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  1. I did find this Tim and it helped me out a lot. You were right, not that I ever doubted you..... @TS don't worry.. you just have C1E and EIST enabled in your bios. just disable them to stop your CPU from throttling down. i was also suprised and shocked when i got my E8400 the first time because i don't know anything about C1E and EIST. it's hard to put these things @ 100% under normal usage and without the use of dedicated CPU stress test programs like orthos and Futuremark's own CPU test. i got mine working with both C1E and EIST.. take a look..
  2. Thank you so much for your fast reply, Tim. It has been a long day and I am tired. I thought I screwed something up on the install. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  3. Just finished my new build and had a question on my CPU speed. I have a DFI LP LT P35 mother board with 4 gigs of Mushkin DDR2 800 I had everything set to auto and it did not show the right speed on the memory so I changed it in the bios to 5 4 4 12, which it should have been. I ran CPU-Z and it shows my CPU at 2000.2 Mhz and the buss speed at 333.4 with a 6x multiplier. I thought this CPU ran at 3 gig? Can anyone tell me if this is right and if not how do I change it. The memory tab of CPU-Z all so shows the DRAM frequency of 400 and the FSB DRAM at 5.6. I thought the memory was 800. Is there something wrong here. Thank you for any help... ps...the memory is running at 1.8 volts which is correct from what I have read
  4. He did not get his card from EVGA, he said he had a BFG card. The first thing I would try is to turn off AA if you have it enabled and see if that helps....AA is anti-aliasing, in case you did not know.
  5. I will get the 260, thats a given. I can't thank you guys enough for all your expert advice and opinions. I also appreciate all the help the ATI users were giving me. I have read a lot about both Nvidia and ATI and now I am a little more knowledgeable then I was before. I do like ATI a lot. I would never give up my X1950Pro. It has treated me very well and never once complained. The thing I don't understand yet is SLI and Crossfire. Is SLI a Nvidia thing and Crossfire a ATI thing. I know it means 2 graphic cards. The one major factor that made up my mind is only 4 letters long.....EVGA.
  6. I have been doing a lot of reading about video cards since I started this post and found out one very important thing. Its all about resolution. The ATI 4870 out shines the Nvidia 260 at high resolutions. I have a 19 monitor and play all the games at 1280x1024. At this resolution it seems both cards are an even match. I do like the customer service from EVGA and that is why I was leaning towards the 260. Right now everything is at a standstill for a week or two. I just received my PC Power and cooling Power supply and it is DOA (thanks OCZ). They say they test everything but the box had no test data in it what so ever. My friends did and his PS works fine. Now its, send back to Newegg which will take a week to get to California. Then another week to get a working one back (thanks again OCZ)and more than likely miss the rebate. Maybe by that time the graphic cards will come down ever lower in price.
  7. I wouldn't rule out the single cores yet. I am playing Assassins Creed and Far Cry 2 with an FX-55, 2 gigs of Patriot memory and a ATI X1950 Pro @1280x1024 with medium settings and they both play fine..I too still like the 939....
  8. Yes lily2009, that is a post I made in another forum. I am very happy with the X1950 pro that I am running now. It was installed with a fresh install of windows so I never had a driver issue because I never upgraded drivers for it. I am using the 7.5 drivers I think that came with the card. I was just worried about the drivers for the 4870 because I was doing some reading at the Egg and some of the reviewers seem to have driver trouble. It is still undecided between the 260 or the 4870. The 260-216 is out of my price range and the 4870x2 is not what I wanted. I want to run a single card..
  9. Well this one is only $224 after rebate..........and it has a lot more memory than the ATI 4870 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130370
  10. Looks like the 4870 is leading the pack as of now. I will do some reading on it tonight and if its as good as you all say, that will be my choice....thanks a bunch. Looks like its hamburg for the year and I think she added washing the dishes too.
  11. OK, so now I narrowed it down a bit. I can get the best rated 9800GTX from EVGA, which is a brand I trust. The 4850 best rated card is a VisionTek, which I never heard of. Or pull out all the stops, and beg the wife for more money and get the GTX 260 which is also from EVGA...I might have to eat hamburg for a year but that GTX 260 looks sweet and should keep me up to date with the newer games for a while.. By the way, I would like to thank everyone for their input. It means a lot to me and is much appreciated.
  12. Thanks guys. I will look into the 4870 right now. l33t p1mp..I do not understand your reply. Is there some hidden meaning there?
  13. I want to order everything next week for my new build and I am having trouble picking out a graphics card for it. I do not over clock anything because I am after stability more that anything else. So far this is what I am about to order..... DFI LP LT P35 E8400 Wolfdale 4GB Mushkin DDR2 1066 PC Power and Cooling 610 watt freezer pro 7 Antec 900 I was looking at getting a Nvidia 8800gts but the pickings are slim for them right now. So I was thinking about a 9800gtx but have not read any great reviews about them. I might have just enough money to afford a Nvidia 260. I am a gamer more than anything else, so that is what the rig will be used for most of the time. I was looking at ATI's but it seems like they still have driver issues like they always did. Its not like I am a Nvidia fanboy but I never had problems with Nvidia cards or their drivers. When I update drivers for Nvidia cards I never had to uninstall the old ones, I just install over the top of them and never had any issues from the Nvidia 1 up to the Nvidia 6 series.. I will give ATI some credit though. I am running a X1950 Pro now with a FX-55 Cpu and I am running games that I should not be able to play...Assassins Creed and Farcry 2 are running fine for me with this rig. So to sum it up I guess my real question will be the 9800gtx or the 260? I do not plan on running 2 video cards. Any input on ATI or Nvidia will be much appreciated.
  14. Glad I stumbled into this thread. Thanks to the replies from kingdingeling and QueenzPCfreak90 I will be ordering a DFI LP LT P35 this week. The price is right, and I do not need the extra cooling offered on the UT. I want a good rock solid stable board and I hope this will be it. My nephew has this board and will help me set it up. When I saw the "Help me decide! " in this thread I started reading and it was just want I needed. I hope this is not a high jack because I am following through with the OP's original question. It was my question too.
  15. My MSI k8n neo2 Platinum is getting dated with it old agp setup. I am looking for a "stable"new build but am not sure which way to go with the mother board. I will not over clock and will not need two video cards. I plan on getting the E8400 with a nvidia 8800gts if I can still find one. My nephew recommended to me A DFI LP LT P35 and said he will help me set it up because it is not a board for beginners. I just want "stable". I hear the Asus and Gigabyte boards are good to and have been doing a lot of reading on all the boards. The more I read the more I get confused. If you read the newegg reviews some say the boards are great and some swear they will never buy a DFI or Gigabyte or Asus again. He has had very good luck with the DFI's in the past, and has had very bad luck with Asus. The MSI that I have now got great reviews when it was released. My thoughts are to go with the DFI or Gigabyte but I would like to hear what you more experienced guys have to say before I make the commitment. Thanks for any advise............. p.s. I do not need the fastest or the one with all the bells and whistles, just one that is reliable.
  16. Thats odd. I have just finished the game too and it was with an ATI X1950 pro and the game played without a glitch. Driver version 8.432.
  17. I thought this was really funny and wanted to share it....... http://www.novell.com/linux/meetlinux/
  18. What I am going to try is Acronis Migrate easy and clone the OS to another drive and then run HD tune on the other drive that I am cloning to. This way I will know for sure if it is the drive or memory.
  19. Here is a scan of one of the other Seagate drives, notice there is no dip at the start of the scan....
  20. This is what HD tune shows on the C drive which is only 2 months old. My other 2 Seagate drives show no dip at all when I run HD tune on them. Tonight I got PXE-E61 media test failure..invalid partition table..and no boot into windows. I unplugged my 2 other drives leaving only the C drive connected and windows booted? Is my C drive failing after only 2 months?
  21. The system event log is full of errors.........
  22. Can someone please tell me what can be doing this. This is the second time in a week that I had this. Last time I had it the computer refused to boot into Windows. After changing out the memory to new memory the computer worked fine for a few days and now again I am getting this message?
  23. I have the full version of Acronis True Image and have not go it to work yet...
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