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  1. I was told the on board sound was great on the newer mother boards too. So I lived with my on board sound on my DFI LT P35 for 3 weeks. I think it has the Realtek ALC885 on the Bernstein audio module. Somehow it did not sound as good as my older computer that had an X-Fi Xtreme audio card. So I pulled the card and installed it in the new rig that has Klipsch THX speakers and I heard what I was missing. Night and day my friend. There is no way the on board sound gave me what I hear now. And I have enough power now for a block party with no distortion. Do what you want but if you can afford it go with a top end sound card. Let your computer do the computing but have the sound card bring the music to your ears.
  2. We did not need computers. We made our own fun with the things we had around. We were very healthy because we went outside in the fresh air everyday to play. We did not sit in front of a keyboard or TV all day. TV was limited to maybe 2 hours a day then mom or dad gave you your chores to do. I remember my allowance was $0.25 a week. I could buy 5 chocolate bars with it.
  3. bosco, my mom used to give us a dollar and we bought a hamburg an order of fries a milk shake and onion rings and STILL got change from the dollar. The hamburgs were fresh made. If they sat for more than 15 minutes the manager made you throw them away.....
  4. Thanks for that link and thanks for reminding me how old I am.....
  5. I tried both programs and ended up using Netmeter. I like the gui better. Thanks all for your help.
  6. Really not complaining about it, I just wanted a program to keep track of it to make sure I do not exceed the limit.
  7. Thank you very much for your fast reply road-runner. Its just what I wanted...
  8. Any suggestions on a good free bandwidth monitoring program? I have to watch my usage now that comcast has capped me to 250gig a month.....
  9. For 2.1 I like my Klipsch THX. They are so powerful I could use them for a block party.
  10. AVG.....free NOD32....pay I used to use Avast but it kept getting bigger and slower. Switched to AVG and will never go back to Avast. I tried the 30 day trial of NOD32 and was very impressed. Fast and with a small footprint.
  11. Angel Falls...coming out in 2009. Anyone heard of that one? Its a Nova logic game............... http://www.novalogic.com/
  12. I have the same problem tomcat42071. So I vacuum the front of the case twice a week. I do not want to use a filter and cut down the airflow because the case cools everything so well.
  13. Thats what I want to know. When I was their age I didn't even have a radio, let alone a computer. O wait....there was no PC's when I was their age. My God what did we do for entertainment back then? We made our own..thats right..almost forgot. A little of the senility is kicking in.
  14. 59...... will turn 60 in February. Who let all the children in here.
  15. Quick question for any of you avid gamers. I played Assassins Creed on my old computer and now I want to move the game saves to my new computer. Have not had any luck. When I move the game save folder over to the new computer the game goes to desktop. Any advice? I had no luck with the google searches. I must be doing something wrong...
  16. I have no suggestions for water Kenny, I am on air...sorry. But the best of luck on your new rig. Be sure to let us know how it goes...
  17. It might look the same to you but for me it is much better. But COD4 was played on my old computer and COD WaW is set up on my new rig which is quite and upgrade from my old one. That might be the reason everything looks better to me. p.s. You might want to turn your cap's lock off........
  18. Just installed Call Of Duty World at War.Not to bad. A little like COD4 but with better graphics...
  19. Kenny, I was talking about the case. The Antec 900. And yes you will need a powerful power supply to run two graphics cards..So the 1200watt would be more than enough.
  20. Far Cry 2, Assassins Creed and COD World at War are whats keeping me going right now. I hear Fallout 3 is good but I am not much of an RPG player.
  21. Get the Antec 900 case and you will not have to water cool unless you are going to over clock the heck out of your computer. The air flow on that case keeps everything nice and cold. The 1200 is a little overkill and you will need a power supply with long cables to reach everything. Good luck and think twice about the 1200. Do you really need it? The 900 is on sale right now for black friday for $59 with free shipping. Thats a steal.
  22. Keep the vids coming. This is great. For the amount of work he is doing, his time, and his skill, 250 is quite a bargain. I would pay that in a heartbeat. I would pay him 50 just for cable management on my rig. Its a mess in there.
  23. They are very bad on power. My old 19 inch Sony Trinitron drew 250 watts of power whether in power on or standby. My wife and I both had one and they were on 24/7. Thats 500 watts of power all day long. After getting the Samsung 19 inch LCD I would never go back to CRT...never. And yes the Acer LCD is a great monitor. My friend has one and it looks fantastic when he is gaming. My electric bill went way down after switching to the LCD's.
  24. I think I will leave it set as it is Troy. This speed step sounds like a good thing. Why waste power if its not needed. And yes Tim, there was a picture that went with that post, I forgot to include it. Here it is.
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