVI input). I found a small area that I think would be best to mount it under the passenger side rear seat (behind the jack) that is approximately 6.75” x 12” x 5” (wxlxh). In the future I may also replace the front radio with a dual din LCD with a touch screen. I will probally mount it on a sheet of aluminum or plexy and build a plexty case for it. Budget: a slowly expanding $500.00 (including the DVD player/monitor) The uses I have in mind for it are: Media server (audio and video) ATSC/NTSC tuner with roof mounted antenna Blue ray player (future) Wireless internet with roof mounted antenna GPS (future) Games (low graphics such as chess/solitaire) Be able to use as hands free device in car? Blue tooth keyboard/mouse, headphones, game controllers? Hardware: A mini ITX board that has a PCI slot and supports RCA or S Video out. The board can be no wider than 6.75” to mount it where I would like to. I was looking at the M3 ATX power supply (anyone has any info or experience with these?) I like the fact it can be used to tell the computer to turn on and shut down with the ignition. At first I would use the DVD player screen as a monitor and later add a touch screen LCD to the front. For a HDD I was looking at an adapter that allows two CF cards to be used as SSD drives I have bid on two 8 gig cards on eBay if I win will be my first HDD (16 gig for OS and programs I will try to get a second for media as my budget expands (may use an old 160 SATA drive until the bouncing kills it) Haven’t planned the wireless or TV tuner yet, any suggestions would be appreciated probably USB for size. I would like some kind of USB or Bluetooth panel that could be programed to change channels/songs and volume from the front of the car until the front touch panel can be installed. I have a few slim line DVD RW drives laying around and can get an IDE or SATA adapter fairly cheap for an optical drive (blue ray in the future?) Software: I haven’t decided between Windows XP or a Linux flavor yet, I will probably dual boot. Looking for a nice media organizer to run. Looking for good Wi-Fi signal finder/analyzer Thanks for any advice /constructive critisism in advance.
  7. Ok guys thanks for then info i think i have my list now i just need the cash
  8. And best of all its the first line. Ok updating first post to include graphics, also Can anyone link me a good cpu block for the i5 or tell me if say a Black Ice Xtreme II 240mm Radiator would lineup for bolt on the two 120mm fans on back of case?
  9. i have never used anything but the auto cad 2007 lt edition(labtop) but am planning to install it on this desktop insted. basically on my labtop it starts slowly and generally runs slow and laggy. wonder if i can get autocad 2010 full cheap through colleage Oh and i am currently looking at the SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) - $ 169.99
  10. First post Updated with new spec. still looking at graphics cards .... i have used aprox $1460.00 of my budget so willing to spend ~140 on the graphics.
  11. after some research i strongly agree on the i5. , would elaborate on the raptor and sugest a better graphics card for around the same cost please, ill post my new mb/cpu/ram after i get some more research done
  12. I am Finally ready to build my next rig. Main uses: 1. My DVR / Media machine (for the 42 inch LG LCD in my bedroom.) 2. Moderate Gaming (Aion). 3. Auto Cad. My Budget is $1400-$1600 usd - Not actually buying till xmass-tax return range unless I see something drop dirt cheap and I have the cash. What I have selected: Case
  13. preston md? if so i probally know you anyway only help i could tell u is go to ss and aply for sec 8 housing it coulod really help ya in getting a place around here.
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