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    Windows 7

    I have a question Deathmineral. How would XP get bloated? If you mean by updates, then just don't add them in. I have never heard of XP being bloated, thats why I am asking..
  2. You can over do it with too many fans...look
  3. Plus the drive will not get accessed as much with a larger buffer, thereby, maybe, making it last a little longer. More memory is always good, I know because I lost most of mine when I turned 60....
  4. StereoSushi...You did find a good price for the 275..Look here GTX 275
  5. I will agree with the_dude. I've also had that problem and burning a new disc solved it for me. If that fixes it be sure to drop your old copy in the trash so you don't run into the same problem in the future.
  6. StereoSushi, go with your gut feeling. You wanted the Nvidia card from the start. Get it and enjoy it. Why regret it later and say "I should have bought". I, like you, have always used Nvidia cards. With one exception, an ATI X1950 Pro, because it was the top of the line at the end of the AGP era. You will not go wrong with either card. As someone already mentioned, the Nvidia card will run much cooler and living in Brazil I'm sure it is quite warm there. So far, with every Nvidia card I bought, it is plug it in, get the latest drivers and run the hell out of it..good luck with your selection..
  7. I did mean the orange one ...yes. http://www.panasonic.com/industrial/appliance/pdf/fba12g.pdf
  8. If you find a fan to fit that hole I would remove that little one in the back........ Looks like a 120mm fan is what you will need.
  9. 12 passes overnight of memtest and no errors. The cpu is a single core, not an x2. I could try the cpu on my K8N Neo 2, that is my only other socket 939 rig. The motherboard that is in it now is a ASUS A8AE-LE.
  10. Hard drive was taken out before I got it. I plan on a new drive if the computer is fixable. I am sure I do not need a drive just to get into Bios. The system has 1 gig. Two 512 sticks of DDR. I have not tried separate sticks, but I will now. This computer was in an office where I work. I do not think there was a surge because there are about 20 computers where I work and none of them were affected. She said her hard drive failed so the company gave me this computer and bought her a new one. If the motherboard is toast then I will just pull the CPU out for a spare for one of my old rigs. If it is only the power supply then it is worth fixing. I hope this answered a few of your questions.
  11. I am thinking this is power supply related so that is why I am posting it here. If I am in the wrong section please move it to the right spot. My friend gave me a Compaq Presario SR1750NX . He said the hard drive failed and he got mad and bought a new computer. There is no drive in this computer at the moment and I was going to grab a new one from the Egg an put it in. When I turn it on and go into the bios I see the Compaq splash screen and then the bios screen comes up. The letters in the bios are vibrating back and forth from right to left so fast it is hard to read. I am thinking that there is AC ripple coming from a bad power supply and that might have taken out the drive. It has on board video, ATI Radeon Xpress 200, but since I see an image I am thinking the on board chip is ok. The computer would make a nice web browser for the wife so I hate to throw it out. It has a Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz with a gig of memory. If it is only a bad power supply It would be a cheap fix. I came with a 300 watt and the Egg sells them for about $30. The monitor I am using to test it works fine on any of my other rigs and there is no lighting interference in the area I am working. The writing in the bios screen is so blurry it is almost impossible to read. I have never seen this vibrating effect before on any computer. Would bad filtering in the supply cause this? In the bios section I could see that it recognizes the ram and the cpu as being the right speed. I have tried resetting the cmos but that did nothing. Any ideas?
  12. I use the one that comes with Windows. I have used most of the others in the past and a few of them lost or messed up windows files on me and caused me to reformat. The windows default one never did that to me so thats what I will stick with from now on.
  13. Nice hard drive tool. Thanks Great_Gig.
  14. Yep..Been there Nemo. Look at that stupid request form. They want a part number for the I/O panel. How in the world can I give them a part number when I do not see it in the manual. I guess I will have to spend money and call them tomorrow. I cannot see any other way.
  15. Thanks Nemo. I have been trying to navigate their site for the last 20 minutes but cannot find a way to contact them by email?
  16. Does anyone have a I/O panel for a MSI K8N Neo2 motherboard for sale? Do you think MSI will stock it because it is an old mother board? I know it is not needed but I am buying a Antec 300 case to build a computer for my wife and it would look more finished if I had the I/O panel for it.
  17. GTX260....and EVGA is the best of the bunch. Go for it. I would not trade mine for any ATI in the world...
  18. Thanks for the help guys...............
  19. So the 182.22 drivers are ok? Those are the results I got from Nvidia when I did a search for the 6800GT.
  20. I am building a spare rig for my wife in case her computer craps out. I had an old MSI K8n Neo 2 MB and FX-55 CPU. Right now there is a Gforce 2 card in it but I want to give her my old Gforce 6800GT. Should I just get the latest drivers from Nvidia (182.22) or search for older drivers that were around when that card was released? The latest drivers have the PhysX software but that card will not support it. Does it matter or should I just go a head and load them for this old card? Thank you for any advise......
  21. A nice comfortable -11 C here in Connecticut. Found a way to get the wife's laptop warm.
  22. l33t p1mp, I believe you made the right decision on the power supply. I would not buy anything smaller than a 650 watt for building any new computer. The graphic cards today are power hungry and if you can't supply the juice you will have nothing but problems. Its better to have to much than not enough, much better. You also are buying a good brand name. Smart move.
  23. gustie, instead of trying to bring that turtle up to race cars speeds, try to find a cheap AGP card on Ebay. My old 6800GT ran Far Cry quite well. And if you can find a X1950 Pro for cheap it will run all the new games too. My X1950 Pro was running Far Cry 2 and Assassins Creed with no problems at all. You will be limited by your Cpu though.
  24. I, like Harima, use the Microsoft one. I don't understand why a special keyboard is needed for gaming. But I did notice a lot of you like fancy colors on your keyboards. How about this one?
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